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“The F*** you starin’ at, PUNK?!

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She's always done this. She'll sit and tell people in the community to kill themselves, make a joke out of mental illness but oh god, if they aren't taking that? "YOU'RE ALL BULLYING ME AND MY MENTAL HEALTH IS SUFFERING" can she go a week without bulling an underage blogger?? who knows... ALSO you can't bully someone by showing proof of things they have said. That's not bullying. That's the truth?

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Pirating stuff is bad!

If you are outside the UK and want to watch GBBO shortly after it airs … it’s a shame that Channel 4 hasn’t made a legal way to view it.


  • Me: * Sitting on bed, looking for a horror movie*
  • Leo: *Leaning on door* Hey.
  • Me: sup?
  • Leo: *gets in, closes the door behind him* I think it's time.
  • Me: ... for what?
  • Leo: Look, I know everything. You have been holding back for years now, and bringing you here was a part of my little plan.
  • Me: ...... WHAT? -*sweating*
  • Leo : *unbuttons his pants* Today we are going to do it.
  • ME: ................... DO WHAT?
  • Leo: * Lifts up a bag of shitty food and ICE CREAM* We are going to break your diet and watch movies all day.
  • Me: * I unbutton my pants because im hella ready to eat*

being mentally ill is so much fun!! i love liking someone then having a burning rage against them in 0.2 seconds. love it