delicate distraction

He always dominates.

Emotions cold,
Mind perfect
And observing.

He never spoke
Of softer passions,
For delicate temperament
Was distracting,

A crack
In a nature such as his.

Yet one woman,
One smirk,
And he drifted

—  poeticallyordinary (this came from a blackout poem I did.)
you’re a fucking tease - two

Request: Hi i know you’ve literally just done a tease imagine but I was kinda hoping you could do one where the reader pisses Tom off somehow and he starts getting all dark and unexpected to get back at her and then acts as if nothing happened. Btw I love all your stories and you’re so talented xxx + part two requested by a few readers, of this small smut fic! :-)

Warnings: this was highly requested hgjkfdhjk. everything is innocent until the ‘read more’ cut, so if you’re not into smut, feel free not to read :)

part one // part three | part four (final)

“Darling, can we please leave?” Tom whined in my ear, causing me to roll my eyes again. I ignored him, again, going back to the conversation I was having. Tom, not-so-subtly, sighed heavily, dropping his head on my shoulder and whined – like a child. “Baby,” the pet name was muffled by the material of my long sleeve dress. I flashed a strained smile toward the couple I was talking to before grabbing Tom’s hand and leading him away from the crowd, toward an empty corner. “Finally!”

“We’re not going anywhere!” I exclaimed, in a hushed but hard tone. He narrowed his eyes at me. “You’re being an ass, Tom! Your friends invited you, you wanted to come, so we’re going to fucking stay until they serve dinner.” I crossed my arms over my chest, smiling and waving at a few of our friends as they walked past us.

“Are you fucking with me right now?” I looked back at Tom, an aggravated look on his face. I sighed, reaching out to touch his arm. He backed away from me, swatting my hand away lightly.

“Don’t be a baby, baby.” I tried to joke, but his hard stare on me only intensified. “Tom,” he ignored me, like I had earlier, brushing past me as he made his way toward where Harrison was. I closed my mouth, not realizing it had fallen slightly when Tom walked away from me. I rolled my shoulders back and counted to three in my head. Tom was so fucking annoying.

I wait for Tom in the car, letting him say goodbye to his friends and telling Haz he’d see him at home. “Are you done acting like a child?” I reached for his hand as soon as he placed it in the center console. Like earlier, he flinched away from me, placing both hands on the wheel. “Oh, my god,” I complained, resting my arm against the passenger door and resting my cheek on it. “You’re so annoying.”

I’m annoying?” He countered, looking at me briefly with wide eyes. “You’re annoying! I wanted to leave that party to be alone with you and you just fucking ignored me.”

“I didn’t even want to go to the damn party in the first place!” I rubbed my temples, trying to calm myself. “Just leave me alone – shut up, Tom.”


“I said shut up and leave me alone! Don’t talk to me for the rest of the ride home.” I didn’t hear a response back – no groan, no whine, no scoff – I turned and saw his eyes set on the road, his jaw clenching as his grip on the steering wheel tightened. I smirked, loving the fact that I was getting to him the way he got to me. I turned to look at the window again, sighing deeply. It was silent for a few minutes and my eyes were slipping closed as I grew comfortable in the car seat. My head shot up, feeling Tom’s hand on my lap. I turned to look at him again and his eyes were still focused on the road. I furrowed my eyebrows but shrugged it off, maybe he just felt guilty from earlier.

I looked out the window again, not letting Tom off that easy as I continued to ignore him. My eyes were almost shut again, not even noticing Tom’s hand had moved until I felt the heat of his palm against my inner thigh. On instinct, my left hand shot down to grab his wrist. “Tom? What do you think you’re doing?” He didn’t say anything, only continuing to massage my inner thigh while he kept one hand on the steering wheel and his eyes trained intently on the road. I released his wrist but kept my eye on him for a few seconds. I looked away and leaned forward, reaching to turn the radio on. Versace On the Floor filled the car, a smile meeting my face. I sat back and leaned my chair back so I was laying down slightly.

