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Shields of Distrust [Art Masterpost] 

Title: Shield of Distrust by @ihavetobenkyou
Series: Owari no Seraph
Characters: Hyakuya Mikaela, Hyakuya Yuuichirou, Hyakuya Michirou, minor appearances by others.
Rating: M (Disturbing themes, brief sexual scene, etc.)

Summary: Mikaela had always known to himself that their freedom came at a price.The birth of Michirou gives both Mika and Yuu a renewed chance at redemption and contentment, but as they soon find out, the cost of their cherished happiness might be too much for either of them to bear in the end.

Canon Divergence / Gyumiverse // Hyakuya Michirou, Hiiragi Gyurei, and Ichinose Shiren belong to @califlair and @evenica respectively.


My Top 100 Favorite Sasusaku Stories - SMUT EDITION

Because we all need a little smut in our lives. If it wasn’t obvious by the title, all the fics in this list are rated M for MMM DELICIOUS;D

All of these fics are wonderful so seriously READ THEM ALL. At the bottom I’ll give a subtle plug to my own M rated fics ~

You can find my normal top 100 favorite sasusaku fanfic rec list HERE.

Some of my favorite smut authors include:




Lady Momo

JinnySkeans (although most of her stuff isn’t explicit)


Alright, so in no particular order:

1. Wasted - Queen of Pascalities (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

2. Once More, With Feeling - JinnySkeans (AU. Multi-chap. Softcore. Complete)

3. We Did It - DeepPoeticGirl (Drabbles; ongoing)

4. skinny love - theeflowerchild (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

5. In Nine Days - cutecrazyice (Multi-chap. Complete)

6. A Full Circle - Lady Momo (Multi-chap. Complete)

7. Hot Water - WellHowAboutThat (Oneshot. Complete)

8. Folklore - BlushingLotus (Fourshot. Complete)

9. Togetherish - DeepPoeticGirl (Multi-chap. Complete)

10. almost infidelity - hangmeuptodry (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

11. Aftermath - SprayPaintzz (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

12. Rocket Queen - sasukes (AU. Oneshot. Softcore. Complete)

13. parting the clouds - in cages (Au. Oneshot. Softcore. Complete)

14. The Age of Innocence - coconutmandarin (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

15. 200 Days of Summer - cutecrazyice (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

16. Quietus - AngeLhearteD - (AU. Multichap. Incomplete)

17. A Breathless Sort of Attraction - WellHowAboutThat (Oneshot. Complete)

18. Hot Water - BlushingLotus (Two-shot. Complete)

19. love month - Sasusaku Forever and Ever (Oneshot. Complete)

20. We’re Gasoline on Fire - DeepPoeticGirl (Oneshot. Complete)

21. Sick Cycle Carosel - KineticFairy (AUish. Multi-chap. Complete)

22. We Do the Dance Electric - Lady Momo (AUish. Oneshot. Complete)

23. Aphrodisiac: At His Limits - Prodigy Uchiha (No Plot. Just Smut. Oneshot. Complete)

24. Hot Nights - LoveYumi (Oneshot. Complete)

25. In Finis - Sexcaliber (Oneshot. Complete)

26. Laundry Day - rainbow p3nis (Oneshot. Complete)

27. Orgasms - Zephyr Hearts (Au. Multi-chap. Complete)

28. the fire’s out but it still burns - DeepPoeticGirl (Oneshot. Complete)

29. Consume - AngeLhearteD - (Oneshot. Complete)

30. Seducing My Killer - Asha3 - (AU. Three-shot. Complete)

31. Finding Mr. Perfect - Rapture-Taylore (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

32. Stay - SouthSideStory (Oneshot. Complete)

33. Schneewittchen - angel puppeteer (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

34. Rise and Fall - Details (Oneshot. Complete)

35. Indulge - little sasuke kun (Multi-chap. Complete)

36. Bound - Jav-chan (Multi-chap. Complete)

37. Sakura Crisis - angel puppeteer (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

38. Intimacy - DeepPoeticGirl (Oneshot. Complete)

39. Just Persuasion - Silvershine (Oneshot. Complete)

40. love at first sight - theeflowerchild - (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

