deleting that picture tho


guys it’s international happiness day i wanna s/o the people that make me happiest on my blog and in life:’)

@crashthefandoms you’re my best friend?? thanks for seeing me push that boat in the little mermaid and letting me rant to you about all my stupid shit love you (also your youtube? that shit’s cool. just like you)

@aradiamegiddy KAT I LOVE YOU you are too good for this planet you are my favorite i love you.. what can i say i love you sm

@runnning you’re the BOMB connor thanks for sending me sky pictures on snapchat (even tho i deleted my snapchat) love you

@whyclarke thanks for being my first tumblr friend ily (and also i love talking to you you’re so great)

@luminousphil you’re the greatest thanks for being there for me all the time !!!!

@doddleoddle thanks for being my inspiration for life and the reason i write music and the reason i love the color

@danisnotonfire @amazingphil you make me know it’s okay to be a complete nerd love you two

this just in: i broke my glasses and according to my sister without them i look like justin bieber so here’s my best bieber impersonation bye