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She's always done this. She'll sit and tell people in the community to kill themselves, make a joke out of mental illness but oh god, if they aren't taking that? "YOU'RE ALL BULLYING ME AND MY MENTAL HEALTH IS SUFFERING" can she go a week without bulling an underage blogger?? who knows... ALSO you can't bully someone by showing proof of things they have said. That's not bullying. That's the truth?

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Hello everyone! I’m going to be offering commissions at these prices for five slots! 

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being mentally ill is so much fun!! i love liking someone then having a burning rage against them in 0.2 seconds. love it

Never in my life have I met someone so addictive, so cold he turns everything he touches to ice, so persuasive that he convinced me that I’m better off without him, but he froze my heart so I’m stuck crawling back to him in hopes that he’ll change me back to the way I used to be