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I had Discworld thoughts again…

So Carrot is a dwarf, right? And what distinguishes dwarves? They all have beards and they’re all (at least when Carrot was growing up in Copperhead) considered men. Until Cheery, there was no openly female dwarves.

But Carrot is always drawn and described as clean-shaven (we get pretty regular descriptions. He’s tall -around 6′6″, has short red hair and is clean shaven). Why though? Surely as a dwarf, regardless of height, he’d want to grow a beard, especially considering how important a beard is to dwarvishness (no references, but isn’t it canon that if a dwarf can’t grow a beard, they buy a fake one?).

We know his father kept his hair trimmed for Reasons of Hygiene, but maybe the reason Carrot doesn’t have a beard is because he can’t grow one…

Basically, I’m suggesting trans man Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson. After all, armour can compress quite a bit, and while the dwarvish gender system can grate upon those like Cheery, maybe for Carrot the reason he never questioned it was because he always identified as a man, well dwarf.

Imagine Vimes taking a while to realise, before quietly figuring it out. He considers for a long time what he should do with the information before eventually casually asking Cuddy about dwarvish gender. Cuddy is confused but explains how all dwarves are he and thus Vimes quietly settles down, deciding he can’t fault the boy, who after all is a good dwarf, and an amazing officer.

Nobby, who was the first Carrot actually told, because while Nobby may be a petty thief and his species is somewhere up in the air, once he’s your friend you can trust him with your life, if not your wallet. As the Watch begins to expand, Nobby is the one who kicks up a fuss about the privies and gets a few individual ones set up away from the big communual ones. Carrot gives him some dwarf bread, sent down fresh from the Copperhead hills in thanks. Nobby then turned out to be the one being capable of eating Ironfoundersson dwarf bread. Carrot now shares his monthly care package with Nobby.

Colon, who never worked it out, who only found out when Angua and Nobby got onto the topic whilst patrolling together and was shocked beyond measure. Lots of exclamations of “But the lad’s near 7 foot!” and “He never said!” were proclaimed. Luckily, the bustle of Sator Square hid the shouts. After the initial shock, he’s odd around Carrot for a few months before Carrot very earnestly asks him what he’s done wrong. They have a long talk but things only really return to normal when Carrot talks down the Slabbed-out troll who was about to eat Colon.

Angua, who knew the moment she met Carrot, but knowing the customs of dwarves thought nothing of it. It’s only when she asks him about it, after the incident with the gonne that she realises that he isn’t just living within the dwarvish monogender (which technically is neither male or female, dwarves are just dwarves), Carrot identifies with the human male. She shrugs it off. Igors became Igorinas and vice versa all the time back in the Old Country. And she liked Carrot, just as she had liked both Gavin and Ygritte, the poor foolish human that Wolfgang had taken great delight in hunting.

Deterius, also, works it out surprisingly quickly. He may not be academic but he’s a good sergeant and sergeants are good with people. It takes him a while to get the idea properly formulated in his head, but when he does he methodically files it away. After Cuddy died, he made a point of studying dwarvish customs and since Carrot is a dwarf, it makes perfect sense in his mind. He is a little more protective of Carrot than usually after that though, especially in situations when he could be in danger for who he is.

It took Cheery a very long time to realise why Carrot was so afraid of her decision to present as a woman. Eventually, she stormed into his office and demanded to know why he didn’t approve. Only when Carrot quietly responded with “If you do it, eventually someone might force me to as well, and that’s not me. I am a he, I am a dwarf who is definitively he, never she.” did she understand. They eventually came to a comfortable agreement, secretly meeting up every few weeks to chat about gender and dwarvishness. Eventually, Cheery coaxes him along to the feminine-dwarf support group and while at first the dwarves are uncomfortable with him being there, once Carrot explains they end up with two of their number admitting that while, if a human looked at it, they might be considered male, they identify as female regardless. Thus Carrot somehow ends up accidentally starting another offshoot group of dwarvish gender support for dwarves of either gender who might have strong feelings on their own gender which others, even those in support of women dwarves coming out, may disagree with.