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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 14/?

scorpius malfoy with long hair

1. Over the summer break after second year, Scorpius decides to let his hair grow longer than he usually does, denying his father’s frankly listless attempts at trying to cut it.

2. Albus doesn’t see Scorpius much that summer, only a day here and there, and during those days  Scorpius tries to hide his hair from Albus so he can surprise him at the start of third year.

3. Cue the start of third year, Scorpius has let his hair grow so that’s it’s now just below his ear, and it’s silky and soft and it gets tangled easily and Scorpius is sure Albus will love it.

4. What Scorpius doesn’t foresee is how much Albus will love it. Scorpius spots Albus a bit away on Platform 9 ¾, and excitedly lowers the hood of his muggle hoodie, pushing through the bustling crowd to get to Albus and tap him gently on the shoulder.

5. Albus turns around, and Scorpius braces himself for Albus’s wide eyed appreciation and smiling mouth, but he gets more than that. When Albus turns and sees Scorpius and his new hair, he literally jumps back in surprise, almost knocking over someone’s trolley. His green eyes are the size of saucers, his hands covering his mouth. Scorpius tries to take this reaction in a positive way, spreading his arms and grinning, “Hey Albus! Did you miss me?“ 

6. Albus just slowly takes his hands away from his mouth and whispers, "what did you do to your hair?”

7. Scorpius explains he let it grow out over the summer. Albus tentatively reaches forward to take a a couple of silvery blonde strands between his fingers, his mouth open in awe, his eyes now sparkling. “It’s beautiful,” Albus breaths, seemingly caught up in the way the weak September sunlight hit Scorpius’s hair and made it shimmer against his neck. 

8. Scorpius, not expecting this reaction, feels himself blush a deep red and turns quickly away from Albus, pulling the hood of his jumper quickly over his head again to hide his face. 

9. During the whole train ride after that Albus is just staring at Scorpius’s hair in wonderment, running his fingers through it almost like he can’t help it. During this Scorpius’s face is going to melt it’s so hot, and Rose decided to just leave them two dorks to it, leaving the compartment with a sly smile at Scorpius, who chokes slightly when Albus’s nails scratch gently along his scalp.

10. Albus can’t even stop himself at the start of the year feast, keeping a stroking hand at the nape of Scorpius’s neck, his fingers continually running through the strands. Of course everyone notices, number one because, damn Albus can you not? And number two because damn Scorpius can you not?? 

11. Even though he looks absolutely beautiful, Scorpius becomes the butt of many bully’s jokes, ranging from “hey trying to pretend to be a girl so Potter can finally like you??” to “oh following in daddy’s footsteps are we? i always knew you were evil, Malfoy.”

12. Of course, Albus hears most of the jabs and gets so angry at every single one of them, shouting and sometimes even sending curses at every single person who even dares to even look at Scorpius the wrong way. This lands him in a lot of detention, which Scorpius attends too, out of love for Albus defending him but also anger at it. He pesters Albus during these detentions to stop his outbursts, that he can "fend for himself”. Albus always agrees wholeheartedly, more so watching Scorpius’s mouth and they way it shapes words then what Scorpius is actually saying. 

13. Even though Scorpius says he’s okay, sometimes the jokes and the jibes get to him and one night Albus finds the blonde crying in the Slytherin common room, his wand pointed at his hair and a mirror in front of him, ready to chop. Albus rushes over to him and snatches the wand out of his hand, and Scorpius just turns and continues sobbing into Albus’s chest, clinging to the black-haired boy’s shirt with shaking hands. The rest of the Slytherin house find the two in the morning curled up on a couch together, Scorpius’s tear-stained face nuzzled into Albus’s neck and Albus’s hands curled around Scorpius’s head protectively. No one says a thing.

14. Near the end of third year, Scorpius’s hair has grown out just past the line of his shoulders and Albus had never felt more happy. Scorpius has taken to twist his hair up and stick a quill in it to make it stay, and he always runs his fingers through the hair that falls across his forehead when he’s nervous or stressed. 

