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Lucretia, my angel, my beautiful, brave, exceptional, intelligent, darling… you can’t just take away people’s free will. It might seem like it will make them happier but you can’t make that choice for them. That’s not right. Sweetie, you can’t do that. It’s a Bad Thing. You did it for so many good reasons but it was still terrible and it hurt so many people so, so much. 

We make choices to live with the consequences. That is what we do as adults. You can’t take that away from other people. You’re not their mother, you’re their teammate.You all made this terrible decision, you all deserved a chance to unmake it together. This was a joint choice and it needed to be a joint un-choice. At the very least, if you were going to throw a coup for the greater good you could have tried to do it with less lobotomies. It might have seemed less “kind” but it probably would have been more right. 

This was a venture of equals, and you turned it into Lucretia And Her Many Clueless Hurting Associates and that really hurt them, and it will continue to hurt them. It hurt you as well, because it put all that weight on your shoulders, when there should have been people there to share it with you. 

You can’t shield a world but cutting it off from the universe. You can’t protect someone by locking them in a box for the rest of eternity. And you can’t help your friends by taking away their very sense of self just for the sake of erasing their short term pain. 

The Writing Duckling’s Masterlist

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A China Rose: Y/N was once an employee at Prince Adam’s castle along with being his childhood friend but she doesn’t remember. Caught up in the curse, she ends up in Villeneuve where she stands out. But circumstances arrive and she somehow returns to the place she once called home, and a beast she once thought a friend. 

  1. CHAPTER 1: Prologue
  2. CHAPTER 2: The Provincial Life
  3. CHAPTER 3: Delicate China
  4. CHAPTER 4: The Adventure Begins
  5. CHAPTER 5: A Castle of Roses 
  6. CHAPTER 6: Once the Door Closes 
  7. CHAPTER 7: A New Home 
  8. CHAPTER 8: A Guests Welcome 
  9. CHAPTER 9: A Forbidden Corridor 
  10. CHAPTER 10: An Animal’s Protection
  11. CHAPTER 11: The Sun Stats To Shine
  12. CHAPTER 12: For the Love of Books
  13. CHAPTER 13: A Bridge and a Book
  14. CHAPTER 14: A Flower Blooms
  15. CHAPTER 15: A Job Well Done

A China Rose One shots: (One shots that are set in the same universe as A China Rose)

One Shots:


One Shots:


One Shots:

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News Of The Day

So I told you the Patreon was off for March (and it is. It’s automatically set to go on hiatus, and Patreon assures me you will not be charged, and, if it is, I will call and have it all refunded.) This is because, in this year of me and Jill preparing to settle down and have a baby, I am going to Europe. I’ll be gone between March 6th and March 31st. 

Doc, that sounds like the worst possible way of settling down. Let me explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up. 

When I was a girl, going to Europe was my dream, and it was a dream that was like going to the moon–I come from a relatively poor background on both sides, particularly when I was young. No one in my family had been to the east fucking coast when I was a girl, I saw the ocean for the first time when I was 18 and only because I made it happen. But Europe, you see, was never going to happen, no matter how many avenues I tried, I was still a girl from the middle of nowhere who, regrettably had never been born into wealth. 

I was talking to my boss about how it was something I’d always wanted to do before I had a baby, and I was sad that it was pretty clear that wasn’t going to work out. Jill had wanted to send me, but we just couldn’t make it work. It was a thing she really longed to do for me before we had a baby, but the truck broke, and we need a new water heater–the banal things of life. It was disappointing, but it was a dream I was going to let die.

 My boss is a complex man, a rich white dude who nonetheless has a sense of compassion and generosity that occasionally strikes like lightning. So he gave me the money for plane tickets, train tickets, and a month off (unpaid). If you’re going to go once in your life, he said, try to make it count. SO I AM. I was originally going to go by myself, as I don’t have much trouble doing that, and actually enjoy a certain amount of solitude. I live in my head a lot. But ever since my Mom divorced my Dad she’s had a pile of money and weeks of vacation sitting there doing nothing, so I invited her to come along, and I thought she was going to cry with excitement. 

The Patreon has been an amazing help, and is going to cover my bills while I’m gone. But since it’ll be off that month, and for some of you who have always wanted to toss a couple bucks my way, but don’t want the month to month thing, I decided to set something up specifically for this trip. I want to add that I don’t expect anything–y’all have done enough for me, frankly. And I’ll still be able to borrow money from Mom to make it work, so you’re not ruining my life. Basically, I’m just asking you to help me out with a lifelong dream I’m getting out of the way.

 But there’s rewards! SHINY, FANTASTIC REWARDS. I’m not just asking for money, I want to do stuff for it. And when I say any character, I mean it. (Though, if I’m totally unfamiliar with even the property, you’re taking your life into your own hands) Want a postcard from Bill Cipher? PRETTY SURE I COULD KILL IT, ACTUALLY. A letter from Bastion? The most soulful beep and boops you’ll ever read. Usagi goes to the Paris Catacombs? DONE, WITH LOVE AND TENDERNESS.

 So here’s the breakdown:

 Any level: a photo post thanking you personally with a picture of me doing the thing!

 Tier One: a postcard of the country, from either me or your favorite character! Mailed from Europe.

 Tier Two: a two page ficlet of your fav character experiencing whatever you got me, or a two page letter from me about it. Mailed from Europe. Example of how I write about food here.

 Tier Three: I buy you a small souvenir from said locale, and wrap it up with a letter from your favorite character or me. Mailed upon my return, I can’t figure out the post offices THAT well.

 Tier Four: don’t do this, but if you want to, convo me first and we’ll work something out.

How to do this, if you want to:

Message me with what you want to sponsor and your email address. I’ll send you a request via paypal! And let me know which character(s) you’d like your letter/postcard from! 

Again, I have no expectation of anyone doing this, so no worries. I thank you anyhow! You’re all amazing. This is a dream I never thought I would fulfill, and all of you have had no small part in making it a reality. I wish I could tell you how much it means to me, and I look forward to all the new shades of adventure we’ll have together.

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Pretty in Pink.

This is the Hello Kitty Café we went to last summer! We went on a sleepy, rainy afternoon so we didn’t have to wait long to be seated. Not sure if it gets crowded on most weekdays. From the first moment you step inside you realize that everything (from the wall to the chairs) is in pink! There is a lot of lovely selection of hello kitty themed treats. It’s best to go with a group because although the treats look small, they can fill you up really fast! We advise you to go on an empty stomach. Such a fun time escaping to this pink, dreamy café. 

Happy eating! - A&S

Address: No. 90, Section 1, Da'an Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106


A panel redraw to celebrate a certain someone’s return in this week’s episode. Welcome back, Neo Kakyoin!