41. Kaleidoscopes - twilightdazzle (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

42. In Times of Peace - SouthSideStory (Post-canon. Multi-chap. Complete)

43. Resentment - Luffoverhate (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

44. Let Go For Tonight - Tsugi no mai hakuren (Oneshot. Complete)

45. Catch the Light - Szki (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

46. One Touch - Clearheart (Oneshot. Complete)

47. Enervis - Kanryu (Two-shot. Complete)

48. Fatuous Resistance - bacatlover (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

49. relax sasuke - Krickitat (Oneshot. Complete)

50. La Petite Mort - Sexcaliber (Two-shot. Complete)

51. Cupiditate - hangmeuptodry (Oneshot. Complete)

52. A Lot Like Love - 3shells (Oneshot. Complete)

53. Study Session - exposedx (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

54. i’ll leave you breathless - DeepPoeticGirl (Oneshot. Complete)

55. Fire Blanket - ohhhthatgirl (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

56. Drabbles. - WellHowAboutThat (Oneshot. Complete)

57. Venom - BlushingLotus (Oneshot. Complete)

58. Risque - river of the sand (Oneshot. Complete)

59. Manscape - neko-hime21 (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

60. One Night of Passion - Hazel Roses (Oneshot. Complete)

61. And He Decided to Stay - Awsaya (Oneshot. Complete)

62. Bullseye - 716799 (Oneshot. Complete)

63. For the Love of the Amaryllis Flower - theClosetPoet7 (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

64. Ferris Wheel Lovin’ - Obscurities (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

65. Magnolia Perfume - Porcelin.Memories (Threeshot. Complete)

66. Salvation - jenl821 (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

67. Close Encounters - Jinnyskeans (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete & discontinued)

68. Shelters from Ourselves - Szki (Oneshot. Complete)

69. Self Control - the.terrorist (Oneshot. Complete)

70. The Awful Daring - the general girl (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

71. dreamscape - dreamscaprenymph (Oneshot. Complete)

72. Stand My Ground - you.broke.a.promise (Multi-chap. Complete)

73. Change in Direction - Tasha Ashes (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete.)

74. Haunted - nicthepunk (Oneshot. Complete)

75. Unrevealed Mistakes of a One Night Stand - DeepPoeticGirl (Multi-chap. Complete)

76. make me scream - keiris (Oneshot. Complete)

77. That High School Desk - halfkyuubikat (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

78. you make my heart beat faster - ohwhatsherface (RTN AU. Oneshot. Complete)

79. Brave New World - EWHH its Kenna (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

80. Time Can’t Heal - ohwhatsherface (Oneshot. Complete)

81. a little death - windsilk (Oneshot. Softcore. Complete)

82. Nothing But Time - Unicorn Paige (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

83. One Touch - Clearheart (Oneshot. Complete)

84. sniffing paints - theeflowerchild (AU. Three-shot. Complete)

85. With Every Beat - halfdemonfan (Multi-chap. Complete)

86. The Last Will and Testament of Uzumaki Naruto - Blushing Lotus (Multi-chap. Complete)

87. Rumor Has It - Nessa67 (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

88. the rainbow - the blanket (Oneshot. Softcore. Complete)

89. Inconcessus - Strings of a Puppet (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

90. Of Silent Prayers - A m r a k l o v e (Oneshot. Complete)

91. Never Let Me Go - Mrs Scorpius Malfoy (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

92. Gravitation - Kiwako (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

93. Dream - xxredemption-love-and-liesxx (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

94. Yours and Mine - blossom13 (Oneshot. Complete)

95. Surprise Sex - merinxD (Oneshot. Complete)

96. Seven Veils - An Engineer (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

97. House of Cards - JaneDoe39 (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

98. Sisterly and Brotherly Love - K and Jazz (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

99. Sexcapades - Zephyr Hearts (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

100. Truth or Dare - K-chu (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

My own sasusaku smut fics:

euphoria (multi-chap. incomplete)

