“Đành là thời gian có thể xoá nhoà tất cả, nhưng nếu nỗi nhớ của bạn về ai đó sâu đậm đến mức thời gian không thể xoá đi, thì người đó chính là người hạnh phúc nhất trên thế gian này, còn bạn chính là người đau khổ nhất trên thế gian… ”

{Phim Tâm chiến - Master Of Play (2012)}
des by |Invisible|@ Tu Es Mon Lilas

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Expert's Guide On How To Play Fire Emblem: Ordered By Game

Fire Emblem 1 (Famicom)
-watch the opening credits because it looks rad af
-turn the game off and go play one of the remakes
-this is literally the worst game

Fire Emblem Gaiden (Famicom)
-Alm’s path can nearly be solo’d by Alm
-Celica’s path can be entirely solo’d by the Pegasus Knights
-don’t waste precious revives on shitters like Luthier, Robin and Boey
-hack the game to remove the witch class because fuCK TELEPOrt

Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem (Super Famicom)
-the absolute best
-most fun
-Marth sucks, horse units suck, all you need is Pegasi, Feena, Navarre, and Tiki
-don’t come here for Book 1, all you need is Book 2

Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War (Super Famicom)
-prepare to cry
-any unit that doesn’t have a horse, kill them, except Lewyn
-oh, there’s a second generation
-all you need for 2nd gen is Ced, fathered by Lewyn
-no seriously, Ced is some sort of demi-god
-looks way more intimidating than it actually is, like holy shit, with a turbo speed option you can beat the whole fucking thing in a night jfc

Fire Emblem Thracia 776 (Super Famicom)
-if you can’t beat Fates Conquest Lunatic Classic without losing a unit, maybe this isn’t the game for you

Fire Emblem Binding Blade (Gameboy Advanced)
-very accessible
-the RNG will mercilessly slaughter your army
-use prepromotes to cheese everything
-nEVeR PLaY hArD MoDe

Fire Emblem Blazing Sword (Gameboy Advanced)
-we localize now
-this tutorial is the best thing to happen to the series, PAY ATTENTION
-all you need is Hector, Marcus, and Pent
-link arena had nothing to do with Legend of Zelda, 0/10

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones (Gameboy Advanced)

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (Gamecube)
-laguz units require planning to use effectively, so bench them all
-well, Ranulf is okay
-early game is Titania’s Playground feat. Ike, Shinon, and Gatrie
-mid game is Titania’s Battlefield feat. Ike, and Gatrie
-end game is Ike Emblem feat. Haar

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Wii)
-Part 1: Sothe
-Part 2: Haar
-Part 3: Ike
-Part 4: don’t stick all your shitty units in one squad pleASE
-Endgame: Laguz Royalty Free-For-All feat. Ike

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (DS)
-now you can play Marth’s first game
-“the ui makes my eyes bleed”
-“where’s the rescue function”
-“why isn’t Roy in this game?”
-close the 3DS
-don’t play Marth’s games
-do NOT touch online functions

Fire Emblem New Mystery (DS)
-casual mode
-bullshit every chapter
-beat endgame with pre-promotes and your Avatar

Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS)
-hit up casual mode, duh
-are you playing on Normal mode?
-if yes, then the game is moronically simple to cheese
-if no, Frederick will one-shot most enemies until mid game
-from that point onwards he will be reduced to two-shotting most enemies

Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)
-phoenix mode
-“but i dont want 2 play phenixks modeee”
-casual mode
-Birthright: bullshit until Ryoma; solo with Ryoma
-Conquest: bullshit until Xander; solo with Xander
-Revelations: you get BOTH big bros here, go fucking wild; you’ll win eventually
-but seriously, just go phoenix mode, no reason not to, you KNOW you want to ;););););)