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If these characters could drive...
  • Izaya: *causes traffic; race car number is 21*
  • Shizuo: *curses every 5 seconds, beeps the horn constantly, and keeps crashing into Izaya "accidentally"*
  • Psyche: *screeches while driving*
  • Delic: *picks up every single girl he sees and has sex with them while driving*
  • Hachimenroppi: *drives pedestrians over*
  • Hibiya: *becomes the traffic light*
  • Tsukishima: *has to drive to the groceries in Japan and appears in America*
  • Tsugaru: *the only sane driver*

Recepient: Hachi
Your name: Punibuni
Prompt:Established relationship, drunk uke coming home giggly and needy, sober seme takes care of them and gets them to bed, can be nsfw if you’d like. (Delic/Hibiya)
Your gift: Please see above٩(◦^ᐜ^◦)۶

Notes: aaaaa I do hope that my series of unfortunate doodles was acceptable for a prompt that seemed more fitting as a story. ;w;  I also hope that I made it whiny instead of giggly–Hibiya somehow just came as that kinda drunk to me.  Nevertheless please have a great holiday with lots of yummy food and presents!! 



That night was Delic’s third attempt to sneak in Hibiya’s room, the blonde had managed to sneak into the biggest room in the castle so easily and today he was going to do a more daring attempt he had ever done; kissing the Prince like how the prince would do to a princess when he saw her sleeping.

But the princess he had in mind was a little bit different compared to those night time story princesses, she was the golden caped prince Hibiya Orihara.

The host gulped in nervousness as he started looking at those rosy lips, so tempting to him almost like they were calling him to be touched by his lips. So he leaned down setting his hands on the sheets beside that silky black hair fitting him so perfectly, letting his lust take over him to finish his mission that had been failed by the prince’s awakening.