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let your hair down, part 4

The long-awaited! Smut, more angst than I had originally planned, and fluff, of course. Rated M for More Sex (j/k, Mature, of course). 

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This risk that you had taken tonight in opening up to Newt, by allowing yourself to look into his eyes and let him gaze back and see you, truly you: this gamble seemed to have been lost. You were never going to be the same.

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Pick Your Study Mood

1) The Fashion/Design Student

- Perfectly done up/down hair, silk night clothes or cashmere jumper, fluffy socks, scrawled messy notes and drawings, laptop open for research, expensive pen, frothy coffee in delicate white china cup, perfect manicure, perfectly planned timetable on separate piece of paper, open for breaks.

2) The Carrie Bradshaw

- Wearing something cosy and comfortable, take out coffee or can of coke in ice, box of half eaten Chinese food at side with the chopsticks sticking out, adorned with pearl necklace, at desk with laptop, organised mess, black and white film waiting in another tab for after completion of work.

3) The Hermione Granger

- Glass of water or herbal tea, bowl at side with snacks, lots of open books, sat at a desk in the common room, neat notes with pretty handwriting, leather bound diary, hair thrown up, spearmint scented candle, enjoys ambient noises of her environment or classical music, earl grey tea, highly methodical and leaves no detail to chance. 

4) The Parisian

- Coffee fresh from the coffee shop round the corner, bakery recently collected, blazer with whatever she just went out wearing or pyjamas for comfort, messy hair and perfect makeup, perfectly manicured hands with Chanel nail polish, politics book at side for breaks, leather journal, lined paper and biro, busy and important, thinking about a guy.

How EXO would kiss you

- Admin Mocha

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Xiumin: You would definitely be able to feel the love when he kisses you because he would treat you like you were th only other girl in the world. The way he would hold you close against him and how his fingers ran over the span of your back as if they were memorizing the patterns of your skin. It would be the little things that made you realize how precious you were to him. He would taste like  mocha. [ ;) ]

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Suho: Suho’s kisses would remind you that he was someone who would always be there to take care of you and place your happiness above all. His hands would be so gentle when they cupped your face, treating you as if you were made of the utmost delicate china. His lips would be soft and careful when they would peck yours and you would realize how lucky you were at this very moment. Suho would taste like mint.

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Lay: Lay would be the one to take your breath away, but in a good way. He would probably kiss you when the two of you were deeply having a conversation late into the night and it would be the time where you were both just staring at one another in silence. A smile would cross his face as he leaned forward and captured your lips in a heart stopping kiss and your heart would lift in the sweetest of ways. Lay would taste of a pastry.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun probably wouldn’t have long kisses like the majority of the members, but he would have a string of short pecks and there would probably be a lot of giggling throughout. The two of you could easily be in the middle of a tickle attack when he instead decided to press your lips together in short bursts, causing your uneven breaths to almost sync together. His kisses would be very playful. Baekhyun would probably taste like bubblegum.

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Chen: Chen would prefer to opt for surprise kisses because he would fall in love with how adorable you looked when you were shocked. He would sneak up behind you as his hands placed themselves on your waist and turned you around so that he could sweep you off your feet into an unsuspecting kiss. The combination of the kiss and the shock would make for a pretty intense chemical reaction in your brain. He would probably taste like cinnamon.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol’s kisses would be entertaining because he wouldn’t want to let go and move on to whatever responsibility he had to take care of. It would probably start off as an innocent goodbye kiss, but his hands would refuse to leave your shoulders and his lips would continue to press against yours. You would smell his cologne and the leather of his jacket and you would be intoxicated by him as well, losing track of time. He would taste like chocolate.

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Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo’s kisses would be special because I think he would take the time to really get to know you before giving you a kiss. His eyes would be staring deeply into yours as his lips ghosted over yours and you felt your heart beating at a rapid pace. You would feel his breath fanning over your cheek and slowly the two of you would move forward to connect the dots, and it would feel so warm and lovely. He would taste like roses.

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Kai: Kisses with Kai would normally and probably happen in bed, and I don’t mean during you know what. The two of you would have woken up together and would be lazily lounging in the sheets together, and your voices would be scratchy and everything would be nice and quiet. You would probably lean forward to press a sleepy kiss against his lips, and he would chuckle softly before bringing you closer to peck your face. His kisses would taste like pancakes and syrup.

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Sehun: Sehun’s kisses would be slightly rushed and spontaneous just because of his age and his experience with dating. He would probably just yolo it and go in for the first kiss, his heart racing as he experimentally pressed his lips against yours and felt a range of emotions explode behind his closed eyelids. He would soon get the hang of it and his kisses would evolve to be warm and loving and slower. He would taste like coffee.

BTS Reaction to asking for a bath after a rough day

I wish I could take a bath right now and go to bed < / 3

- Admin Mocha

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Namjoon: Namjoon would actually be a bit shy, which is something that rarely happens due to the fact he’s someone who’s very outgoing and confident. I think he would see sharing a bath as something very intimate and private, so he would simply be shy and embarrassed when going over to you and requesting that you join him. At first, he would be slightly awkward in the bath due to the fact it wouldbe his first time with you, but then he would get used to it and he would be touching you everywhere and appreciating your body. He would treat you like delicate china and you would fall even more in love with him.

