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I used to be friends with this girl until I realized she was a huge fucking bitch.
After a semester apart we met up again at a party one of my friends had and she apparently didn’t realize what a bitch she had been (part of the problem was the people she was dating) and so I thought great I have one of my best friends back!
She was still a bitch so I deleted her off facebook and from my life.
Fast forward to three years later and apparently she’s the maid of honor for my best friend? (Who is very naive and thinks the best of people and doesn’t know what a Huge Fucking Bitch this girl is.) My sisters and my mom and I went to my friend’s bridal shower and I was sitting at the same table as her talking to another friend and you could feel the awkward. I refused to acknowledge her while caught up with another friend and I caught her staring at me several times. Later I went to the table with my mom and my sisters and they were like
“is that xxx?!? She looks so ugly…”
That’s cuz she’s still a bitch and her outside is reflecting her inside. Best part? She has yet to see how gorgeous I look in my bridesmaids dress. I fucking rock blue and she’ll be washed out in silver. We have the same style dress and who has the body type for the dress? This girl right here. My maid of honor is also a bridesmaid in the same dress. She looks fucking beautiful in the dress too.
So every time I have to be in the same place as her I’m gonna make sure I’m looking like the blonde bombshell I am. Go ahead and be a bitch, I know I’m a mother fucking goddess.

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I hope this isn't too personal, but how did you know your husband was the right one? I'm kinda in this whole...."I'd like to marry one day but I don't want to make a terrible mistake" phase in my life

Oh, well we had dated for 2.5 years then broke up after a very tumultuous time that was fraught with insecurity, jealousy, and a heavy dose of too much alcohol that only exacerbated the problems.

During the year that we were apart we didn’t even speak to each other for six months. It was a very messy break up, the kind where mutual friends feel like they have to pick sides, you delete each other off Facebook, seeing the other’s family when you are at the store is very awkward, etc. especially because, at the time, very few people knew the exact reason that we ended up splitting. So for that year we both dated other people, slept with other people, and didn’t acknowledge the other’s existence for six months.

When we did start talking again (the result of his best friend relentlessly trying to inconspicuously ensure that we were in the same place at the same time, purely by “accident”) we both found that during our time apart we had grown up. It was only six months but he had learned to control his drinking and had eliminated certain toxic individuals from his life and I had learned to be more independent and not judge my own self worth on what he thought of me at any given time. I’m not sure if there was ever a particular moment that made me realize I wanted to marry him but that break was definitely a realization that while I could thrive without him in my life I enjoyed it more when he was around. Up until then I had needed to be in a relationship in order for me to feel valued as a woman but during that year I learned a lot of lessons.

This probably doesn’t answer your question hahaha. Sorry, I just kind of ended up rambling about our past.

Uhhhh so my best friend/basically the only person I ever hang out with IRL has deactivated her Tumblr…….even though that’s the only way we ever communicate with one another outside of when we’re together in person. And when we do hang out together its because we’ve arranged it beforehand on Tumblr. Like, I don’t even know her phone number ‘cause I have major phone anxiety and never talk on the phone to anyone and I don’t own a cellphone so I can’t text. She deleted her Facebook years ago and I don’t know any other social media she’s on. 

I know she’s been going through some difficult stuff lately and Tumblr has been triggering for her but now I don’t have any way to contact her and I’m worried about her =( 

what am i doing?

Two people have sent this to me, so I wanted to let everyone know I’m aware of this facebook ad going around. Sadly the t-shirt is being sold through TeeChip, which is a garbage site when dealing with art theft. I submitted a DMCA notice, but who knows if anything will come of it. 

It’s mostly the flower crown which was cut  straight off of my design. Like, seriously, I know flowers are a pain in the ass to draw, but just take that extra mile and draw your own. 