15. Sometimes in class, when Scorpius has his hair down, Albus can’t stop himself from just reaching over and running his hands through it, twisting it around his fingers and making tiny cute braids in it that Scorpius pretends to hate but secretly loves and leaves in the for the rest of the day. This leads to a lot of teachers reprimanding Albus, and it even comes to Professor McGonagall calling Scorpius in after class and gently requesting him to keep his hair tied up during lessons, so that he won’t “intervene with other students learning”. Scorpius just smiles weakly at her and walks out of the classroom.

16.  So Scorpius does, pulling it up with either a spare bobbin he steals from Rose or one of Albus’s skinny neck ties that Ginny bought the black-haired boy for Christmas, twisting if around and around and leaving the ends dangling so it looks pretty and delicate. This actually just distracts Albus more, because all he can think about when he sees Scorpius with the tie in his hair is that’s my tie on his hair my tie on hIS HAIR???!! By this time most of the teachers have just given up giving out to Albus for fiddling with Scorpius’s hair. All McGonagall does is roll her eyes.

17. And then it’s the summer again and Albus insists on having Scorpius over for the whole summer, and somehow, Draco agrees to this. That summer basically consists of Albus coaxing Scorpius to put his head in his lap so he can play with and braid his hair. Scorpius tries to sound exasperated but everyone knows (including Albus) that he loves it.

18. Ginny finds them one night curled up together in the garden, Scorpius’s head on Albus’s stomach and Albus’s hands just stroking ever part of Scorpius they can reach, including his face, his arms, his neck, his chest, his stomach, his hair. Scorpius has his hands gently grasping at Albus’s own when they’re wandering over his skin, trying to keep them still so he can feel Albus’s warmth. They whisper to each other what they want to do at Hogwarts next year and what new sweets are coming into Honeydukes and how Scorpius just has to try them. Ginny smiles to herself, quietly calling for Harry. The two parents watch in gentle awe, Ginny beginning to beam when she sees Scorpius turn his head to nuzzle his nose into Albus’s stomach when the black-haired boy makes a particularly stupid joke. Harry grins too, guiding Ginny away after a while, knowing the boys wouldn’t like it if they knew they were being watched.

19. All Ginny does that night is smile, unable to sleep because her son has someone that he loves so much and she’s gonna tear up because she’s so happy he’s happy and oh my merlin Harry isn’t it just so wonderful??? Harry agrees gently with his wife, smiling to himself because merlin’s beard he loves his family. 

20. It’s the morning everyone goes back to Hogwarts and Scorpius doesn’t know what to do with his hair because it’s getting scarily long now and wtf does he do with all this tangle???? And suddenly Lily appears out of nowhere and grabs Scorpius by the hand and drags him over to a chair and sits him down, walking around so he has his back to her. “I’m gonna braid your hair, Scorp,” she says cheerily, already working at his hair with nimble fingers. “’M sure Al will love it. You don’t mind if I twist in some glittery ribbon too? It’ll go beautifully with your colouring!” This is the first time Lily and Scorpius have actually spent alone together besides small chats in the corridor when they’re passing each other and knowing smiles across the kitchen table when Albus makes a particularly bad joke, so Scorpius lets her, enjoying the way it feels when she gently pats his head, whispering “you look wonderful, Scorpius.” Scorpius then decided that he loves Albus’s family.

21. Then they’re on the platform and the Hogwarts Express is whistling and Scorpius is hauling his suitcase down the corridor of the train and he passes a compartment of first years who actually stop to just stare. Scorpius notices, of course he does, and he smiles, sliding the compartment door open and sticking his head in. “Are you all okay?” he asks gently, trying to make his voice as open as possible as to not scare the dazed looking eleven year olds. A girl, who herself has a short pixie cut, stutters slightly “y-your hair.” Scorpius grins, grabbing at the end of his braid and tugging at his hair, letting the golden sparkly ribbon that Lily added to it hit the simmering light of the compartment, making it shine brightly. “What about it?” he says, smiling down at the girl. “It’s- it’s long,” she whispers in wonderment, “and you’re a boy.” This widens Scorpius’s smile, and he abandons his trunk for a moment to sit down on the seat next to the smaller girl. “You’re a girl and you have short hair. What’s to say I can’t have long?" 

