In honor of Mothers around the world (pt 1 of 2)

‘Delicatessen With Love’, took photographer Gabriele Galimberti to 58 countries where he photographed grandmothers with both the ingredients and finished signature.  view complete gallery on his website

  • Fernanda De Guia, 71 years old - Manila, Philippines – Sinigang €“ (tamarind soup with pork and vegetables)
  • Normita Sambu Arap, 65 years old – Oltepessi (masaai mara) Kenya – Mboga and orgali (white corn polenta with vegetables and goat)
  • Brigitta Fransson, 70 years old – Stockholm, Sweden – Inkokt Lax – (poached cold salmon and vegetables)
  • Ana Lucia Souza Pascoal, 53 years old – €“ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Fejoada light
  • Pan Guang Mei, 62 years old – Chongqing, China – Hui Guo Rou (twice-cooked pork with vegetables)
  • Susann Soresen, 81 years old – Homer, Alaska – MOOSE STEAK
  • Carmina Fernandez, 73 years old – Madrid – Asadura de cordero lecca con arroz (milk-fed lamb offal with rice)
  • Marisa Batini, 80 years old – Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy – Swiss chard and ricotta Ravioli with meat sauce
  • Boonlom Thongpor, 69 years old – Bangkok, Thailand – Kai Yat Sai (stuffed omelette)
  • Grace Estibero, 82 years old – Mumbai, India – Chicken vindaloo

all images©gabriele galimberti

List of really good french films:


The World’s Best Sandwich.

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably heard of Katz Delicatessen, it’s so good it’s even been used in a number of films. It is literally the best thing I have had. The meat is incredible. It even came with a few varieties of gherkin, like who knew you could get different kinds of gherkins?!  I had a pastrami sandwich, which is what has been recommended the most to me and I think it’s a general favorite one. But Oh My God. When they gave me a taster of the meat, it literally melted in mouth like a little heavenly meat ball. It was amazing.

One thing I really love about America is that they know what a sandwich is. In England, there’s just too much bread. I want the filling, the meat. Americans totally satisfy this need.

The deli is always pretty busy, there was a massive queue for me to get though, but it is so worth it. The sandwich is a little pricey, $23, but oh so worth it. You may gobble it up a little too fast, but it’s so filling, literally didn’t need to eat anything after this. (lol jk, I bought a scoop of ice cream, but that’s all!)

Anyways. Seriously. I went out of my way to get this, I would literally buy a plane ticket to NYC just for this sandwich if I had the money. And I’ll bet you anything you will want to do the same after you have tasted this magnificence. 

The scene of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie by Gavrilo Princip.
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The building on the right was formerly Moritz Schiller’s Delicatessen and it was in front of this building that Princip carried out his task.