delia goode

Honor your own light,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Love your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Vibrate higher your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Be a better person your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪May what you desire to see in‬ others,
‪start within you—first. ‬

– Lalah Delia

ctm girlband!!

saw @ivebeentojersey’s comment on a ctm gifset (on mobile so can’t do a link) and was very inspired by this so here is a list of hastily written headcanons:

- barbara is the cute, slightly socially awkward lead singer who doesn’t look like much but when she opens her mouth…damn

- patsy is the v homosexual pianist who taught herself on her father’s grand piano and exclusively only wears plaid shirts and cropped jeans


- phyllis as the talented yet unexpected drummer - she turned up at auditions for the drummer and absolutely slayed + the girls felt bad for sniggering

- shelagh as their songwriter!! she’s a bit shy and dsnt want to take much credit but the girls always make her get up on stage and take a bow at the end of every gig


She courageously and unapologetically walked away from everyone and everything that meant her no good.
—  Lalah Delia

Got too many Dad-headcanons and not enough Mom-ones so I’m gonna blatantly make some stuff up about random background characters (that could get proven wrong soon in the new movie :’3)

I could use some Help with NAMES tho, names tend to be a big creative block for me idk why

Young Mom Club of Pallet - aka Delia has friends and a social life that isn’t just turning down unwanted suitors lol

Nice Hair Orange Dress:

  • a couple years younger than Delia
  • she and Delia are Good Buds that help each other with their small businesses - -Delia doesn’t run a whole sit down restaurant establishment like in the novels but her cooking is good enough she has pretty good thing selling bento-boxes outta her home and occasionally doing some catering around town. OrngeDress helps out as another pair of hands in the kitchen when Delia needs it (usually for when she’s cooking for events) -OrngeDress owns and runs a textile shop/small-town-boutique/tailoring service, We know Delia makes Ash’s (and her own?) clothes and this is where she gets the fabric, and they swap pattern ideas sometimes, and Delia can sew well enough to help out whenever OrngeDress is the one that’s swamped with orders
  • Mom to lil pigtail-flowershirt-tambourine girl! -OS!Ash can have trouble getting along w/ kids his own age and also be kinda mean to girls, but he also tries to be a bit nicer/patient w/ kids that are younger than him. He also kinda lives for attention and lil kids are easy to impress, so while growing up I can see him getting a kick outta telling her somewhat …embellished stories of stuff he’s done recently and she actually buys it and thinks he’s just the coolest person ever, instead of calling BS like most everyone else around him would whenever he starts talking big, so of course he keeps doing that whenever he’s supposed to be ‘in charge’ whenever their mom’s are busy w/ something together, so he probably doesn’t realize the extent but by the time he’s leaving town she’s like his OG FAN and probably still gets unreasonably excited whenever he happens to get himself on tv

Brown Hair Purple V-Neck:

  • Older than Delia by a handful of years (6?) but still fun enough to be friends w/ Delia and OrngeDress
  • Mom to: Gary! (check that front fringe her hair has?) and mysterious-masked-man from this other HC post
  • Mysterious Masked Man (and Gary’s older sister? maybe she exists in this universe but) is from a previous marriage and also are old enough to not be home much. -This also means that technically the older sibs are not Oaks, and despite being the youngest of his siblings Gary is still the First-Born-son/heir of that line and all the pressures that come w/ that
  • Really helped Delia w/ new-mom-things since she also had a kid very close in age but also the experience w/ doing this stuff before
  • Shorter than Delia even in heels - cementing my HC that as adults Gary ends up shorter than Ash hahaha
  • slight hippie new-agey vibes tbh
  • going w/ her family history of psychics, she makes a lil extra income telling fortunes and selling home-made jewelry that supposedly doubles as various sort of charms (Gary doesn’t believe they do anything At All, but he’s almost always wearing a pendant hmmmm) her “business” is pretty low-key word of mouth sort of thing she just has a rep in town as the person to go to for advice on things, or talk about recent dreams/nightmares they had or w/e, some people treat her almost like a life coach?
  • She wasn’t seen prominently in the crowd giving Gary his send off, because before the day he made it known that he’s an ~adult~ now and didn’t want mom hugs in front of the whole town - she ended up giving him a hard time about that, teasing him a bit by fussing making sure his send off from the house itself was ~regal~ enough for him then, …and that’s why he ended up being the second-to-last person to actually get out to the lab to pick a starter :’3
  • While Gary had a short phase of being a bit of a snot, his relationship w/ his mom really isn’t bad. She’s pretty chill and understands his hang-ups and reasons for wanting to distance himself a bit from her side of the family (at least publicly) and he still cares for her and tries to visit home when he can, it’s alright

