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Deleted Scenes (9/?)

Yay! So I finally started posting these fics again. I’m actually really excited about this one. Also the premiere is tonight and I’m so freaking excited!!!!!!

Anyway, this takes place in 4x22 before the diner scene. Very feelsy and fluffy. 

The roar of laughter could be heard outside the bathroom door. Emma smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror, happy that finally it was over. They were back where they belonged. Heroes won yet again. But most importantly, Killian was alive. Emma had replayed the memory of him dying in front of her already a hundred times since she found him in her room and tackled him onto her bed.

It was such a relief, seeing him again, knowing that he was okay. She probably couldn’t live if he had left her. She was tired of losing people, and she refused to be without him ever again. That’s probably why she spent the entirety of the night staying by his side-clutching his jacket, holding his hand, nestling into his side. They had laid in her bed for a few minutes before they went to Granny’s, and she wouldn’t let go of him at all. Her head stayed on his chest as her arm was slung around his waist, holding him tighter.

She realized when they got to Granny’s that maybe distance would be okay just for the two minutes that she needed to go to the bathroom. Though, she was reluctant to leave for a while. She stared back at her reflection in the mirror, noticing the lack of circles in her eyes, and the way her hair is softly falling down her shoulders. Compared to the last few days-weeks even- it was nice to see herself in a healthier condition.

She looked happy. And she was; she was happy that she was home again, happy that Henry got the hero moment, happy that everyone was okay. But mostly, she was happy because he made her happy. She had never felt this light, or this in love in her life. Being with him made her feel like a teenager again, except this was going to end much better. It wasn’t going to end at all.

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Deleted Scenes (8/?)

YAY!!! I’m babysitting and using my cousins computer, so I’m able to write a new chapter. 

This is from 4x13 after the oh so infuriating interrupted kiss. 

“This is so weird,” Emma thought out loud, looking curiously at her parents. “What reason do they have to try to revive Malifecent, and hurt this town?”

“Emma, we told you they’re villains. This is just what they do, and its our job to stop them, before anything bad happens.” Emma continued to look at her parents skeptically. Her thoughts from earlier about them keeping something from her came flooding back. 

“Well,” her mother said. “We’re going to go warn Regina, and maybe Belle and some other people to keep their eyes out for any…suspicious activity.” Emma nodded as they begin to walk out. She was still so concerned, and she could feel Killian next to her, waiting to ask her where her mind was at. 

“Love, are you okay?” 

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just…I don’t understand. The way my parents said that Cruella and Ursula are doing this ‘because they’re villians.’ Like they were hiding something. Plus, what villian do we know who ever did anything just because. Gold did what he did to get to Neal, Regina because of that secret-”

“Me..” Killian whispered, and she turned just in time to see him scratch behind his ear nervously. “And my vengeance for…for Milah.”

She heard shame in his voice, and she wanted more than anything to hold him and take that insecurity away. “Hey. I told you, you aren’t a villian anymore.” She took his hand in hers, running smooth circled over his knuckles with her thumb. 

“Aye, love. I was purely giving an example.” She smiled softy at him, walking slowly towards his space. “Yeah. Maybe I should just let it go, and trust my parents judgement.”


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