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What Stealing Artwork Does to an Artist


  • They can get sued. If they work for a company or studio, their artwork is usually copyrighted. Japan has strict laws about that. If their employer or the company finds one of their works floating around, they can get in trouble, and face lawsuits.
  • Many artists participate in doujinshi groups, or cons. To ‘advertise’ their future prints, they sometimes show samples, sometimes even full ones, that can be stolen. And when they try to sell their artwork prints, they get very little revenue, because it’s ALREADY FLOATING AROUND THE INTERNET, so why spend money for it?
  • Again, Artists also rely on commissions to support themselves and their loved ones. For those who are seeking jobs in the industry, having one of their drawings floating around can be very detrimental to their chances of landing a job. If their employer has already seen it on the internet, it looses it’s ‘effect’ once they see it from the artist themselves. 
  • Basically, a LOT MORE.

Emotionally & Psychologically

  • It can make them LOSE THEIR CONFIDENCE to draw more artwork, because people keep claiming them as ‘theirs’
  • It can make them DEPRESSED AS HELL, and their family and friends will notice.
  • It can make them feel PARANOID about putting ANY of their works ONLINE.
  • It can make them lose SLEEP, APPETITE, MOTIVATION and INTEREST in doing what they USED TO LOVE TO DO.


  • Makes them lose their TRUST in letting foreigners see their art
  • Makes them UNCOMFORTABLE sharing their artwork AT ALL
  • Makes them feel so INSECURE that they make their accounts PRIVATE
  • Makes them feel that the best thing to do to stop the problem is to DELETE THEIR ARTWORKS and/or LEAVE COMPLETELY

Many people do not even think about these things. Posting an artwork is as easy as right-click save and paste. But the people who suffer for it are the artists. 

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to ASK PERMISSION. They NEED TO KNOW where their art is going, WHO is allowed to reprint from them, so they can keep track, and WHICH ARTWORK it is. Because some are OK, while others are not. Communication is the KEY to bridging gaps, and fostering TRUST, and building a positive relationship with ANYONE.

Btw, if anyone wants to add a point on there, feel free to message me, and let me know. I’m just putting this here, because many times, we do not even think about how our actions effect other people. 

Edit: THIS is not limited to just Artists. Creators/Scanners/Translators (especially on tumblr) are also applicable to this, for the last two categories. I have some SEEN people STOP TRANSLATING/SCANNING for a certain fandom or group because their translations/scans are often STOLEN and pasted to other sites. 

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Actually, I've seen a few posts going around saying that DreamWorks is highly, highly unlikely to drop Studio Mir due to one leak. Having a friend who is a law student, they reaffirmed that. The most likely thing to come out of this is DreamWorks putting a tighter leash on Mir and rewrite the contract to reform the content on it. They might fire the people in charge of the tours, but not any of the show staff. Still, I urge people to delete the artwork tied to the leak.

oh!! this actually is strangely comforting;;; but yes!! it’s still important to delete the leaks!

I’ve noticed some people deleting captions from the artwork I just posted. Please don’t delete the artist credit, these wonderful contemporary artists and illustrators submitted their work, and deserve credit for their powerful pieces. 

Really loved doing this flyer commission for an upcoming secret cyber-punk project made by amazing people! 

There will soon be more information about it ;) 

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Amé trabajar en este encargo para un cartel de un naciente y secreto proyecto cyber-punk hecho por personas geniales!

Pronto habrá más información ;)

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