Vetinari knew from the start, of course he did. He finds it mildly amusing, that Carrot, the One True King of Ankh-Morpork, would by some only be accepted as a Queen if his information became common knowledge. Originally he kept it as blackmail. Over the years, as it became clear Carrot not only had worked out his origins but was actively hiding them, did Vetinari one night creep into a hidden room in the palace and burn a series of genology, a chit of birth and the diary of a midwife, long since dead and longer still paid off.

The Igor in the Watch first finds out when Angua brings Carrot in bleeding, from a knife wound to the gut. She curses him out, making it clear that if anything happens to Carrot, or if one word is breathed of this to anyone outside this cellar, she would tear him beyond even an Igor’s saving. Igor simply nods. A few months later, both he and Carrot are on leave at the same time. It’s only after that does Carrot take his shirt off for the first time in the Watch showers to clean up, no scar from the stab wound visible. After all, Igors are good at what they do, and when they want to, they won’t leave a mark.

based on this post about kara and lena being rival CEOs

kara and lena aren’t the CEO’s, not yet, but they’re both climbing through the ranks. They’ve both been working in their respective families’ companies since middle school, maybe at first just stuffing envelopes in the mail rooms or something–small busy work kind of tasks, but things that still need to be done. By the time they get to college they intern at different places during the year–more resume experience and cultivating possible business connections with other companies and future business leaders. Kara’s an only child, of course she’s inheriting her family’s company, but Lena’s also competing against Lex (and lbr the Luthors would totally play the siblings against each other, they’re Darwinian af and think that competition brings out success–who cares about the cost?)

and kara and lena’s families may be competitors, but they also run in similar circles–they bump into each other at all the highbrow parties and fundraisers and there aren’t that many children around their age, maybe they meet when kara’s 7 and Lena’s 8 or 9 and incredibly bored and there’s that one boy max who’s parents run lord tech but he’s mean and both of lena and kara’s families are just like well they’re having fun/not embarrassing us or causing a ruckus (and they both hope that their kid being friend with the other might turn up some info on their competitor so while neither are allowed at the other’s homes, neutral ground is fine) and so they become friends and maybe even go to the same school

and then maybe when kara’s 13 or 14, there’s some kind of incident that kills everyone in kara’s family and poor kara, she’s the only survivor, and she’s whisked away into witness protection, so everyone thinks she’s dead (except for hank henkshaw, the acting CEO of the el family’s company)–including lena, who was kind of more than a little bit in love with kara and was absolutely devastated to lose the only person in her life who seemed to give a damn about her

because i’ve thought about this a lot–why would the luthors adopt someone? they really don’t seem the sort to love children, or want to help out a child out of the goodness of their hearts and i think it’s this: competition. They want to point to someone and tell lex “if you don’t do better, you’re going to lose the company” or say “you’re not as good as your sibling” or just their parents wanted some kind of motivation to make lex work harder because really, saying “i’m going to give this company to a random person”–well lex would call their bluff, but a sibling, even an adopted one? Yeah, that would do it.

i’m just thinking of how lena said that of all of them, lex was the most welcoming when she came to the luthors–so what changed so badly that would try and make lex want to kill his sister, and i think this could be it. Healthy rivalry can inspire great things, but this isn’t healthy, not at all. So lena’s slowly but surely dealing with an increasingly hostile lex and parents who provide for her and give her everything she physically wants or needs–but emotionally they’re icebergs. And Kara “Sunny Danvers” is anything but an iceberg–and now she’s dead

So Kara goes to live with the danvers (on a scale of the luthors to the danvers how welcoming to the adoptive child are you) , changes her name and goes to high school and college, still trying to live her life and possibly prepare for taking over her family’s company because this is kara–the company hq was her playground growing up, she knew the faces of every worker, the names of their children and their wives and husbands from the janitorial staff to the CFO. She feels a sense of responsibility and this is her family’s legacy–this is hers to protect. And then maybe her senior year, about to graduate–they find the people who killed her family, and she can finally come out of witness protection.