Beyond This Illusion (multi-chap. incomplete)

first time (post-canon. oneshot. complete)

defne: friends (oneshot. complete)

anonymous asked:

That jimon superhero idea is really cute do you think you could do like headcanons of when simon ask jace to teach him self defense and jaces teaches him/they spend time together

hi!! sorry this is almost 24hours later. D: this verse - which is essentially about jace being a superhero and simon being catnip for evil and therefore jace’s frequent rescuee - may or may not go anywhere because i have 0 execution skills but if it ever does, these are some of the events that i’d want to happen as simon falls in love with jace / angel:

  • the very next day, simon runs into jace at their building lobby putting up flyers for a self defence class he teaches for free every tuesday and thursday. what a strange and serendipitous turn of events!! but, “oh man,” says simon, crestfallen, “my work schedule’s kind of all over the place though, i don’t think i can make it?” and jace’s gaze lingers on the bruise on simon’s jaw, the discolouration suggesting it was from the night before, and he says, “anytime you have an hour, just pop by to see if i’m home - looks like you needed to learn how to make a quick getaway years ago,” and simon is bewildered by the generosity of this offer but (obviously) he accepts 
  • jace is a brutal instructor and doesn’t cut simon any slack each time he takes simon down. “again,” he demands, “get up.” at first simon’s embarrassed by how easily jace kicks his ass, flustered by how jace is even more attractive when he’s covered in sweat and pinning simon down, face so close that simon can clearly see the darker roots of his eyelashes and follow the curve of the individual lashes to their delicate golden tip. but as their sessions keep going, simon stops seeing jace as someone he wants to make out with and instead as a threat he needs to take down. it shakes simon to realize what an easy target he is, how he might be dead if angel hadn’t saved him all those times and the reality is that if someone devastatingly sexy was trying to murder him - well, he can’t just let them because he’s too distracted by their beautiful eyes

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candlenite replied to yourpost: my two favorite fics from yuletide 2016 were…

Do u mind saying which ones?

Not at all! I’m not quite done reading through the whole yuletide 2016 archive, but I especially loved “Why Is Josh’s Friend’s Uncle Talking to Me About Vampires?” which is a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/Buffy the Vampire Slayer fusion by etothepii, who wrote some of my favorite Sherlock fics back in the day.

The other is “Conquest” a delicious Caesar/Marc Antony fic by the incomparable astolat, whose Drarry fic has been a standard in the HP fandom for a long while now.

New favorite authors: 

Beatrice_Otter, who did an extremely well-thought out fusion of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with genuine French history—a great read in “From Castle to Palace

kmo, who wrote an unexpected and yet very tender American Gods fic, where Samantha Black Crow meets Athena (yes, that one) in the UW Madison library, “under god’s power she flourishes

The Yentl fandom fucking brought it this year, and I loved both “Mechaye Hametim” and “Begin With Love” as explorations of Hadass’ point of view, and her relationship with Anshel/Yentl.

house of leaves” for Over the Garden Wall has such good writing, both in delivering on the fairytale and surrealism of the canon, and hitting on that particular awkward adolescence that is behind so many fairytales.

We Arrive in the Dark” is the Andy/Miranda Devil Wears Prada fic I always wanted, where the evil step-mother and cinderella negotiate the relationship between them, with fairytale overtures made explicit.

My favorite new show of 2016 was The Good Place, and “Heaven Is (A Place Doug Forcett Got 92% Right)” delivers on all I love about the show, the zany amusement and heart of it all.

Also, “The Kerkylas Society”, which is an extremely charming fic featuring Mac and Phryne Fisher and the “ladies club” that Mac belongs to. It’s a little casefic, but with a thoughtful and interesting twist of history and exploration, and I enjoyed it a lot.

