Just think the early days of her and Patsy’s relationship. They have one of these dates, Pats turns up in a rush from a shift in her slacks and a casual jumper. Delia is dressed up to the nines feeling like a prize A fool and Patsy just takes her into her arms and whispers how beautiful she is

Au where Patsy’s coming back (to the excitement of everyone at nonnatus), and Delia has missed her but become much closer with the other nurses, and understands that she hasn’t received letters as frequently as she’d like because mourning is hard and HK-London post is atrocious. Phyllis volunteers to drive Delia to the dock when Patsy’s boat is due in, and Delia waits excitedly for her to disembark. Also they kiss at some point.

Can you imagine it? #20

Short CTM/Pupcake scenes i can imagine but cant stretch out into full fics

This one comes from an idea from the lovely @pirateboots and is also for @notanunsophisticatedwoman who seemed to like the idea. I’m not too happy with how it turned out, honestly i dont think it’s my best work but i hope you all like it anyway.

This takes place immediately after Patsy and Delia are reunited in 6:08

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Call the Midwife, once again, has excelled itself. A wonderfully written finale, allowing all characters to have their moment.

Sister Evangelina’s passing was handled delicately and beautifully. Sister Monica Joan’s tributes throughout the episode framed the death and enhanced the emotions of the watching public.

Shelagh and Patrick’s realisation with the Thalidomide was realistically done, the heartbreak and terror seen on their faces so very plainly, hoping for it not to be true.

Trixie and her acceptance of herself was enriching, allowing her to grow beyond her past relationships and become her own woman. Her comforting of Sister Mary Cynthia during the funeral procession was beautiful and highlighted their unbreakable bond.

Barbara, through encouraging Sister Evangelina in her very last act as a midwife, allowed us to see how very important she is in the lives of both the midwives and the nuns of Nonnatus.

Nurse Crane showed her stoic manner once again, comforting the midwives of Nonnatus and dealing with the Thalidomide cases so tenderly and powerfully at the same time.

Sister Julienne with her touching breakdown over Sister Evangelina, and then her heartfelt discussion with Ruby Cottingham. Such a commanding presence from someone with such an open heart.

Patsy and Delia being a couple. Patsy and Delia being alive. Patsy and Delia going to Paris. Patsy being the perfect strong girlfriend against Mrs Busby. Patsy being unflappable in the Thalidomide crisis. Delia in the veil. Delia altering the wedding dress. Delia wanting to become a midwife. Wow. Just wow.

The nuns of Nonnatus cleansing Sister Evangelina’s body, the one final act they could perform for their dearly beloved Sister.

The stairway scene with the touching breakdown of the Nonnatus midwives. Barbara was an emotional wreck, with Nurse Crane comforting the youngest of their throng. Trixie staring into nothing with her cigarette keeping her pinned to reality. Patsy’s look of disbelief and the reaching for Trixie’s cigarette for comfort. Delia, wilting against the bannister through the exhaustion of grief.

The scene I particularly loved, however, was the one with Trixie and Sergeant Noakes at Sister Evangelina’s coffin. Not two people we often see together, but the emotion that they built in such a simple but beautiful scene was something to behold. I loved it. Simply loved it.

Well done to all those involved with Call the Midwife. A perfectly executed series finale. Bravo!

delia the draper’s girl

my head is just a mess of Delia headcanons right now based on the snippet of backstory we got, and I’m a sucker for backstory so here we go:

mrs busby never can just get delia to sit down and sit still long enough to teach her how to hem a pair of curtains or knit a sock because she’s too busy climbing trees and paddling in streams, so she never learns

her mother is disappointed but mr busby doesn’t mind so much because her skills with numbers have saved them a lot of money over the years and she’s such a smart girl

so delia eventually is relegated to the cash machine in the shop, book keeping, and anything to do with measuring before she puts them out of business by breaking one more sewing machine

this includes taking measurements for undergarments all through her confusing teenage years and she can’t cope when the pretty milkmaid who works on tadgu’s farm comes in one day

delia learning her people skills behind that cash machine, and she’s such a friendly face people pop into the shop just to have a chat to her, which annoys her mother when they don’t buy anything

sometimes girls from her school come into the shop to choose fabric for a new dress and she’ll help them, saying how good colours will go with their hair or their eyes, and she’s always right but no one knows why her observations are always so astute but her

she knows her mother would make her the most amazing wedding dress, and Mrs Busby has always talked about how she can’t wait to. delia would tell her what she liked when she was a girl and her mam would draw sketches for her

delia’s tad saying ‘at least she’ll never marry a farmboy, she wouldn’t be able to patch up his clothes’ with a cheeky grin cos he knows she’s destined for bigger things and he’s so proud, but she knows he won’t be proud that she’ll never marry any boy

a couple of years later the pretty milkmaid comes in with her mother to buy fabric for her wedding dress and delia is heartbroken in more ways that one because knows she’ll never have that. it solidifies her then secret plans to study nursing in london