22. The girl’s expression quickly turns horrified as she stumbles out, "oh- oh no I wasn’t saying it was bad I was saying that it was good like great and amazing and I really like it and um- why are you laughing?” Scorpius explains that he wasn’t laughing at her, and how he thinks it’s amazing that’s she has short hair and how maybe they can be the mismatched duo and they girl just lights up, her eyes sparkling with quick adoration as she looks at Scorpius. “What’s your name?” she says, her words hushed. Scorpius grins. “My name’s Scorpius. How about you?” The little girl’s smile could light up the whole of Hogwarts. “Sam,” she whispers.

23. Sam gets sorted into Slytherin and when she’s sees Scorpius sitting at the table, Albus quietly keeping a protective arm around him, she almost cheers because there’s Scorpius!!! Oo wait who’s that next to him??? Scorpius grins a sparkling grin at her then and motions for her to sit down next to him at the table. All of the Slytherins stare as she does, still clapping about her arrival. Once she’s seated, Scorpius immediately introduces her to Albus, who he had already told about the train incident. 

24. Albus becomes immediate best friends with the girl too, and Scorpius just looks between the two of them fondly as they talk across him animatedly, Albus occasionally sticking Scorpius with his fork because he’s so enthusiastic for this new human being. Scorpius doesn’t mind one bit. 

25. It’s a couple of months later and Scorpius is getting properly worried because his hair is growing so fast??????? It’s nearly down to the middle of his back and he’s silently freaking out with it one morning, twisting it and pulling it and braiding and then re braiding it until his scalp actually HURTS and that’s when Albus wakes up and is like “Scorp just leave it down? It’s beautiful? Please? You’re an actual angel I swear?” And Scorpius is just there bLUSHING and he decides to leave it down for the day.

26. And by golly was that a good idea. By the end of the day he’s made about twenty new first year friends who just adore him and it shocks all the older students cause how tf is that weirdo???? doing that????? And Albus is just there beside Scorpius and all his lil followers with the BIGGEST smile on his face and a casual hand on the small of Scorpius’s back like yes this angel is mine he’s mine you can all just dream of being like him you prats

27. That night Albus steels himself and then quickly scrambles his way from his bed into Scorpius’s. When he opens the curtains and peaks in, Scorpius is there, sitting cross legged, running a brush through his hair. Albus nearly doesn’t want to disturb him now, but Scorpius sees him and smiles, reaching out a hand to gesture him in. “Would you brush my hair, Al?” And Albus just nearly DIES and is like “psh okay yeah alright I’ll do that yup ok”

28. This ends up with Albus lying down with Scorpius on his bed, face to face, heads pillowed on hands and Albus fingers sifting through Scorpius’s newly untangled locks. This position isn’t new to them, after ending up like this most summer nights before school started, with stars in Scorp’s tired eyes and wonder in Al’s ones. But for some reason this time feels different and Albus’s breath speeds up as he feels Scorpius’s hand sliding up his chest to rest at the crook of his neck, fingers gentle but searching somehow.

29. Albus finds himself blurting out “I love you, Scorpius” and then he’s sO red and fuck fuck fuck but Scorp just smiles gently, the fingers on Albus’s neck massaging small circles. “I know Al, I love you too,” he says, and Albus is pretty sure Scorp didn’t realise what he just said, what he meant by it. “No, Scorp,” he murmurs, looking down because Scorpius’s silver eyes are too beautiful and he can’t do this he can’t but he has to and- “I love you. I love you.”

