Lol yes i am back to bring more parent!phan cause i cannot help myself. I’m really glad people are liking my take on it! thanks so much for all the responses! :’) So to add to my headcanon Winnie would be more of a scaredy cat and he would grow up to love pooh true to his name lolol and Delia is a tomboy gamer idk feel free to send in your headcanons for them! haahah 

phil imo will be such a creative dad he’s gonna edit videos of him defeating monsters just so Winnie can sleep at night lolol and dan’s gonna be sappy af 

I am still not out of my parent!phan hell ugh save me 


“Once, there’ll come a time, when you will lose someone very important to you. Therefore, you should be thankful for every single minute you can be with that special someone. Otherwise you will maybe regret it someday.”

Appreciate every single moment with your beloved ones. It could be the last time…

Returning” - A Pokémon-Doujinshi by MiyaToriaka
♥ 16 pages, 1 Cover
♥ Done with colored pencils
♥ Songs: Glasperlenspiel - “Niemals Vergessen”; Adel Tawil - “Dunkelheit”; Ke$ha - “Last Goodbye”

Dedicated to all the people, who have lost a very special person, accidently, suddenly, without being prepared for their loss


Here’s the pendant of the great pokemon trainer Gary Oak, now you can smell everyone later! :D

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Gary Oak Pokemon Pendant

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Pokemon Sun&Moon Anime new Preview!