So, she graduates, and goes to work at her family’s company and there’s a party thrown for her to welcome her back that pretty much amounts to “we’re happy you’re not dead” and ofc this makes headline news–the el’s were loved by america and this is the kind of thing out of a novel–the beautiful heir of a multi-billion dollar empire comes back from the dead once the people who killed her family were caught to take back control of her family’s company? Yeah, that party is huge

And who does run into but her childhood best friend all grown up, beautiful and lovely and just looking so guarded–until she gets a glimpse of kara.

kara thinks that lena’s smile looks like she’s come home, it’s so bright and happy and lena’s entire face just lights up because yes, kara left–but it’s not like she had a choice. And here’s what’s important, what every orphan could tell you what they want most of all: kara came back. She left Lena alone, but she came back. And she’s still kara, if the way that the minute lena smiles at her kara came running to give lena a hug is any indication. and lex may hate her and the luthors may be putting more and more pressure on her to be the puppet they want to use in order to control lex but at least her best friend is back

and yup it’s been a decade but Lena’s still a goner for Kara Zor-El

Headcanon: It’s fairly common for Dreian river Galra to be cremated after death and for the ashes to be scattered over either the Trivozen river, or over a body of water or river that had a more personal significance to them in life.

32 mikan tsumiki icons

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In the Mood for Love. (Jin x Reader)  Chapter 1

oooops i deleted this by accident so here it goes again.


Kim Seokjin knew something wasn’t quite right when he saw that the lights on his apartment were left on. Sure, he doesn’t live alone, and Yoongi wasn’t the type to remember to turn off the lights after leaving a room. But Yoongi, if Jin remembered correctly, was working until late at the studio in which he was a producer.

The tall man hesitantly opened the door, his phone in his hand all set to call the police in just one slide of a finger.


Jin halts a the the sight of the woman sitting on his couch, blinking at him. He wasn’t so surprised by the fact that there was a strange person in his living room, or that she was pretty, the fact that the stranger was crying was what startled him the most.

She got up, clearly confused. Frowning, she watched as the man who was obviously not her older brother looked around, looking for a way to say that well, she must have entered the wrong house. Before he could say anything, Taehyung passed by him, still talking about the same nonsense he was babbling at the supermarket, only stopping when he spotted the female in the middle of the living room.

“Noona? What are you doing here, what happened?” He asked anxiously, not sparing a glance at his confused hyung. “Does Yoongi hyung knows that you’re here?”

“No, I- I didn’t told him I was coming. I still have the key he gave me.” She wiped her tear stained cheeks it the back of her hands, smiling weakly at the younger boy who looked like an excited puppy for seeing her. “Is he still working?”

“Yes, Seokjin hyung and I were shopping for groceries- oh you don’t know him, do you? He’s our new roommate, he’s in Namjoon hyung old bedroom. Hyung, this is Yoongi’s sister, Y/N.”

Seokjin understood then why she looked a bit familiar, even though she and Yoongi had nothing extremely similar, just the general feeling. She bowed slightly, trying to smile despite clearly being upset about something if the tears were any indication.

“Nice to meet you. I’m sorry for barging in, I forgot that my brother had roommates.”  Taehyung made a disappointed sound, making her pat his head like one would do with a dog. “You don’t count Tae, you know you’re basically family.”

“Yoongi didn’t told me he had a younger sister.”  

She shrugged and then he could see clearly the similarities. It was the same way Yoongi shrugged​, the same gesture that sometimes made Seokjin want to slap him in the face to make him give an proper answer.

She had opened her mouth to answer but was stopped by the door opening behind Seokjin. Yoongi, in the middle of taking off his shoes stopped in his tracks, brow furrowing the same way it did when one of his compositions wasn’t coming out like he expected.