30. And Scorpius is confused for a moment because yeah?? he knows?? But then he sees Albus’s face turning a dark shade even in the dim light and his heart suddenly squeezes in his chest and his body is tingling because he understands he understands he knows oh my god Al I love you too!! But that doesn’t come out because he suddenly realises the position they’re in, noses almost touching, Albus’s hand in his hair and his fingers running down Albus’s neck and he doesn’t think he just acts and pushes forward to press his lips clumsily into his best friend’s

31. Time stops for a moment and all Scorpius can feel is warm, slightly chapped lips unmoving against his own and Albus’s sharp intake of breath and he thinks he’s fucked up and gotten it wrong and shit he’s never been good at reading signals and he’s really done himself in now but then mere seconds later Al is responding, his hand sliding further into Scorp’s hair so he can pull him closer, lips pressing back shakily and Scorp lets his eyes close and he falls into Albus, hand going completely around his neck, pushing up against the other boy.

32. And oh this is so good, so safe because Scorpius realises in that moment, that press of mouth on mouth, that Albus is all he’s ever wanted and that he’s his home. So when Albus finally pulls back slightly to let out a wavering breath, there are big, heavy, happy tears in Scorp’s eyes that he can’t let out just yet because he knows that they will freak out his best friend.

33. “S-scorp,” Al whispers, eyes wide as saucers, lips tingling and brain almost numb and oh my god he just kissed me he just?? I just kissed Scorpius? Scorp? My Scorp?? “What- I’m- I don’t-” and then he’s being shut up by another quick press of lips and Scorpius’s breath washing over his face as he snorts shakily, his eyelashes fluttering like they do when he’s nervous.

34. Albus takes all these little details in, along with how soft and warm and just fucking nice Scorp’s lips feel against his. So he goes in again just as Scorpius is about to speak, and then it’s a game of who can shut the other up faster with sweet, tentative pecks and Al feels Scorp’s hand slide down to rest at the base of his throat where he curls it around the neck of his shirt, tugging slightly. “Let me- let me talk, Al,” Scorpius gasps, his fingers curling tighter. “Let me- please.”

35. Albus is still struck dumb so he finds himself staring, something bubbling up in his chest as Scorp struggles for words. “I- oh my god Al, just, I love you too, you idiot.”

36. “Scorp, I don’t want you to do this just because I said it first-” “Dear god you are a dolt, aren’t you, Potter? Just kiss me again please.”

37. Skip to fifth year and Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter are the cutest couple in hogwarts, and Albus has an undercut to compliment his boyfriend’s hair which now reaches past his waist. Albus likes to spell flowers into it. Scorpius is just really in love. 

(apologies for any spelling mistakes or just mistakes in general! hope you enjoyed!)

themaskismyface  asked:

Can you do drabble about human reader with yandere harem team prime? I envy Spike~

yeaaaa!(yes there’s 80s music in this because im fucking enamored by a talking tree(and if you know who im talking abt we should be friends))

There wasn’t a single aspect about your delicate frame that couldn’t be admired.

Every scarred portion of soft skin, every marred piece of hair on your skull, every expression that appears on your lovely features whenever you feel strongly of something. You were a magnet to admirers; human and non-human like. And when you had accidentally come across one of the youngest of the non-humans in your little city, you found yourself surrounded by a group of new robotic “friends”. 

You had no problems adjusting, of course. It was a group of giant, alien robots, fighting in a couple thousand year war. What was not to love about it? You were… surprisingly excited to be involved in such a feat. To break out of your shell and escape into a world outside of your normal routine. It was relaxing; as it shouldn’t be.

And that was the first thing that brought the bots to you.

You didn’t panic while meeting them. You didn’t try to run. You didn’t fight with them when they said that they’d have to keep you there much, much longer than the other kids have to stay; because the cons know exactly what you look like, and won’t hesitate to use you as ransom. After all, you don’t have school like the kids do. 

