I didn’t realise I hadn’t seen the deleted scenes from the movies and now I’m kind of raging! They’re all a mixture of super sweet (post Troll fighting “that’s what friends are for”) and super funny (Petunia cracking eggs and finding the hogwarts letters, Sir Cadogan flirting with Younger Minerva portrait etc.) and great moments for more minor characters - I particularly loved Ernie, Justin and Hannahs’ parts in the deleted Chamber scenes.

Fake fur coat & fake emotions.
3am with my head on ur chest.
I haven’t even slept with you yet,
but you pull my hair back
like the covers.
You tell me that I’m prettier
than all your other lovers
but I know it’s not important.
And I know,
that I’d probably always do something
I shouldn’t cos I was born
with my mothers badness &
my fathers ability to abandon.
I put my hand in yours cos
I’m not sure how it would feel
to be alone or
how it would feel to make a home
out of someones bones that will
always rot.
I’m ripe fruits and blood clots.
I’m the sweetest thing he’s got
but I’m only sweet like a
lemon chaser. He wants me
but I want the paper.
I’m on my good behaviour
but it’s so hard when you’re the kind
of girl who has never had
a saviour or when you’re flavoured
like cherry & vanilla.
And every man is a killer with a
hunger for the sugar and nothing
is as sweet as girl meat soft
& falling off the bone.
But when touches me, I’m stone
so I stay frozen on his throne
cos it’s all just starlight & fires
& motions to me…
And I’ve only ever found God
in the commotion.
She’s like an ocean in me.

I need to rant

V Live


V Live Channel PLUS????

I just

i don’t

i don’t like the way v live is obvs milking the fans. 

i just don’t


bts are already sooo busy


i feel goddamned blessed and spoiled that they have time to update sns and do occasional REGULAR v lives (not even counting fancafe posts) for us even when we KNOW they’re so fucking busy

but now

but NOW

the have ANOTHER obligation. and i feel like that’s what channel plus is. they’re gonna be busy and tired, but they’ll feel obligated to update and post on there for the fans who have it because those fans PAID for it. it’s gonna take more time out of their day, time they should be using to rest, but i know they’re gonna update and they’re gonna update a lot, because they’re gonna feel like they have to. i know they like being able to communicate with the fans, but i don’t think channel plus is a good medium for that communication

and don’t even get me started about v live. taking advantage of fans they KNOW will pay money for the chance to see more of their biases. it just irks me to no end

and the worst thing

i know damn well i’m boutta get google play money so i can buy some damn coins and get a monthly subscription

this is just MY personal opinion, but i wish bts didn’t have a channel plus so they wouldn’t have to take time to update on another media platform. like, i know it’s great and all that they have such a huge channel and were one of the first to get one besides bp but really, i just don’t like it at all. 

and i hate that fans have to shell out MORE money to see their faves. most of us are college or highschool or even middle school students. we don’t have money flowing out of our asses, jfc.

and what the heck happened to the level up system? i thought THAT was gonna be how you got the opportunity to get closer to your faves? you watch more of their live videos and if you level up enough you get certain opportunities lower level accounts dont? wasn’t that a thing?

idfk. i’m just not in the mood to deal with this kinda stuff rn. even if i know in the morning i’ll give up and just buy the goddamn subscription.


- admin faith

It's Thursday tomorrow

I was feeling like shit but then I realized chapter 16 comes out tomorrow

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meanwhile in the shadowhunters writers room
  • straight writer 1: so get this, ... we have a vampire .... COME OUT TO HIS MOM... dare I say... come out of the COFFIN
  • straight writer 2: oh my god jimmy you're a genius