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Suga: Suga would honestly just cut to the chase, he would arrive home and just dump his stuff at the door as he wandered into the kitchen to find you reading something on your phone. He would massage you as he peeked over your shoulder as he asked about your day, ending the conversation after a few minutes when he requested you join him in a bubble bath. You would definitely agree and go to set it up, telling him to eat something due to the fact you could see how sleepy he was. After the two of you took a very comforting and slow bath, you would fall asleep in each other’s arms underneath the covers.

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Jin: Jin would be very lovable after he came home from dance practice, and he would want to spend his energy on you and making you feel very appreciated. The only thing was that he would be bit sweaty due to all the exercise, and you would probably be pushing him away due to how he smelled. He would be laughing, but he would also want to lead you to the bathroom, spontaneously asking you if you would join him for a bath if you didn’t like how he smelled. You would be giggling at how ridiculous he was, but you would comply and things would definitely get a bit steamy.

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J-Hope: J-Hope would be all over you, and it would probably make you laugh at how lovable he was being due to the fact he was so tired from working extremely hard. He would whine and beg until you said yes to a bath, and once you did, J-Hope would be prancing around the aparment and searching for things to throw into the warm water. He would put in bubbles, a bathbomb, bath salts, and he would even prepare some glasses of juice or wine to really relax the two of you. You would be shocked at how classy and well he prepared the bath, and he would make this time really romantic between the two of you. 

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Jimin: Jimin would have no shame when asking you to join him in a warm bath, and you would be delighted to step into the tub as he smiled widely and brought you close to him in an embrace. He would be very playful and would probably splash you a few times out of pure joy. After such a difficult day, he would be so happy to end the chaotic events with a relaxing bubble bath joined by one of his favorite people. He would smear some bubbles on his chin and pretend to be Santa which would make you laugh, and he would be playing with you and the water the entire time.

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V: V would be discarded on the couch after a long day of being an idol, and you would walk in to find the other members playfully smacking his butt and taking pictures of him. You would shoo them away and help him up, asking if he wanted to go to bed now, but he would resist and tell you that he had to clean up first. He would be quite clingy after this and he wouldn’t want to let go of you, which would result in the two of you to take a bubble bath together before bed. He would liven up a bit and run the pads of his fingers all along your exposed skin with a small smile tugging at his lips.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would be on the couch, across from where you were sitting on the carpet and doing your homework. He would have finished a stressful day of practice, and his muscles would be so sore as he sighed and continued to send you glances every so often. I think after a few minutes, he would finally snap and beg you to take a bath with him, and you would feel too tired after all your schoolwork to resist. Bathing with Jungkook would be very calming, and the lights would all be turned off as the two of you simply held each other and relaxed.

Fic: You or Someone Like You, Pt. 9

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“I fear I do not understand.” Hank McCoy cradled his tea cup between his broad fingertips, claws delicate against the thin china. “If you weren’t certain of the origin or the intent of the device, then why leave it here without providing at least a modicum of explanation?”

Reed shook his head. "He wasn’t supposed to ACTIVATE it,” he said, managing to pack an amazing amount of insulted confusion into the handful of words.

“I see,” Hank said, in a tone that clearly indicated that he did not see, but he wasn’t really interested in getting any further into the conversation. He adjusted his half moon glasses on the broad bridge of his nose. “That was badly done of him.”

“I had nothing to do with it’s activation,” Tony said. “I hate to bring this up again-”

“But you’re going to,” Bruce said, hunched over his laptop.

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His Eyes

“His eyes. Those big blue eyes of his that speak with emotions, radiate only the purest of innocence, just like a kid. Or that… Carefree smile of his that he’s not so aware of, has me falling in love with him all over again. He’s as delicate as a China doll. It feels as if I should treat him with full care and gentleness or else he’ll break. Then there’s the way he talks, the way he thinks, and before I knew it, I fell in way too deep and he became my inspiration, one of the sole reasons of my life- no wait, he has already become my life…”

An AU where Sebastian is finally going to meet Ciel’s parents on dinner and had managed to keep it smooth after being stomped on the foot a couple of times;

“So Sebastian, what do you do?” Vincent asked as he stared at the male sitting in front of him on the dinner table.

Sebastian smirked,“Aha, well that’s actually a very interesting question. Why don’t we ask Ciel, what do I-”


“Aha… Ahaha… Funny story actually, he’s currently working in a Coffee shop temporarily until he finds a job suitable for his studied major.” Ciel awkwardly laughed as he slapped his boyfriend’s creeping hand away from his thigh, while Sebastian groaned in pain because of both stomped foot and smacked hand.

Or when he was asked why he likes Ciel;

“Well, for starters Ciel’s got some pretty good as-”


“Aha… Ahahaha… He’s… He’s just kidding, right Sebastian?” It was true that Ciel was smiling but his eyes said ‘I will bloody murder you when this is over’, “Right. Sebastian.?” He repeated through gritted teeth.

Then surprised everyone when his answer was simply;

“His eyes.”