You rarely get to see real engineers doing real engineering with real enthusiasm in India. #DMRC is most certainly one of them. Such exceptional work these guys execute with impeccable planning and visible dedication. :)

p.s. when I was living here in 2007 they were digging #HauzKhas, and now in 2016 they’re digging #SouthEx on the other side. :p

#DelhiMetro #EngineeringIndia #HardWork #NewDelhi (at South Extension Market)

“Many legends are heard about Ninja Aunty. No one has seen her face and she possesses the amazing ability to be invisible to the unsuspecting eye until a seat is unoccupied. That’s when you’ll find yourself wondering how she got to it in under a second from the other end of the Women Only Compartment. Some say she’s a possibly a supermom travelling the Metro to get home to her offspring in time in the evening.”

Delhi Metro Women Only: This is the second in the series! Click on #delhimetrowomenonly for more :)