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🎉 Introducing Exceliani’s Birthday Directory! 🎉

(don’t delete the text or self promote, okay!)

Hi, everyone! I would like to know, when is your birthday? Can I please list it on my Birthday Directory page? I would like to send you cute birthday messages which I hope it will make you all happy on your special day ⋆


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Thank you! Happy Reblogging & Have a Beautiful Day! (:

Much love,

Exceliani ♡


Very-very messy illustration for the last chapter of “floating, sinking” by @shu-of-the-wind, because I am bad in commenting and I just want to say thank you for this wonderfull masterpiece. I was reading it for weeks and waiting for the new chapter like it’s my birthday.

Read it if you haven’t - it is the best fix-it fic I’ve seen.

I just had a dream that I was hanging out in the general vicinity of Nash Grier and he stole my large cowboy hat, which was a very important possession of mine in the dream. I asked him if he took it, but he said no. I knew it was him so obviously I was very upset by this injustice. I went to the police and proved that he had stolen it by showing he had used it as a prop in his newest video. I got my hat back and he got arrested