Please dad tell me the truth.
  • Ichigo:Whats Rukia to me?
  • Kazui:Well yeah you talk more with her than mom.
  • Ichigo:Oh, she is nothing special, i mean we are not married but defentely not friends, she just dries my rain when im depressed or sad, and to me she is very important, she is my moon, the queen of my world, its because of her that i was able to protect everyone and als..
  • Kazui:Umm daddy what about mom?
  • Ichigo:Well i remember a time when i was going to save her...
  • Kazui:wow thats so romantic.. what happened?
  • Ichigo:Oh i felt Rukia reiatsu fading so i turned to save her.
  • Kazui:Oh *tries to hide his dissapointed face* tell me one of your thought about mom when you were younger *makes a happy face*
  • Ichigo:Her shield is not working
  • Kazui:...

hey what’s up hello!

i think as an asexual it’s kind of difficult to go through the day because of how common sex is. whether it be in songs, shows, movies, conversations, jokes. it makes me rather uncomfortable and it’s not going to change because it’s true, the majority of people like sex. it’s not horrible treatment compared to other sexualities’ experiences, but I’d really like to make people think about how often i go through this kind of stuff on my dashboard and in my day. it is rarely discussed and id like to call attention to it. like ok yeah ill get over it, but it’s important to realize that many asexuals don’t feel rightly comfortable like we think they, for the most part, do