“Y/N?” He was able to say, his voice so much softer than when he was talking to one of the boys. He stepped forward, looking a little bit more alarmed. “Is something wrong? What happened?”

Instead of whatever she was going to say, a sob came out, one of the big ones,the type that explodes out after being held for too long. Yoongi looked at Taehyung, who was still holding his noona, looking more protective than her real brother.

“What has he done now? Did you two had a fight again?”

She shook her head quickly. With one embarrassed look towards the only strange person to her in the room, she wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“Cheating.” She blurted out. “Jaebum is cheating on me.”

Deciding that this was way more the he should know about someone he had just met, Seokjin smoothly left the room, closing the door to his room behind him. But even the thick door behind him was not enough to stop the sound of Yoongi’s cursing loudly.

“I’m gonna fucking murder that bastard.”


(Chapters 2 & 3 here!)

This is literally the first fic I’ve ever wrote is a mess I’m so sorry lmao why did I thought writing slow burn would be a good idea??

// I had this drafted quite a while ago, but ended up deleting it by accident. Inspiration FINALLY hit to rewrite it so here it is, basically about a variety of reoccurring nightmare Haxus has in the Prosthesis verse.

It wasn’t uncommon for Haxus to keep to himself during quieter periods aboard the castle. There was only so much time he could spend around the aliens aboard the ship; sometimes even a break from the Black Lion or Antok was needed (but at least the latter two gave him his space without question). His solitary wanderings had taken him all over the castle, to whatever darkened and dusty rooms and corridors the few residents had yet to find a use for. After all, the ship itself was meant to house FAR more than the ten or so that were there; it was like having only two families living in a military compound. 

Though he wandered, he tended to avoid places like the brig and the engine room, though whether this was a conscious effort or not, even he didn’t know… so pausing to find himself standing in the lower level cryopod chamber sent a slight chill up his spine. But it wasn’t just him: his face was suddenly cold, and he could see the fog of his breath with each exhalation. A feeling of irritation overtook the uneasiness; though years spent aboard Sendak’s ship meant the cold didn’t exactly bother him, it probably meant one of the units had malfunctioned. He let out a sigh and began inspecting the ones closest to him, trying to find a leaking hose or cracked cover, if only to let Coran know later on.

He’d checked over the first few with no success, and was about to comm the advisor and let him know of the supposed breach anyway when he glanced up– and let out a shout, stumbling back until he hit the wall behind him. Only a second passed of him staring wide-eyed at the cryopod in question before he darted forward again with a shout of a name, fists pounding at the frigid glass as his mind raced for some sort of explanation as to… 

        as to why Sendak was inside it. 

Had the Paladins lied to him? Faked the security footage of his Commander being ejected? Or had they found Sendak and brought him back aboard the castle without telling him? But why put him here, though, where the Dreian could very well stumble across him and LET HIM OUT, as they surely KNEW he would??

Haxus pushed the questions from his mind as he began frantically searching for the pod’s controls. He could get answers once Sendak was out and they were more secluded. Growing frustrated at the lack of controls the pod seemed to have, he straightened with a snarl of “Where is it?!” as he passed his hands over the cover again. He startled at the BANG and crack of glass only an inch from his head, jumping back again as his eyes darted from the still-sleeping Kariian to the fractures spiderwebbing across the surface of the cryopod’s hood. It looked for all the world like someone had hit it, but neither of them had moved.

Even as he watched, the cracks spread further with a piercing sound, curving and twisting to form letters… 



It was a word that had the saboteur’s blood running cold as he looked back up at the now-open eye staring him down, at the usually wildly flicking iris of the cybernetic that was still and focused completely on him. At once, he was whisked back almost two-hundred years, back to another instance when he’d been pinned under that terrifying gaze with the word traitor echoing in his mind.

Immediately, his hands were pressed to the glass, claws digging painfully at the slick surface as his ears pressed to his skull, his voice shrill and scared.

No! Commander, I’m not a traitor! You KNOW I would never betray you! You KNOW that! I–!”