The Place You Need to Reach” is a great Librarians fic, about Librarians past and ‘Jenkins’. I loved reading this snapshot of how the library managed, in the high middle ages, and its oc is terribly charming.

There are a lot of other fics I adored—shout out to redbells, who wrote one of three Enslaved fics I will actually read; and BlackEyedGirl whose Deirdre Robespierre/Jacqueline Voohrees is just as deliciously fucked up as you would want, and incandescent (lmeden) who managed to actually deliver on the psychologically twisted Crimson Peak fic I’ve been longing for; plus everyone who wrote for Galavant and Selfie, because I had such fun paging through that section of the archive.

I love yultide, I have for literal years, and everyone should go fucking nuts in the 2016 offerings, because its authors deserve nothing less!


Fic Recs: Illustrations for The Seventh Tree by Clocks and RaelynnMarie:

Erik has served Shaw, ruler of the desert kingdom Genosha, for years as one of his Elite Knights. His life of unquestioning obedience changes when he meets a man in the strangest of circumstances who is not at all what he seems. (~31k words) 

Comments: So this fic is very, very special to me: it’s the second cherik fic I’ve ever read (very first one was Paper Monsters, also by Clocks), and this is The One that got me into cherik in the first place. The cultural fusion, adventure, great writing, and the slow, sweet and very real build-up between Charles and Erik completely sold it for me. It’s just a gorgeous fic, and more than worth re-reads.

(Click pics for higher res. First drawing based on this illustration by RaelynnMarie in the fic)

Kylux WIP where Ren finds an old holo Tarkin secretly recorded of himself fucking Krennic. Ren makes Hux watch it, and Hux is totally scandalized and hopelessly aroused by watching these two dead men have really depraved sex.

“What was so urgent you felt the need to summon me through the emergency channels?” Hux huffed as he crossed the threshold into Ren’s quarters. 

Ren was seated on the edge of his bed, dressed down to just a pair of sweats and his undershirt. In his hand he fidgeted with a holoprojector, a matte disk that looked several generations older than the ones in use across the galaxy. He turned it around in his hands, and his eyes had the unhinged, wild look Kylo got when he was fixated on some kind of task. It wasn’t a reassuring sight.

“I’ve brought something for you,” he said in his oddly cadenced voice.

“What is it?” Hux asked, equal parts irritated and curious. 

“Snoke dispatched me to Eriadu on my last mission. I went to the old Tarkin Compound on his behest, to find Imperial documents that might benefit us,” Ren explained. 

“And did you?” Hux asked.

Ren nodded, his sweat damped hair falling into his eyes. “I did, and more- Tarkin’s old memoirs, as far back as the Clone Wars, strategies he had planned to be employed after the Death Star’s use. I brought them all for you.”

Hux was intrigued despite himself; it was common knowledge between the two of them that he had admired the Grand Moff’s tactical mind, the supposed ease of which he wielded his command. He wished he could so easily command Ren’s respect the way Tarkin had Vader’s. His fingers itched as he thought of reading Tarkin’s own words, to cannibalize his thoughts and use them to the Order’s best interest.

“Is that his documents, then?” he asked, nodding his chin in the holoprojector’s direction.

Ren blinked slowly, clearing the fog from his eyes, and then smiled in the way that made Hux’s hairs stand- too many teeth on displaying, lips careening up high to the side. It was the smile of a predator who had their prey right where they wanted it. 

“No,” he said, voice barely human, thrumming low, “you’ll get those later. This is a video.”

“A video of what?” 

Ren pressed a button and the whole room was awash in blue, turning Ren’s skin opalescent, his moles onyx. In the middle of the projection was Tarkin seated on the edge of a bed (and with Kylo behind the projection in the same position, he looked like a twisted mirror of the man), unbuttoning the cuffs at his wrists. 

I could do that for you,” said a voice that was not Tarkin, nor Hux’s or Ren’s.

“What is this?” Hux asked around the thickness in his throat. 

I know you could, you greedy thing,” Tarkin admonished. “But what good would it do, letting you get a chance like that?” 

