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Guess I’ll stick with color for the rest of the comic; makes it pop! 
I’m curious what you guys are thinking! Spit it out! :D No more of my small captions that explain what’s going to happen, you tell me! LOL

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Ash’s mother Delia knew nothing of the huge incident in Viridian City.
However, she was still awake when morning came.
Ever since she received Ash’s phone call from Viridian City, she found herself unable to sleep.
Delia took a photo album from the bookcase and looked through the pages.
There were photos of Ash as a newborn.
And ones of when Ash first began crawling.
Each photo brought back at least thirty memories of Delia and Ash’s time together.
Which meant once she started going through all twenty albums of their memories together she couldn’t stop herself.
By the time she’d even realised it was already morning.
… Oh no… I need to prepare for today’s lunchtime special…
But, no matter what, Delia was unable to avert her eyes until she reached the final page, leading to her opening the shop half an hour late.
Delia had a reputation for being a highly dependable woman.
Yesterday’s lunch and today’s late opening were the first slips she had ever made in running the shop.
… Work is work… I can’t let myself slip just because my son left on a journey!
Despite her reprimanding herself, nobody in Pallet Town would say a word against Delia.
She was a single mother under thirty who had just had her only child she spent years raising leave home.
The day after and the following days, Delia never lost a single customer, she only gained more.
—  “Meowth Attack.” Pocket Monsters: the Animation Vol. 1: Departure by former head writer of the Pokemon anime, Takeshi Shudo.

Page 18 (Blk&Wht)

Many of you have enjoyed it so far without too much color, or just for it to look like a legit comic, or have preferred without color b/c then you can be in control of what colors go well on these characters. 

Whichever your reason, here is the page without color just for consistency purpose. :)

Thank you all again!

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