So, you stay as long as possible at base with the bots. You’ll bother Ratchet as he works, play games with Bumblebee, chat with Arcee as she uses silly pickup lines on you, talk about your day with Optimus, hang out on Smokescreen’s shoulder as you walk around the base with him, crack jokes with Wheeljack(who you truly wish was around more often), and listen to shitty music with Bulkhead. There’s nothing more that you could want from your new, loving family; people who you know and trust with your life and anything you want to share. You’d even go so far as to say you love them.

But you’d never know just how much they adore you.

They had come to an agreement, when everyone had realized just how much they felt for you. You were almost Primus’ incarnate of a perfect being; from the symmetry of your features, to the curve of your hips, and to the way your lovely organic optics shine like gemstones. They would share, in a way; work their way to your heart naturally, while keeping you to themselves. Away from the outside world and threats that could come to you. 

Even if that meant trapping you at the base for good.

“Heya, guys!”

Your voice startled quite a few of the bots out of whatever they were focusing on. No matter what you did, you always managed to distract them.

Your delicate, graceful frame was stepping out of Smokescreen’s alt-mode; who had come to pick you up that day. They all take turns picking you up from your home and dropping you off. Today, it was Smokescreen’s turn to pick you up, and Optimus’ to drop you off at home; a certainly interesting combo. But the more interesting thing at the moment, was the duffle bag you carried; the bag itself your favorite color and looking packed full of items.

“I brought a lot of stuff I wanted to show you guys. Some new music, movies, video games, and my laptop just in case we want to do something else. Oh, and a change of clothes, because Miko has to do her science project today.” You wink devilishly at the Autobot leader, who went you a small, confused smile in return. What a cute dope! “Your weirdo human friend has got y’all hooked up, don’t worry.”

You were quick to set up your items on the little human platform near Ratchet’s station, pulling out what looked to be an old stereo. That definitely caught the attention of your harem; specifically oldie Optimus, who had a little sparkle in his optic.

“[Name], might I ask why you have a stereo with you?” His voice stopped the movements of your hands just as you had pulled a cassette out of the loosening duffle bag. You were quick to respond with an eager vigor that left everyone in a better mood than beforehand.

“I brought some cassettes with some of my favorite music on them! I hope you don’t mind if I play some. After all, these are human classics, O.P. You gotta know em.” You chirp, winking playfully at the Autobot leader; finally completing your motion of inserting the cassette. Within a moment(and a gentle smack to the side), the stereo kicked to life, and so did Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling”; starting the list of cheesy 80s music on a high note.

Ratchet let out a deep, understanding sigh, Bumblebee and Smokescreen instantly standing up and starting to dance shittily along to the pop music. It was endearing, but still terrible dancing. It didn’t take long for you to join, though, nodding your head and shaking your hips to the beat. More out of pity than anything.

Your innocence is distracting, and your silly personality is almost spark-wrenchingly adorable. Every bot present in the base could feel a warmth spreading through their chest at the sight of your silly dance fest; a warmth that always seemed to follow you around. That sent their processors spinning, that made their helms ache just with how much thought runs through them; all of which pertaining to the beautiful human that they adore. 

And you stay unaware, all the same.

Impress Me

Request: Hey you’re really amazing and i love your writing. Can i have a shy, nerdy reader that loves cats and books. And the reader is an angel that likes humany stuff and has a crush on Gabriel and Gabriel likes them and they meet again after him disappearing for a while. and he does stuff to try to impress them. If you don’t want to write this i understand. You probably received better requests. You’re an amazing writer and person and i’m excited to read anything you write. - @fandomland7

A/N: Sorry it’s been so long! Things came up. I hope this is worth the wait! I snuck in references to Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, and Magic Mike (because my adoration for Matt Bomer burns like a slightly creepy fire). @fandomland7 , I want to say this, and I believe I speak for all admins on this blog: I don’t believe in “better” requests. While we’re flattered by your compliments, I’m saddened that it comes with this sentiment. Sure, I believe that some people are more willing to enjoy a request than others, but that depends on the person, not the prompt. I don’t feel comfortable writing smut, but that doesn’t mean I think smut is better or worse than any other kind of content. Okay? If anyone ever tells you that your desires or likes are less valid than or not as good as another person’s, remember that they’re probably coming from a very self-centered mindset.