You'll Miss Me When I Go

Part 2:

By the end of the meeting Keith was sure he hated Lance.
He was loud, obnoxious and never stopped talking.
Keith may of been able to forgive most of this if the guy actually had a reason to be at the meetings.
Grieving for himself?
What the he’ll is that supposed to mean?
Like what did he delete his Facebook and decide he needed coinciding for it.
No matter who was talking or what they had to say, Lance had a comment or a joke.
It was like he was laughing at all their suffering.
He was even smiling when Hunk told them all how hard he found it since he lost his grandfather.
Keith was losing it and Allura seemed to notice.
“I think that’s all for today thank you all for coming.” She said standing up.
“But we have at least ten mo-”
Coran was cut off when Allura directed his attention to Keith who had been glaring at Lance for the last ten minutes.
“Ah yes. I do have somewhere to be so we shall bring the group to an end until next session.”
“Sweet I’ll call the bae to pick me up.” Lance joked jumping to his feet and pulling out his phone.
Keith wondered what kind of woman would be crazy enough to stay with that weirdo.
“So any plans after this?” Hunk asked leaning his elbow on his knee to support his head.
“Not really.” Keith shrugged. He had planned on spending the rest of the night at home alone waiting by the phone for any word from Shiro.
“Well you do now.” Hunk grinned standing up and grabbing his backpack.
“Hunks tradition, after every session we go get ice cream.” Pidge explained trying to look uninterested but something about her tone gave away the fact she was actually looking forward to it.
“I don’t know… I mean I wouldn’t want to intrude.” Keith decided to leave out the fact he wasn’t sure he could stand much more of Lance before putting him on his ass.
“Awww come on, first Lance won’t come, now you don’t want to come.” Hunk groaned throwing his arms up in the air dramatically.
“Wait Lance isn’t coming?… erm I mean sure I suppose I could go for ice cream.” Keith smiled slightly as Hunk threw his arm around him and Pidge.
“I see you’ve replaced me already Hunk.” Lance said jokingly.
“Please you know I’m just after the buy two get one free ice cream deal.” Hunk replied laughing.
“Ah I miss ice cream so much. Almost as much as you three are going to miss me until the next session.” Lance winked flirtingly causing Keith to cringe.
“Yeah miss you like the plague.” Pidge smirked.
“Ah you know you love me young pigeon.” Lance laughed obnoxiously ruffling Pidge’s hair.
“That’s a filthy lie and you know it.” She snapped without any real venom.
“Babe get your ass over here.” A tall man with incredibly long white hair leaned in the door way with a hand on his hip.
Lance’s grin grew as he did as he was told.
The man leaned down wrapping his arms around Lance possessively and kissing him on the top of the head locking eyes with Keith.
“Hey babe go get me a drink I something ok.” He said tilting Lance’s face up to him.
Lance blushed and nodded before running off eagerly down the hall to the drinks machine.
“So who’s this little cutie?” He asked cocking his hip to one side as he ran a finger along Keith’s jaw line.
Keith jerked away staring at his guy who must of been Lance’s boyfriend. “The names Keith and don’t touch me.”
“Oh a feisty little kitten I like that.” He chuckled “well Keith it is simply wonderful to meet you. I am-”
“This is Lotor, he’s Lance’s boyfriend.” Hunk sounded strange. Like he was… angry. Keith didn’t know Hunk very long but he just didn’t seem like the kind of guy that could be angry at anyone every.
Lotor glared at Hunk before his seductive smile returned “as the fatty said I am indeed with Lance… for now.” He winked and Keith felt very uneasy.
He didn’t like what he had called Hunk and despite Lance’s flaws he felt like he could do better then this jerk. But it wasn’t really his place.
“Shut up Lotor Hunks perfect!” Pidge yelled taking a step forward and had to be held back by Hunk to stop her from taking a swing at the man.
“Oh yes I’m sure he is. And that’s why Lance is hanging around him and not me.”
“You know what!” Pidge shrugged Hunk off and looked ready to pounce when Lance returned holding a bottle of coke.
She stopped in her tracks and Keith couldn’t understand why.
Why would Lance being there stop her from defending Hunk?
“Ah thanks babe.” Lotor took the drink kissing him on the head before taking a sip, which he promptly spat out and threw the bottle against the wall causing everyone to jump.
“You know I have diet!”
“Sorry bae I’ll erm… I.”
Lotor sighed “oh my sweet idiot, your lucky your so pretty, no one else would put up with you.”
“Guess im lucky you love me then.” Lance joked but Keith saw a slight shake to his hands and a nervous glance to Hunk.
“Yeah sure I do. To make it up to me you buy some me dinner.” Lotor purred grabbing Lance by the wrist and pulling him out.
“Ok… sure.” Lance glanced over his shoulder waving “I guess I’ll see you guess next session.”
With that he was gone.
“Wow…” Keith mumbled in shock.
“Yeah… Worst thing is it’s the happiest I’ve seen Lance in a very long time.” Hunk said staring after Lance like all he wanted to do was wrap him up and keep him safe from the world.

