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A Timeline of Edgar:

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2013: Free Edgar

2014: Fuck Edgar

2015: Where’s Edgar

2016: Who’s Edgar

2017: Achievement Hunter is still playing Minecraft, please help these delicate souls.

I need to stop making homes out of people. Because it’s only a matter of time before I get kicked out because my lease is up and the door shuts behind me faster than I can say I love you. I need to learn that my body, my mind is my first true home. I need to cherish the veins that surge through my body. I need to treat my soul with delicate hands. I need to remind myself that I am worthy of everything good. Even if she couldn’t see it, I am enough
—  So thank you for kicking me out of your apartment and allowing me to see that I’m my own mansion

aries rising: matchstick heart coloured in black and white. as young as the morning with creative vision ingresses into the future
taurus rising: slow to love and sprout as daisies over the winter. but from a pure venus heart. affection is enduring. five key senses
gemini rising: as bright and cheerful as the sun, as changeable as the moon, as mischievous as mercury, as curious as pluto, as logical as saturn, as hilarious as jupiter
cancer rising: a cardinal inferno snowflake blowing in the winter winds, a warming embrace, a channel into pure creative essence, they peel the tapestry of life to reveal true beauty
leo rising: eyes and heart are wide open, sensitive, and ready to be touched, cherished, and adored. mango swirls of naked sunshine, every corner is an alter, every star is a spotlight
virgo rising: sacred geometry joins every scar and freckle like constellations of maths and magic. the mercury lamp, swift and sweet, humble and modest
libra rising: wind blows through a dandelion, planting flowers in peoples hearts like strawberries and cream splendour, writing lyrics in every crevice 
scorpio rising: a gemstone carved in the underworld sparkling with esoteric wisdom and longings. a bound presence, like being tightly wrapped in infinity. she will blow the particles of your body away until the soul shrieks nakedly
sagittarius rising: an ocean bathe, a mountain wind, a universe kiss, thread lovingly with woven laughter, glow, jupiter philosophy, and fortune cards
capricorn rising: resplendent and quaint, a wavelength of ambition and inspiration, earth bound architect, a celestial CEO with the heart of an old soul
aquarius rising: an electric blue dance, losing yourself in the sway of held hands and psychedelic beats, time traveling light years away to reunite you with your existence on many dimensions
pisces rising: tear stoked and a heart coloured in idealism and spiritual worship, wind chimes of delicate soul paint and a vessel back to heaven


Do you remember the first time you saw him?“

“Of course, he was charming, very well mannered, I didn’t detect the tiniest bit of shyness he was rather confident.” I take a moment and giggle to myself before continuing. “He was beautiful now I know that’s not a word you would use to describe a man but he truly was beautiful. Not only was he handsome but he had such a giving heart, a delicate but incredible soul. If perfection were a human he would be it.”

“Do you remember the last time you saw him?”

“I wish I didn’t…but I do, he was cold, he looked peaceful, like he was finally free from all the burdens and struggles he had encountered throughout his life. He still looked beautiful, deary me even in his death bed he still looked charming as ever. I spent so much of my life loving him and watching him grown and still I don’t believe we had enough ‘time’ together. He…” I tried to think of the right words to say but it was almost like they had been stuck on the tip of tongue and couldn’t get any further. “He was my soulmate and I honestly have no idea how I’m going to make it without him. The time we spent together, his last couple of months have meant the world to me and I will cherish them forever. So I guess what I’m saying to you is to not take your loved ones for granted because as much as we’d like to think we have forever with them, we don’t. Time stops for nobody so please hold the ones you love close and love them with all your heart before it’s too late.

—  Tenari Ioapo

[Tri] Chapter 5: Kyousei synopsis:













今、再び 冒険が進化する―

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After witnessing her partner Mochizuki Meiko is hurt by a mysterious man who dresses like Gennai, Meicoomon begins to rampage once again.

“It would have been great if you weren’t born…”

Meicoomon disappeared into the Real World, who’s the distorted itself. With her holding such overwhelming power, it’s the key to destroy the world…

Hackmon appears in front of Nishijima Daigo and Professor Mochizuki, and reveals the truth.

He says Homeostasis itself is trying to maintain the harmony of the worlds, it considers Meicoomon has become way too strong, a very dangerous existence right now, they are trying to cut it down.

As the rampaging Meicoomon appeared, the count down to collapse of the Real World has begun.

Everywhere has incidents occuring one after another. Digimon who appears through the Distortion has been waiting for that time to come…

The Chosen Children return to the Real World, alienated the abnormal state of the Digital World, but they and their partner Digimon are being chased by people. While they are isolated with no support from people and desperately looking for breakthroughs, Meiko continues to worry alone.

For a girl who’s overloaded with too much burden, the voices of her comrade and the Digimons can’t reach to her.

Then harsh fate approaches to Yagami Hikari, who has the lightest and most delicate soul than anyone…

Right now, the adventure evolves once again.

{PART 6} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; Jungkook finds out the extent of Yoongi’s damage, and gives a serious warning to the Montgomery’s in turn. Meanwhile, both you and Jungkook can’t seem to get each other out of your minds.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6} {Part 7}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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I am light, I am love,
my soul a delicate flower.
I am starlight and sunlight
ever present and continuing.
I am light, I am love,
my body is the earth.
I am the fresh spring of life
and the bones of winter’s death.
Every step of the way,
I flow with the current of the universe.
I am light, I am love,
life, death, the universe,
contained in a fragile vessel.
—  I already have Buddha nature
ciel knight
I Need You // Kim Taehyung

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader (ft. Jungkook, Hoseok and Yoongi)

Genre: Angst

Summary//Request: You and Taehyung are in love with each other, but have never made your relationship official. Taehyung gets too drunk and ends up making out with another girl - and Jungkook lets you know everything the next morning.