Author: Holly

Warnings: Reference to an R-rated movie, but that’s all

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 3,173

Y/N = Your Name


                Your favorite human was Sam, by far. He recommended the best literary endeavors. While Castiel followed Dean Winchester’s guidance and often found himself tasting various desserts, Sam offered you a plethora of intellectual challenges, such as novels, politics, and the internet’s seemingly-endless solutions to whatever questions you may have had about humanity. Currently, you were wrapped up in a book that you were truly enjoying.

                “Y/N? Y/N!”

                Dean yelling your name in the close confines of the Impala made you look up. The vehicle had come to a stop. You had failed to notice, because you coped with the cramping feeling of the car by immersing yourself in a book. “I apologize, Dean,” you said, closing the pages delicately. “I was distracted by the Master of Jewelry.”

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Pretty in Pink

So, this is my giveaway fic for @kotyonoksnz! Yuuri and Viktor go to the cherry blossom festival and Yuuri has a Fun Time. I hope you like it, kit!!!


In theory, Yuuri thinks, the cherry blossom festival sounds like fun. The blossoms themselves are beautiful and he knows there are usually magic shows and music, two things he likes. In theory, he loves imagining Viktor’s shining eyes and soft smile, cherry blossom petals raining down on him. Pink suits him. Yuuri knows this.

But in practice Yuuri knows that he won’t survive the afternoon. So why is he trying to pretend? Well…

“Oh, Yuuri, look!”

(Viktor’s delight is like hypnosis.)

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Hamburramy!Hogwarts Headcanons

[Aka a much too long post going on and on about Hamilton/Burr/Bellamy in a Hogwarts!AU. Excuse any errors please!]

So Bellamy is a year older than both Alexander and Aaron, so he attends Hogwarts earlier than them. Aaron and Bellamy were childhood friends. Bellamy’s a half-blood, but his father came from a pureblood family and had connections with Aaron’s pureblood family before they died. Aaron’s uncle, Timothy, took in and raised both Sally and Aaron. He was skilled in potions and transfigurations and insisted on teaching Aaron (and Sally, who is two years older than Aaron) in the basics before they attended Hogwarts. 

Alexander is of course a muggleborn. He knew he had powers, could make things happen if he willed it hard enough. Somehow, without ever knowing anything about the technicalities of magic, Alexander had managed to hone his skills enough that he was capable of doing simple things without a wand pretty easily. This makes him a bit of an outcast in both the muggle and wizarding world when he finally gets there. The muggles avoided him at all costs and the wizards were wary of his power and his intentions. When Alex gets older he accepts his abilities wholeheartedly and tends to brag about it much to everyone’s annoyance, choosing to ignore the way people looked at him.

Bellamy had been sorted into Hufflepuff before Aaron came to Hogwarts, and had written Aaron long letters describing every little detail about Hogwarts and his house and its secret connection to the kitchens. Aaron blames the house elves for Bellamy’s growth spurt. That year was one of the hardest of Aaron’s life, though each new letter from Bellamy brightened his day.

Aaron meets Alexander on the train, both of them walking opposite ways to find a seat. Alexander had been introducing himself all morning, and this was no different. Aaron introduces himself in return, but doesn’t really focus on it because immediately after three other rowdy boys had called for Alexander to go sit with them in the next cabin down and Aaron went about his way to find Bellamy. They travel to Hogwarts almost entirely unaware of each other, too wrapped up in the new experience.

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- Erlea -

Erlea is a queen bee. She looking for a timeline or universe where she can settle down and create her family. Her specialty is making honey which has healing capabilities. It’s unknown to her but her going to universe to universe she actually helps those in that world with her dropping pollen everywhere.

