someone: *reblogs my drawing for my comic*

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me: *tears rolling down my cheeks* Eerie Crests (2016) is about a boy who is looking for his missing best friend, whom he thinks is taken by either forest spirits, or aliens,

hello, this is a public service announcement for the sims community.

above is a picture of my simsfileshare download link page. it it’s showing how many downloads my items get versus how many times people take the time to push that heart button.

there is obviously a major disconnect.

personally, I don’t give a good got damn about the amount of heart or likes/reblogs a piece of cc I make gets but some people do care. some creators need to know that you like their cc. it makes them want to continue to give back to the community. so next time you download something, leave them a comment, reblog it, like it, share it, just don’t download and run.

….this has been a public service announcement.

Kageyama Shigeo from Mob Psycho 100 debris and such inspired by Akira! Phew, this one was fun to do but it took a while. Hatching is fun. I love this show btw, the fights in the episodes are some of the best animation I’ve seen on tv! I need a season 2!

Gpen and digital tones in my Stillman and Birn Beta Sketchbook

iamhalsey: The devil is in the details. It feels like the world stopped spinning on its axis. The president just referred to neo nazis, white nationalists, and the KKK as “us”. You’ve been fucking CAUGHT red handed. Do not let this heinous man force the divide. Pay attention. Talk to your peers. Speak it into the ether. Just don’t be oblivious! Don’t be blind! The resistance starts with a shout but you need to have your ear to the wind!


The continuation of the deleted scene to Riverdale Ep 13 with the Core Four Veronica, Archie, Jughead & Betty at Poptates after the Coopers offered to be Jughead’s guardian. Thanks to @avenuepotter for sharing all the clips <3