I had this random mental image of Mrs. Ketchum having a sorta “not my daughter, you bitch” moment with Misty today.

The context I came up with for this is: Giovanni has his eyes set on Ash for whatever reasons. While he and his friends happen to be staying over at his house, he sends a bunch of grunts to get him, with clear orders: bring him to the TR headquarters alive and get rid of anyone who tries to step in the way if necessary. As Ash’s friends try to fight back Misty is the last one left standing (or so it would seem), but she’s eventually outpowered too–yet still she can’t back off, can’t let them take him. One of the grunts is about to deliver a fatal blow to her and her pokémon when–

–he’s stopped by the one person no one thought to put that much effort into incapacitating because they didn’t expect her to be able to put up much of a fight. Turns out they should have.

(Of course they’re going to rescue Ash together next.)

I failed to get this finished on time… nothing new really ;v;’ There’s always something I never get around to…

Little Delia here Trick-or-Treating for the first time~ She didn’t know how to dress up, she didn’t really understand how it all works, and on top of that, she’s shy at every doorstop.

How about we do a lil something?

1 like = 1 piece of candy for Delia

1 reblog = 3 pieces of candy for Delia

1 comment lets you give her something specific, like a candy apple or something!

I’ll draw a picture sometime later of Delia after her first Halloween with all the candy you guys have given her! I’m sure she’ll be grateful! <3