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Fandom: Hunter X Hunter

Characters: Killua Zoldyck, Gon Freecss

Pairing: Killua/Gon, KilluGon

Words: 898


1. “Why are you asking me if you should say yes to her? Can’t you decide on your own?”
2. “It’s up to you. Do you like her? If yes, go on. If no, I don’t understand why you can’t just turn her down.”
3. “Flip a coin. I don’t really care about your lovelife- “
4. “Don’t.”
5. “You should. She seems nice.”

Warning: Major Character Death

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So after recently blocking someone, I spent 30min going through the blog of someone who’s been trying to troll me lately, with “devil’s advocate” anon asks and/or adding inflammatory comments to my posts. I’m intentionally not mentioning the url because I’m not trying to blow up their status & give them attention (which is what they desperately want) but you know the type: anti-feminist, pro-racist, egalitarian, anti-sjw, #alllivesmatter, why-cant-i-punch-women, type bloggers 

Here’s what I found

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anonymous asked:

I do not think phan is real? Or that dan and Phil are dating? I just think they are flatmates and friends. I haven't seen so far any signs of either of them being gay. So can you give me any reason why you ship them romantically?

let me take you on a ride of the trainwreck that is my life

1). they’ve been living together for several years (SOME feelings must be felt tbh)
2). a certain video
3). another certain video filmed in a certain place that somehow got lost and deleted
4). there’s a LOT of tweets that would suggest they felt certain feelings
5). they are EXTREMELY close like if you looked at male youtubers who are friends like tom and chris// jack and dean// jim and alfie or w/e they literally don’t act as all happy go lucky or exstatic when the other is around or lost when they aren’t around

and if that doesn’t lift your skirt then what about these moments

(the hands)

don’t even get me started on them sharing clothes, or 2009 phan omg