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What if the PokeAni characters had Tumblr accounts?

Ash Ketchum: Random blog, doesnt tag anything. Reblogs gifs and videos of funny Pokemon and plenty of battle matches. Mostly uses tumblr mobile since he’s always on the move and occasionally blogs about his travels

Misty: Makes posts about her Gym challengers and whatever she catches when she goes fishing. Is a bit environmentally conscious to, and will try to encourage her followers to reblog (Save the Wailords). Seldom uses tumblr overall.

Tracey: ART BLOG. Makes posts, reblogs and talks about his art almost all the time. He’s a bit shy about it at first but becomes more confident the more his followers praise his great art. Will also make posts sometimes about his work on the Oak Ranch.

Brock: Half breeding tips, half acting as if tumblr is a dating website. It doesnt work most part and his mutuals (specifically Misty) will always poke fun at him when he tries (such as trying to post handsome selfies). But when he’s not doing that he’s generally seen as one of the more knowledgable Breeder Blogs on tumblr and he tends to get a lot of asks pertaining to how to raise and care for their Pokemon, which he’s always happy to help out with.

May: Follows a lot of Coordinator blogs, always wanting to be up to date on what’s going on in the Contest Circuit. Also reblogs a lot of picture of delicious food. Her personal post have her blogging about her day to day activities as *May’s Expeditions* wether it’s feeding/playing with her Pokemon, going for a walk, annoying her brother, etc. She also pretty much likes everything Zoey and Dawn post.

Max: Still to young to use tumblr (according to May), sorry Max.

Drew: Not terribly into tumblr, but did eventually get one with May’s encouragement. Occasionally will reblog Coordinator videos and give his critique in the tag (often rather harsh criticism)

Harley: Super fucking NSFW. None of the others follow him (and those that did learned pretty quickly).

Dawn: FASHION BLOG. She uses tumblr as a platform for showing off her fashion designs and concepts, some modeled by her and most by her Pokemon. And of course is also still filled Contests related things. She makes posts about the thought process behind some of her combinations. She and Serena are pretty close tumblr mutuals. She’s also one of the only ones who has queue,

Zoey:  A pretty no nonsense blog. Unless her friends encourage it she will usually post pretty standard pictures and never be too crazy. Will reblog contest articles and will be that type of person who, if she sees a misinformed post with a crazy amount of reblogs, will set the facts straight and give the real explanation (in the Coordinator world this happens more often then not), she really can’t stand false, baseless rumors that are widley accepted as fact.

Paul: No posts, no reblogs, generic theme and the only description it has is “Paul”. Only made it because Reggie told him to.

Iris: Very rarely uses tumblr. She’s away from an internet connection so often and when she does post they often have no context and it sometimes worries people (“rode a wild Tauros, it was fun”). She will post a photo or two every couple of weeks to let people know she’s still alive.

Cilan: One of May’s favorite blogs, mostly because half of it consist of his Cooking tips. The other half is his Connoisseur persona, frequently writing up posts and articles on the best ways to find and recognize a Pokemon that’s good for you. He quickly becomes one of the top blog to ask for Pokemon/Trainer compatibility and gets plenty of ask pertaining to his Connoisseur skills (Burgundy hates this because she never gets any asks like that).

Burgundy: Created a tumblr because she heard that Cilan had one, frequently sends him anon hate that he either replies to politely or deletes. When she’s not doing that she’s usually offering critiques of other people’s Pokemon (that they didnt ask for).

Georgia: Posts several rants about Dragon type Pokemon, get her fair share of anon hate as a result (she more then happily responds to all of them with snide or condescending remarks). Goes through each one of them and gives tips and ideas on their weaknesses and how to take them down in the quickest most efficient way. Some of them go into comedy (think Smogon’s descriptions for Deliberd and Luvdisc)

Serena: Lots of baking tips, makes a lot post pertaining to what kinds of Pokepuffs would be good for specific types of Pokemon. She also tries her hand at Poffins and Pokeblock with a b it less success at first, but May and Dawn help her out and give her advice and she’s able to learn pretty quickly. Loves posting pictures of the many designs she incorporates in her puffs. Other then that she makes several Pokevision videos with her Pokemon whenever she has free time and they tend to get a lot of notes.

Bonnie: Also to young but she doesnt care. Her blog consist primarily of videos, pictures, and gifs of cute Pokemon. Also doesnt tag anything but will always reply to said posts with all caps “OH THAT RUFFLET IS SUCH A CUTIE IM GONNA ASK BRO IF I CAN HAVE ONE!!1”

Clemont: As expected, he has a very sciencey blog. Will reblog a lot of tech/invention/science related videos and posts and will gush about them in the tags. He also posts about his own progress with his inventions, going into super exhaustive explanations on how they’re made (it’s times like these where his mutuals wish he would be more generous with the “read more” function).