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Headcanons for Eren and Jean trying to turn on their s/o? Please and thank you! You're blog is so cool by the way!

Thanks, anon! Sorry this took so long, please enjoy!


  • Depends on where they are in the relationship, honestly!
  • If it’s early on, he’s going to be a little more nervous about totally fucking it up–stuttering, awkward phrases, light touches. He’s still trying to figure out what his s/o likes, after all.
  • If it’s later in the game, Eren is confident and knows exactly what to do.
  • He knows exactly what makes them writhe and moan his name, so he wastes no time.
  • Neck kisses are a favorite of his, which includes but is not limited to little nips on the collarbone or leaving a small mark in a place that their clothes barely cover up.
  • His hands have a mind of their own–or so it seems. In reality Eren is deliberately touching them in places he knows are sensitive, whether that be their waist, running the tips of his fingers up their back, or pinching their nipple through their shirt.
  • Eren has a thing for hearing his name, so he’ll ask them to say it, first in a whisper, then louder, and louder, until they’re screaming his name and his hand is down the front of their pants.


  • Jean is a little less nervous than Eren, even if it’s the first time he’s been intimate with his s/o since beginning to date.
  • He’s been with more people obviously, so Jean has some moves–he knows what typically works, so he’ll try those first and see where that gets him.
  • Of course he’s paying very close attention, making note of what makes their hips rise and their lips part in ecstasy so he can continue to do them in the future.
  • He  eventually learns his s/o’s body and what makes them scream like the back of his hand.
  • Jean is rough and demanding–sex with him is rarely slow and sensual. He has a need and knows that his partner does, too.
  • But every single move is just as deliberate–never random. His hands are large and you can bet your ass they’re going to touch every single inch of his s/o’s body. 
  • He relishes in the little shivers and tiny mewls. Seriously–they are a gigantic turn on for him.
Rare parchment manuscript of US Declaration of Independence found in England
Two Harvard researchers have found only the second known parchment manuscript of America’s formative text in a West Sussex archive
By Alan Yuhas

This is amazing! Some key information about this document sourced from the article:

  • Researchers believe the man behind this copy of the Declaration was James Wilson, a Pennsylvania delegate to the continental congress, one of six men to sign both the declaration and constitution, and, later, one of the original supreme court justices. 
  • They concluded the document dated to the 1780s, and was produced in America, most likely in New York or Philadelphia. 
  • Unlike previously known copies of the declaration, which have signatures grouped by states, the Sussex copy has its signatures in a patterned jumble. The researchers who discovered the document hypothesize that the appearance of randomness was deliberate and symbolic, part of a nationalist argument that the United States was founded by citizens, each created equal, and not by a looser confederation of states. 
  • Only the second parchment manuscript copy known to exist besides the one kept in the National Archives in Washington DC. 
Speakers of the Old City

Guttural sounds, ancient hymns,
rattling instruments that tears the veil,
“Hark! Hail!” she greets the odd ambassadors;
Their grotesque demeanor was nigh-visceral,
missing bones and rotted limbs, but alive,
somehow unable, or unwilling, to die.

Taking in their tattered forms, vacant stares,
she dances in tandem with her tune,
invoking unknown stars and moons,
each step more deliberate than random,
until, suddenly, she sits and pours two glasses,
“For our visitors,” she winks at us.

She gestures for us all to join her on the floor,
with little more than blind faith, we do,
stepping out from the wall: no more hiding.
“I would be a poor host without offerings,”
clapping her hands, she jars us awake,
“Before we partake, my friends…”

She leans towards them,

“…what are your tidings?”

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“Today was a very enjoyable day.  Thank you for frame shopping with me, Makoto-senpai.”

“Anytime, Rei.”

Done for the last day of MakoRei Week: Glasses

Just imagine Makoto deliberately stopping at a random toy store on his way to meet Rei just for the sake of making that joke.

Sorry for the bad quality scan; try “right click, open in new tab”. The black “dots” are probably from when the card was closed before it was dry :)

The pop-up card was GERTI with the crew behind windows :)
I took out a few questions because they’re silly and I’m too embarrassed, sorry.

Transcript with the questions:

1) What country/city would you still like to visit?
There are so many places I’d like to visit! Right now… Madagascar or the Galapagos Islands.
2) Do you play chess?
I do play chess, but very badly.
3) Is the bit by Chopin that Douglas plays on the piano random or deliberate?
(I happen to love that bit particularly and was always curious about it.)
The Chopin choice was deliberate. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
6) How long does it take to write an episode of JFSP?
It takes about 4 months to write a series of JFSP, so roughly three weeks an episode.
7) When you write your novel, will you do the audio version of it?
(Note: he once said during a Q&A he’d like to write a novel before he’s 40)
I’ll cross that bridge if I ever come to it!
8) Tell me the plot of Zurich
In Z, the crew make an emergency landing on a desert island and have to live there for thirthy years before they are eventually rescued by a ship called the HMS Zurich.
9) Have you ever wanted to become a pilot yourself?
I wouldn’t want to be a professional pilot, but I’d love to learn to fly a plane.
11) How many goes did it take for Arthur to get his driver licence?
Arthur passed the practical first time, but took eleven goes on the theory exam.

Front of the card here.


Hi anon!

The scene in the cemetery in S4E8 was a bit suspicious. I try to be as objective as I can:)

Marnie’s witches didn’t have firearms with them. All we see are wooden stakes and various objects of silver. Except for Tara. She had a handgun which she also used to shoot a vampire. Pam took it from her soon after that.  On the other hand, Bill’s human guards did have guns, guns with red laser. I made a gif of Sookie being hit by a bullet. We can’t see the red laser, but that could be explained by the camera showing her upper torso instead of the lower area where the bullet hit. And in the very next night we see Bill shooting Eric with a small handgun. So he did have a gun !

So is this important? Was Sookie shot deliberately or was it random? Objectively and based on these captures I’d say it was a random shot, but taking into consideration the fact that Bill got his blood into Sookie again it seems so convenient. He could have planned it beforehand by giving an order to one of his guards. But how feasible would it have been to target Sookie in that thick fog?

OTH even if this speculation was meant to be at the time of S4, will these current writers even pick this up or drop it like they have done to so many things already? However, If it was orchestrated by Bill and if the writers will use it, this will have a huge impact on portraying a real Mr. Compton to us.