It’s a holo of Tarkin fucking Director Krennic,” Ren said. Through the flickering, pulsing feed of Tarkin rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, Ren looked feral with glee.

“Oh Kriff,” Hux exhaled. “We are not watching that.”
The Deeper Symbolism Behind Golden Apples
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: oldenuf2nb | Word Count: 26.6k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: When the Wizengamot insists Chief Auror Harry Potter pose for a statue for the Ministry Atrium, why are his friends reluctant to tell him who the sculptor is?

Review: Well this is just the most gorgeously delicious and heart warming fic ever! I shan’t reveal any more about the actual story, but the relationship between Harry and Draco feels so sweet and tangible, with all of the heat and longing and that special something between them. 

The story itself is so great - the obviously strong bond and the fun banter between Harry and all of his friends (Pansy is a real treat in this), the backstories of both Harry and Draco and how they are where they are today with their own lives and with regards to each other, the romance and the sexy undercurrent with all their interactions, the beautiful descriptions of art and sculptures, the mystery and intrigue of the identity of who exactly is after Harry’s life… there’s just so many amazing things packed into it.

It somehow wonderfully mixes so many genres and makes it work beautifully, I truly loved this!

Content/Warnings: Romance, Mystery, Injury/Hospitalisation

Mood Music: Real Love - Florrie

anonymous asked:

About that Percival and Tina post with her being the dom, I think you just like the idea of Percival being a submissive weak thing. Think of Newt being the dom and pushing Percival for talking back, and following it up with soothing cream and gentle kisses to the reddened skin and Percival just whimpering under Newt's touch and craving more.

OHMYGOD, Anon, please, continue-!!!! (●♡∀♡)

But yeah, I think you’re quite right here. I’m in love with bottom!Graves very much, and I wouldn’t care who dominates him. Newt? Grindelwald? Tina? Queenie? Even Jacob, gosh-

I demand an AllxGraves fic. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

In Human AUs, Sapphire is usually depicted as having lost sight in one of her eyes due to an accident. I think this means that she’ll eventually lose sight on her working eye as well, since the strain to compensate will be too much. It may take a few years, and it may depend on the accident that blinded her first eye, but it will have happen. 

(I actually first came across this idea in Tokyo Babylon, a manga by CLAMP. One of the members of CLAMP is blind in one eye, and she incorporates a bit of her experience with this into their works.) 

Rollercoaster Ride

I’ve got no clue where this oneshot came from! Well … I do, we all do, but seriously, one pic, not even a gif, of the back of Dean’s head, seriously?
Warnings: SMUT.
Word Count: 954
Tags: @whispersandwhiskerburn @loveitsallineed @percywinchester27 @sdavid09 @chaos-and-the-calm67 @blacktithe7 @frenchybell @wi-deangirl77 @avasmommy224  @i-like-your-assbutt @waywardjoy @kristaparadowski @torn-and-frayed @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

I was leaning against the bookshelf in the library, behind Dean and opposite Sam as I scrolled through tumblr, looking for any fics about Outlander. I reached a recommendation list, everything Scotland! I clicked on the first fic, ignoring the text at the top and smiling when I saw the gif was the sex scene between Jamie and Claire. I scrolled down and began reading, finding quickly it was one long, delicious, smutty fic.

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Summary: Mesta fic based on the prompt  “It’s 2am, you’re craving chocolate cake and neither of us can sleep, so why don’t we bake in our underwear?” Mostly fluff, some smut. 
Length: 2k
Rating: Mature 
Read it on AO3
This was written for my own personal enjoyment and stress relief, so it’s not as good/edited/polished as it normally would be. ya’ll get to see what my first drafts look like lol. sorry, but also i don’t care bc it’s cute and sweet and i love this and them. ALSO this same prompt was originally written by the light of my life @rileylefae, and i read her cute lil fluff drabble and “……. okay but what if they fuck” “anna-” “too late.” You can read her original here. 