A/N: This scenario contains text message imagines ^_^

“Can you two get a room already? Jeez!”

You sat with Taehyung and your friends at the back on the bus – you currently nestled in between Taehyung’s legs in the corner seat as he rested his hands on your thighs with his head in the crook of your neck, softly blowing raspberries on to your skin and making you giggle in delight.

“Seriously…you guys aren’t even dating and you can’t keep your hands off each other, just hurry up and make it official already” Hoseok playfully smacked Taehyung on the shoulder as you felt your cheeks becoming more rosy by the second. Every word that came out of Hoseok’s mouth was true – you and Taehyung were constantly being overly affectionate no matter if you were in private or public, however; you weren’t actually dating each other. You’d never confessed your feeling towards him, and neither had he. Even though you both hugged, snuggled and cuddled while holding hands and brushing cheeks, neither of you had even shared a proper kiss – much to your disappointment. Taehyung couldn’t quite put his finger on when he fell in love with you, but he knew that he was just too scared to tell you his true feelings – and you felt the same. Alas, here the two of you were, happily stuck between being best friends and lovers; not knowing when or if your relationship with each other would ever amount to something more.

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Thorns PT 4 *short chapter*

Rated Angst: 

Summary: Can love really find a way? 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 


Each letter stabbed my soul so delicately that I didn’t know whether or not to welcome the pain. I’m use to my father calling my name in a monotone voice that made my name sound like a bore. My mother sang my name as if she was in an opera. My workers made my name sound like it was the devil’s name. However, she made my name sound sweet as candy and she made it taste like honey.

I walked in slowly afraid this might be a beautiful nightmare that will come to an end soon. I felt anxiety formed within the pit of my stomach spreading around my body fusioning with my blood making it into one. My footsteps felt heavy as if I had two chains around my ankles. My demons are telling me I’m not worthy of her presence. I heard the bed creak every so lightly meaning she is moving around a bit. I finally entered the room but I was to afraid to look her into those beautiful orange sunset eyes… the tiles does have an amazing pattern….


Why isn’t he looking at me? Everything doesn’t make sense. I need to know the truth.


MC!!! MC!!! For the love of God please wake up….. I can’t afford to lose you…. Not now… I swear once you get out of this bed, we are going to eat the biggest ice cream and pop the biggest syrup bottles….Please….you are everyone’s angel….. You helped us all…. Why couldn’t we help you….I couldn’t save you….

I felt drops of rain hit the palm of my hands. My body was awakening sending signals to the rest of my body to wake up from slumber. I felt my blood traveling throughout my body giving life. I felt myself come back alive and I thanked my god first. I tried opening my eyes but it was still too heavy. I tried focusing on my surroundings and all I heard were muffled prayers. I always find it ironic that hospitals has heard the most prayers than the church. I heard machines beeping louder and quicker. There was a faint sigh by the man radiating his warmth onto the palm of my hand. He felt like home. My eyes finally gave into my determination and the world was blurry. I wonder if babies had the same thought when they first open their small orbs. I blinked a few times and noticed the white ceiling with a bunch of wires hanging from them. No wait..that couldn’t be right. I blinked a couple times faster and my eyes were seeing a bit better than before. I was looking around my surroundings understanding the my first assumption is right, I am at a hospital. I just do not know the reason why. I moved my head slightly to the left and I saw a beautiful man and I started to cry.

“God is that you?”

“I’ll be whatever you want me to be MC”

His voice sounds so angelic. Am I dead? Cause I know it’s not everyday you wake up and you have a handsome man right next to you. Oh god… please let it be…

Are you my boyfriend?

Probably in our past lives…. This life you belong to someone else and you love him dearly.

Hmmmph. I need to talk to the big man above whenever I see him because how can he tease me like that? Sending a man that looks like a fucking angel…..

You look disappointed. Sorry to break it to you but you were even engaged to the man you loved ever so much.

Holy shit I was engaged? Someone actually liked me enough to actually want to marry me? Holy molly. I moved my head to face him completely and with one look into his sunset eyes, I saw fear spreading throughout his body.

MC…. wait…. you’re not joking? You don’t remember? 

There was panic in his voice and my first reaction was to lie to him and say I do remember but how can I lie to someone like him. He seems similar but I’m cant pinpoint exactly where though. His voice does some similar….I recognize it because I’ve been hearing it the past couple of days. 

Who is the man I was engaged with and why isn’t he here? Once you get engaged to someone aren’t you suppose to get ready to be with someone through sickness or in health? 

He was startled with my response. Why did hate ooze out of me trying to remember the name of my significant other. Ugh. What is his name. 

His name is Jumin Han and you’ve been together for quite some time. Do you want me to tell you more? 

I was afraid to ask a question. He seems trustworthy but I was afraid of the answer. Memories were hitting me like a ton of bricks that my question glided out of my mouth before I even got the chance to stop it. 

Is my baby still alive?


Kuro White Day / By Yana Toboso.