deleted artwork

I’ve noticed some people deleting captions from the artwork I just posted. Please don’t delete the artist credit, these wonderful contemporary artists and illustrators submitted their work, and deserve credit for their powerful pieces. 

Really loved doing this flyer commission for an upcoming secret cyber-punk project made by amazing people! 

There will soon be more information about it ;) 

D1Y 0R D13-5T4Y L066ED


Amé trabajar en este encargo para un cartel de un naciente y secreto proyecto cyber-punk hecho por personas geniales!

Pronto habrá más información ;)

H7M 0 MU3R3-M4N73N73 C0N3CT4DX


Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers

anonymous asked:

I'm in love with your artworks they look so professional but it's a shame you need so long to draw a new artwork and I'm really tired of waiting. I'll unfollow you because I don't want to wait so long for the next drawing again while there're so many other artists here who can uüload their great work faster. I'll maybe follow you again when you're faster. Sorry.



also!!! by the way i’ve been deleting a few artworks of mine on this blog i see as sort of whitewashed and i do really apologize for it (a lot of them being allura, i got better in my art and coloring!!! so please bear with me, or not, it’s okay!) , i’m still reviewing my art tag and i wanted to apologize if anyone got hurt because nobody messaged me abt it and i found a blog abt the whitewash stuff that really opened my eyes! please don’t be afraid to message me if you ever see me drawing something wrong, thank you!!