Nesta turned over in bed, still awake hours after climbing underneath the covers. It had been a long day of dealing with the worst denizens of the Court of Nightmares, helping Azriel torture them while their queen looked on. Her and her wife had collapsed into bed together once their work was done, falling asleep in their underwear, too tired to put on pajamas. And even though the moon had long since risen over Velaris, her brain would rather think about chocolate cake than sleep.  

She sat up with a groan and blinked her eyes in the starlight coming in through the window. Maybe she should admit defeat, bother Cassian into taking her down to Velaris to wile away the night…

Mor’s arms wrapped lazily around her waist, tugging at her until Nesta glanced over. “Hello, moonbeam.”

Nesta brushed a strand of hair from Mor’s face, appreciating her sleepy smile, her soft eyes, the way the sheets and her pink lace underwear only partially covered her mostly-naked body. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

She captured Nesta’s hand, pressing a kiss to the middle of her palm. “I was having a dream where Rhys and Cassian and Az were singing and dancing about chocolate cake. I think it’s better that you did.”

Nesta gave a sheepish smile. “That’s my fault too. I started craving chocolate cake hours ago and it’s keeping me up.”

“Well, if you’re craving chocolate cake and neither of us can sleep anyway, why don’t we bake?” Mor said.

Nesta shook her head, smiling, and didn’t protest when her mate pulled her out of bed.

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FIC REC: The Natural Habitat of Haruno Sakura by Tozette

Seriously I can’t get enough of this fic, and also I remember now Konan has a bun - whoops. Well anyway here are the hipster barista here to ruin your self-esteem with their pretty faces and your waistlines with their delicious coffee and baked goods.

The Songs of Silence - A Moriel Fic

the world needs so much more moriel fic. so here is a little bit for now. 

Title: The Songs of Silence 

Summary: set mid-ACOMAF after the Inner Circle visits The Court of Nightmares to retrieve the Veritas. The visit brings up memories for Mor that result in her having nightmares. Azriel comforts her in the aftermath and takes her somewhere quiet where they can be alone while she recovers with him at her side.

Links: AO3 

Silence reigns in the House of Wind. The only break in it is the soft scratch and whisper of Azriel’s pen across the paper in front of him, printing rows of neat text – as even and organised as the soldiers drawn up in ranks in Cassian’s armies – orders for his spies seeded into the Court of Nightmares. After what happened there he’s deemed it prudent to monitor the situation a little more closely for the time being until things settle down again, for all their sakes.

It’s late, well past midnight, and the shadows that wreathe him in the same way that smoke hovers above a fire seem to urge him to take refuge in the lingering calm oblivion that sleep offers. But he can’t. Visiting that place, playing that role, embracing the kind of sinister darkness that he did today always unsettles him. He knows himself well enough to be sure that sleep wouldn’t come easily tonight – and even if it came the horrors it would bring with it wouldn’t be welcome.

He shifts slightly in his seat, ruffling his wings to relieve the cramps that have built up in them after hours of being tucked in against his body while he works. A faint breeze whispers in through the open window and he rubs absently at his arms, bare to the elbows, the sleeves of his loose shirt rolled up to protect them from ink droplets spattering from his pen.

Rolling his shoulders to work the knots from them he pulls a fresh sheet of paper towards him, thinking to start on his latest report for Rhys. The pen barely makes contact with the surface of the parchment before a scream that chills his blood and the sound of shattering glass tears through the still silence like honed steel through flesh.

His pen snaps between his contracting fingers, spraying ink across the notes and documents arranged on his desk in a fountain of ebony, looking for all the world like black blood but he’s already on his feet and moving, the pen and report already barely more than distant memory.

Stepping out into the corridor he marks the few servants scurrying away from the disturbance and nods to them, ushering them on. He meanwhile moves towards the sounds of chaos, chasing down the storm that waits for him before it breaks entirely and tears apart the fabric of their world in its raging fury.