Personality: Childish, Adventurous, Cowardly, Delicate, Cry-baby Distractible,  daydreamer, playful, and generous

Powers: Flight, Stinger and making honey that can heal ailments.

Hobbies: Flying, Honey making, cooking and baking.

Fears: Small places, conflicts, getting stung and pointed objects.

Golden Opportunities, Silver Lies, Copper Copies

Back and forth across the board the kings advance and retreat. No one loses, oh but one wins, by taking something sweet. Snatching a piece, toppling it and stealing away the rubble it left behind. Was it perfect timing? Months of waiting and scheming? Oh no no no, all it came down to, all it depended on was a single, perfect, golden opportunity.

Golden opportunities for a silver-tongued God, perfectly crafted and waiting so prettily for the first one with the balls to seize them. All those weeks ago, it was easy to crack the golden goose egg open, to smash the pieces over the board and watch the pawns fight to get it back under control. Today, it's…less opportune but oh when has that ever stopped you Fyedyenka-me, stopped me?

“Never,” you whisper-I whisper. Soft, a brush of breath against my lips, cold and crisp in this place. Every breath is crisp in this room, sharp in the nose, dry on the lips, cold, cold everywhere. Cold and white, nothing but crisp white and frosted metal and rust stained into the floor; it’s the winter wonderland any psychopath would be happy to play in.

“Never?” the child asks, the lovely cursed child.

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For the Love of Icha Icha
Naruhina Fanfiction

There it was. The moment she had been waiting for the past month. Her absolute guilty pleasure.

Hinata had always believed that she was a fortunate, privileged girl and today only solidified that belief. Excitement bubbled over her skin. Her toes tingled, itching to jump up and down the walls in glee.

Her heart beating in her throat, she let a thumb glaze reverently over the cover.

There on the wooden shelf, and the last of its kind, was a hard cover copy of Icha Icha Violence.

With a new illustration on the cover!


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anonymous asked:

nijimura having an s/o who turned blind but before that she's a painter. i need some angst and you have good angst but give me a happy ending please

wait wow this is sad anon why but lol i tried to make it angsty plese forgive me idk if this is even angst lol i’m so so sorry

You have fallen in love with painting since forever ago. You first held a paint brush even before you could hold an actual spoon. You loved putting life into blank canvasses of various sizes, giving them more color, more life. You loved painting, the feeling of making the bristles of the brush dance on the white surface, leaving wonderful traces that would soon contribute to the over-all beauty of the master piece. Landscape painting was your forte. You have always loved the idea of capturing the scenery using the concoction of colors you have in hand.

Painting was your first love and losing the ability to see killed you in so many ways. It was an actual heartbreak for you. The people talking about you in the hospital didn’t help, either.

What a waste of talent I feel sad for the prodigy. You’ve been hearing the sentence for so many times already and you just wanted the people to stop already. You didn’t need them to add more pain to your current situation. Every night, you would find yourself curling up into a ball on your hospital bed, crying your heart out as desperation flowed through your veins. You wanted to see what kind of room you were in; you wanted to know the colors present in it; you wanted to get a hold of the paint brush; you just wanted to be the same old you again.

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Tell Me Goodbye (naturallyhosting)

Everything was normal. Host club activities were fantastic, but next, everything went black. I heard a scream, no.. multiple screams come from around me as the other members voices became more clear to me. The last voice, was Haruhi’s. Then, life seemed to be pulled away, just like my own mother was pulled away from me. Next thing I knew, I heard mumbled voices from what appeared to be outside a room. Though, where could I be? My eyes danced around until suddenly they shut, the pain of a needle being jabbed into my delicate arm, distracting my every thought. Then it clicked. I was inside a hospital.

When I was fully lucid, one of the doctor’s came into my room and explained everything. I ended up contracting what appeared to be a fast-progressing cancer, one that was nearly impossible to cure, especially at it’s current stage. 

I wanted it to be a dream, desperately hoping that this was some nightmare, but alas, one of my many fears had been true all along. I was dying.