You’d planned to leave the Empire a long time ago, Haxus. Why should I believe that desire hasn’t faded even all these years later?

The echoing words were cut off by a rush of air, the terrifying sound of air being sucked out of a room… and then there was silence. Instead of the white corridor of the ship, they were surrounded by void and stars, by the glistening metal and components of his own shattered prosthetics and Sendak’s cybernetic arm. A large hand was clenched around his throat, crushing, claws unsheathed and bringing drops of blood to drift through the short space between himself and his Commander. Haxus was paralyzed, unable to even reach up to claw at Sendak’s wrist as he felt something in his throat crack and give. The Kariian loomed over him, his teeth, edged in faint light, were clenched and bared, his eye wide, practically shaking with the force of his anger. The Dreian’s eyes stung even as blackness began crawling across the edges of his vision and the furious visage began to blur and fade. He didn’t want this FURY to be the last thing he saw. He didn’t want betrayal to be the last memory his Commander had of him–

Haxus jolted awake with a sharp gasp and wrenched himself up, scrambling away from the pillow his face had been buried in. Panting, his head turned to take in the darkness of his room as if he expected to see some silhouette standing in one of the corners. But there was no one, just him and the sickening sense of guilt that always reared its head after nightmares like this. After several long moments of waiting for his heart to slow again, he shook his head and hauled himself to his feet, putting on his clothes and boots before heading for the training deck. He wasn’t getting any more sleep tonight; might as well spend the remaining hours doing something productive.

So I deleted this one on accident?? Sorry! Here it is again:

I swear to god my neighbor will be the death of me. The boy incenses me. He has a habit of getting under my skin and calling it home. Tonight was last straw. He had blown a fuse, again! Him and his buddies have parties every weekend. Most people’s bodies are seventy-five percent water; his is alcohol.
I put on a cardigan over my tank top and running shorts and marched over to his. I banged on his door profusely with the side of my fist. He came sauntering to the door with a large smirk on his face.
“Why, hello (Y/N)! To what do I owe this pleasure of seeing your lovely face at this hour?” I could smell the alcohol from ten feet back.
“Please keep it down,” I asked calmly.
“Oh come on, babe. We aren’t being that loud.”
“Yes you are, and don’t call me babe.”
“Oh come on!” He smiled at me, “don’t be so bitchy. You need to learn to relax. Do you want a drink?” He asked.
I pointed my finger at him and raised my voice. “You listen to me, Gaskarth! I’ve had it with your parties!They are loud, and obnoxious, and you blew the fuse box again! How you have done that three times in a row is a mystery to me! Keep the noise down next time! Other people fucking live in this building, not just you.”
“Jesus Christ, you need to get laid. Maybe it would help you, you know, calm the fuck down!”
“Next time, I’m calling the god damn cops!” I screamed at him. I made my may back to my place with angry strides.
When I got inside I started muttering to myself, “He’s an asshole when he’s drunk.” He’s an asshole when he’s sober too. “God, why does he have to be so attractive. It would make it a lot easier to hate him if he was ugly,” I said while crawling into my warm bed. I fell asleep that night with a scowl on my face, but I dreamed of him, again.
Weeks passed. Alex had managed to keep it down for the whole time. I was beginning to think he was dead until I saw him when I was moving boxes into the storage unit of our building. He was also putting boxes down in the basement.
“(Y/N),” he greeted me courtly. I stared blankly at him, waiting for the sleezy pickup lines to begin, but they didn’t.
Bewildered, I greeted him back. “Uh, Hi, Alex.” I placed my heavy box onto the floor. A loud shriek escaped my mouth as the box landed on my toes. “Shit!” I yelled as I fell down, gripping my toe.
Suddenly, there was a hand on my back. “Are you okay? What happened?” When I realized whose voice it was, I shook the hand off.
“Fuck off, Alex. Why do you even care?”
“I’ve always cared,” he said. With that, I began crying. I cursed myself for showing weakness, but I had been having a shitty week. “Hey, no crying. It’s okay!” I looked up at him with tears in my eyes. What happened next surprised me, maybe even scared me a little; Alex kissed me and I kissed back.
He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the elevator. The whole time our lips didn’t detach once. Soon I was laying naked on his bed. I didn’t know why I was okay with it, but at that point, I didn’t really care. He slipped on a condom and with barely any warning, he thrusted into me.
The sex was hot and rough and passionate. Something new to me. Seeing Alex all sweaty really turned me on. I let out a staggered moan when I was close. Alex brought his hand to my clit and began rubbing- fast.
“Cum for me, baby,” he whispered into my ear before taking a nibble on it. After a few more seconds, I came. My walls tightened around Alex causing him to reach his climax as well. As we finished, Alex collapsed next to me.
Embarrassed, I curled into a ball and faced the other direction. When Alex pulled me into his side, I flipped over and leaned in his chest. “What the hell did we just do?” I asked him.
“We had sex, was it not up to par with you?” He asked after a moment of silence.
“It was a rhetorical question, Alex.”
“So? My question still stands.” He always had a snarky reply.
“It was amazing, Alex, but-”
“But nothing! Look, I’m not saying I’m in love with you, but I have liked you for a while. I was a dick when you met me. I thought you wouldn’t think twice about me so I decided to keep being a dick as defense from my feelings. If you’d let me, I’d love to make it up to you.”
I sighed. “I don’t know, gaskarth, it’s going to take a lot of work…” I said with a sarcastic tone.
“How’s dinner and a movie sound?” He asked, hopefully.
“It sounds like a pretty good start.”
A/N: Hey guys! So I just got something new to write on so I should be posting more and more if school doesn’t get too hard! I love you all so much. 