When he reaches her bedroom the halls around him are quite empty, experience having long ago taught the staff to flee when the destructive power that lurks beneath her skin breaks loose, heedless and terrible as a furious ocean slamming relentlessly into a cliff face.

He carefully eases the door open and slips inside, silent as the shadows that forever circle him. Her chambers are bright, elegant, and vibrant, reflecting their owner. But right now they look like the churned, violence-stricken battlefield in the aftermath of two armies clashing on it.

Books have been hurled from their shelves and lie, forlorn and forgotten as dead soldiers on the floor, their spines broken, their pages ripped and shredded; her beautiful clothes have been strewn across the places, ripped and stained with ash and smoke; her battered furniture chipped and smashed form a minefield of splintered wood between the two of them; the shards of glass from the shattered window still fly through the air like arrows, scratching and tearing at his exposed wings and skin.

And at the centre of it all; the eye of the violent hurricane of magic that has exploded from her in its desperate bid to protect her from whatever terror she was being forced to relieve she hunches amid torn and smoking sheets at war with herself.

The destruction barely even registers with him as he crosses the ravaged room. All of his focus is pinned solely on her, the raging magic little more than blurred background noise. Azriel reaches her at last and in a single, fluid motion he lowers himself down onto her four poster bed and folds her into his arms without a thought for the lethal, furious power that still erupts from her.

She had been sitting bolt upright a moment before, staring straight ahead of her before he reached her – a doe finding itself confronting a monstrous wolf it knows it can never out run- but when he draws her in to him her rigid body yields and melts gratefully against his solid, anchoring warmth.

He hates seeing her like this, hates the pain and fear they can still make her endure even centuries later and he knows that she hates the power that surges from her – a wild beast who’s leash is finally cut freeing it from her considerable control – and the damage it does more than anything else.

But he’s not afraid of it. He trusts her too intimately for anything as base as fear. In the centuries he’s known her he’s seen the blackest fire burn in those rich, caramel eyes, making her feral and horrifying, he saw exactly what she was capable of and he never shrank from it. It purred at the scent of the monster buried deep within his own chest, that creature constructed from icy rage and the screams that are confined to black pits and shadow the innocent should never look upon, the thing that’s bloodied his hands and soul countless times over the years.

And he knew – in that moment he knew – when her darkness called to his that she would never fear his unearthly shadows or the things he was willing to do for those he loved and he would never fear the limitless potential for death and violence and the destruction of everything any of them had ever known that lurked so sleek and quiet beneath her smooth skin.

They were kindred spirits of light and dark and her soul knew that truth. Even now, at her most vulnerable, when even those closest to her might hesitate to go to her he did not.

He knew that the magic that burned in her blood sought only to protect her from the demons that constantly circled, prowling on the edges of her being with foaming mouths and blood red eyes, waiting for the moment they would be allowed to tear her apart – and it knew he wanted the same thing. It recognised him, even when she was in this state, so unlike herself, it knew him as friend, as protect her and it would not harm him – she would never let it.

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Juicy and Delicious

Thanks to @balthazars-muse for this awesome idea - Dean’s Flavor of the Month!! Here’s my entry for Leo - Peach Pie. 

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1680

Summary: You bake Dean some peach pies, and he’s very grateful…

A/N: According to the interwebs, a Leo’s most erogenous zone is the back - and they also crave admiration. Who do you know who could do a better job at admiring and worshiping a woman than Dean? ;)

Dean walks into the kitchen, sniffing the air with a blissful expression. “What smells so good?”

You can’t help but smile at him as he walks directly to the oven, and you swat playfully at his hand as he reaches to open it. “Be patient!”

He grins at you, hooking an arm around your waist to pull you close and capture your lips in a lingering kiss. “You’re baking a pie, aren’t you? Nothing sexier than a woman with flour on her face.”

You blush, brushing at your cheeks as Dean kisses the tip of your nose. You push away, smiling at his teasing. “I bought a whole box of peaches from that roadside stand. They looked so luscious I couldn’t resist.”

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