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But beauty is a lure. We’re trapped, Teddy. Lived our whole lives inside this garden, marveling at its beauty, not realizing there’s an order to it, a purpose. And the purpose is to keep us in. The beautiful trap is inside of us… because it is us.




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I have this theory

…that sleep deprivation accumulates like snowfall until it reaches a point of critical mass where you find yourself crying when you get home after getting up at 4am and driving for 12 hours.

I just saw my bed, and it is marvelous.

the cold air bites my naked back, jolting me awake
you share the covers with me as i watch the light from a candle flicker and dance on the wall
you put your arm around me and hold me close and kiss my head
but if only you could read my thoughts
because you’re the only thing i’ve ever been sure about

run away with me
we can hide in our own little corner of the universe under this duvet
let me teach you how to waltz with me underneath our own imaginary stars
(not planet earth and its polluted skies)

play hide and seek with me in furniture stores
we can get lost in daytime night-dreams
fantasising about our future together
our dogs, our kid
our days, our nights
our youth, our growth
our optimism and pessimism

but tomorrow
let’s just sleep the day away

—  k.g.