Are You Sure? (Stand-Alone)

Are you sure? (Stand-Alone)

Here goes my lovelies, a bonus story for today. It is a stand-alone. So not linked to my miniseries at all. And to make it even better for some it’s a SAM X READER!

 PS I accidently deleted the wrong original post of this so here it is again. Woops.


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Exo's reaction when they are forced to go on a roll-coaster

requested by kpopkhan 

(I delete your message by accident I’m soooo sorry!!!!! TT_TT)

So here we go xD

Xiumin: “excuse me!!!! are you serious??!!! Are you asking me to get on THAT" 

Luhan: Just as the roller coaster began to accelerate he starts to freak out "ahhh please y/n don’t tell the members! I sware I am manly! I sware! pleaseeee!!!”

 Kris/ Yifan: when he is putting on the seatbell “wait what- Is-is-is this for reaal! OMG this seems to go up very high oh.s.h.i.t.”

Suho: once it starts “O-OH-OH-OHHM-OHHMYGOD-OHMYGOD OH MY GOD this is trembling too much OHMYGAAAAHD”

Lay: when you are waiting on the line “wueee wuee jagiyaaaa! I don’t wanna do this pleeasee noooo pleaseee!!”

Baekhyun; when he sees the roll-coaster coming for new passengers “wooo here it comes! r u ready?! Wooo seems pretty high from here!!!" 

Chanyeol: trying to scape when your turn comes "no no no….”

Chen: when he realizes it is a roller-coaster slide more than 15 metres high …

D.O: “pffff me afraid of highs?? y/n pleaaaase I’m manlier than Luhan wait and see… just wait and see” squishy’s confidence 200%

Tao: starts doing aegyo to save his ass “please tell me that u changed your mind… I won’t ask Sehun to shower with me anymore but please don’t make me do this pleeeeaaaaase" 

Kai: seeing the roll-coaster…. *in desbelief* 

Sehun: "are yo scared? I’m NOT scared!!l! I’m gonna show you Oh Sehun fears nothing!!!" 

I hope I get this right and that you like it!! (^-^) 

P.S If is not what u wanted please send it again and I’ll promise I’ll do it again and way more better! ^^ 

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