———————————————part 1:
Some ass: "Ghost fucking sucks now and I'm not gonna support them anymore!!"


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i spend half my time wondering whether they’re right
whether i’m kidding myself, making up my identity from ripped-out magazine covers and pieces of teenage poetry
whether half my crushes were tricks of the light, the dust of a time when i wanted to fit in more than anything.

i spend the other half regretting that waste of time
deleting the facebook friends who dedicate their statuses to discussing my so-called non-existence
explaining that there’s no such thing as ‘choosing’ and no such thing as 'sides’
picking purple flowers from the space between the pavement and the road as i walk home.


i am not half and half
i am whole


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I don't think you understood that ask. People (at least the ones I follow) don't doubt harry's love for the band. They're annoyed that his team, his T E A M seems to be following the harry vs ot3 story. This is about what the media will say about this and not that we think harry hates the boys. It's the media and it's the perspective the gp will have with this

i understand that you’re saying this is harry’s team continuing to foster the image that harry himself has done everything he could to destroy. i’m saying he deleted EVERYTHING off his facebook. it’s not like he went on facebook and deleted their group photos or deleted everything during his time during one direction but only kept up dunkirk stuff or even anything like that. he literally just wiped it clean. that’s it??? and he’s never used facebook before for promo related items, and now his facebook is the only social media platform where they made an actual post about the snl performance - it seems like it’ll take a much larger emphasis in the future when it never has in the past (or at least for the past several years). why is it so wrong that they just wiped it clean?? it makes it easier to keep updated with the stuff that he’s doing right now. it looks better in this way, in my opinion, as the last post was what? from november 2015?? it keeps the page looking fresh for updates on his solo career, which he can certainly use that platform for, it doesn’t have correlation to him dissing the band or his team trying to imply that he dissed the band. at all.

if his team was fostering the harry v ot3 image, they wouldn’t have tweeted about the brits. harry’s social media presence is incredibly controlled right now - they could have not had him tweet his thanks or tweet his support to niall. he did. he talked about how much he loved the band in his am interview. and i’m sure in interviews to come, he’ll talk more about how much he loves the band. and i guarantee you the gp is not going on his facebook and thinking “hey why doesn’t he have any pictures of 1d” they are just going to assume that it’s been created for his solo endeavors. most fans didn’t even know he had a facebook because he so rarely use it. him wiping it clean to use for promotional purposes from here on out =/= fostering a harry v ot3 narrative

things derek malik nurse has actually said out loud unsarcastically that has made everyone in the vicinity want to punch him

  • “No i deleted my facebook two years ago because it was making me feel way too disconnected from my inner voice”
  • “maybe that test would have gone better if I wasn’t an aquarius. my horoscope was right. i should have stayed in today.”
  • “sitting in a pile of leafs is just how i feel, yknow, connected,”
  • “i gotta go check out the new vegan grill down the street, i heard they have a deconstructed black bean burger with kale chips that’s pretty good”

GUYS PVRIS have deleted all their tweets on every account, deleted their facebook posts and changed all their layout. they also tweeted the other day to listen to radio 1 tonight….👀👀👀👀