Finally this video is up! I know there have been a few other videos that have used this song (which are all lovely I might add), but since I started making this weeks ago, I figured I may as well finish it! I was also slightly holding out hope for a kiss in episode 8 that I could have added into the video, but alas it was not to be.  Anyway, hope you all enjoy! :)

A picture taken by Babs in 1962 when Patsy and Delia had just adopted a baby girl but still had to live with the sisters while their house was being decorated,
“Delia I’ve just got home give me minute”
“Sorry Pats, I’ve got to get to work I’m already 10 minutes late”
“Why are you that late,you could given Elizabeth to one of the sisters until I got back”
“She wouldn’t settle and didn’t want be left with the sisters, she definitely has a set of lungs in her”
“What’s wrong little one?”
“I think she’d teething, so…Good luck cariad, see you later”
“Wait!..don’t I get a kiss?”
“Oh yes…..bye darling, and good bye little one”
“Now what should we do until your mother comes home little Elizabeth?”


Spoilers for 5.4

  • It was just a top quality bit of television wasn’t it? BBC and Heidi and everyone else that makes Call the Midwife just make everything so well and handle all the stories perfectly.
  • I like that there are more scenes with all the midwifes and Delia together, the one on the steps was really good before Trixie got all funny with Barbara. Again like I’ve said each time Delia’s really funny.
  • Patsy and Delia had a good wee bit there when Patsy got home from work, Delia looked so cute with her hair down and everything was lovely. It was clearly a perfect moment for a kiss mind you, but again classic Call the Midwife it’s pretty much lewd if a couple bloody brushes arms.
  • Everyone in our living room was going “Trixie no, stop it!” when we saw her with the baby cham, thank God Tom took it off her before she had any of it.
  • I’m really glad Trixie and Tom were talking and sorted things out between them. I’m not sure if everyone agrees with me but I think Tom and Barbara are great together.
  • Nurse Crane has suddenly become a fast favorite for me. She’s hilarious, mostly accidentally, and she gives quality advice, all of her scenes are the best.
  • You’d think there would be a limited amount of nursing related story-lines to keep everyone interested but apparently not. The Cunningham baby being left in the sluice with the windows wide open was grim. I’m usually not Sister Julienne’s number one fan but I actually really liked her this episode. I feel like she’s usually just there to calm everyone down and to be the voice of reason, also to represent the old way of thinking and to be proved wrong by one of the younger midwifes such as Trixie in 5.1. There’s nothing wrong with that, it was just nice to see her involved in a story-line completely.
  • I also really liked the Bible verse, I believe it’s Isaiah 43:1, that she said as the baby died. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the same one from 4.2 that Tom used at the baby April Bisset’s funeral, I can’t say I’m religious but I just love it.
  • One of my brothers and I thought the boy, Ian, was going to attempt suicide. Another thing I like about Call the Midwife is that they don’t just have characters kill themselves to get the point across that they’re in a horrible situation, they do it excellently without that. They did it in 4.3 with Tony Amos too.
  • Good to see the Turners having some good scenes, and two scenes with top banter from Tim. They haven’t really had anything since 5.1 so I’m very glad. Also I love Tim. Also Angela is cute.
  • I’ll finish with another top quote from Barbara, “Now, if you don’t mind, I really need to get on with these fuzzy felt apostles”. God I love her.