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at least su actually intends for steven, their main protagonist, to always be fat, regardless of how different boarders draw him… unlike shows where a character is fat for 1-2 episodes, then loses that fat as part of their character development.

dgkjhdlkfgj you can @ yuri on ice next time

really though, i’ve said before, i think issues regarding representation are valid! i understand why some would want steven to be more consistently lumpy in every border’s style (though i wonder if people really… care… when it took them 3 seasons to notice a change that happened in season 1). that’s certainly a more interesting criticism than, say… “i don’t like lapis’ palette, or how bismuth isn’t a main character, or how my ship isn’t canon” and using that as a reason why the show is ~objectively bad~ and anyone who disagrees need to acquire ~critical thinking skills~.

you can criticize anything, really! it’s the condescending attitude that bothers me. see this post, where i do a mild version with other shows to illustrate. it’s not really a boring su criticism until someone says you need to ~learn to be critical of media~ if you disagree with them.

Last night at I-probably-should-have-been-asleep o’clock, I asked @light-of-eyllwe for a writing prompt, which she graciously provided. It was her idea to put it on here. Here’s hoping I didn’t muck up the formatting.

Setting: waterfall

Object: A bag

Concept/phrase: memories

           “What are you doing?” A high-pitched voice chirps at Mariana, who promptly whirls around, startled. As she does, the bag hanging off her shoulder emits an almost musical clinking audible even over the roar of the waterfall. The young woman -where did she come from? Mariana wonders- tilts her head as she looks at Mariana, green eyes curious.

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so ive been batting around in my head the idea of making a communal bubble chat on parp just for the hs tumbles rp community as like… a convening hub for branching out characters or just getting into shenanigans i dunno

would anyone be interested in this concept y/n?