*realizes lucaya will have a heartfelt talk*
Me: i am alive, my acne is gone, i have 20/20 vision, my grades are up, and my split ends have disappeared. Life is great

*reads lucas will choose riley*
Me: i think im dying, my acne is worse then ever, i can only see from one eye now, my grades are so bad i think imma be a stripper, and my hair had to be chopped off because my split ends were so bad. I think the apocalypse is coming.


So, now someone (btw not anon) is saying that I’m racist because I used my Kylie Jenner sim in my KYLIE LIP KIT, and I should’ve used a black one because big lips is a feature of black people. And I’m racist because of that…

I would just like to take a moment, to realize the stupidity of this person. Okay I get it, Kylie (and the Kardashians, and most celebrities at the moment) love to appropriate black culture or any other culture, even though they are white, it’s not okay, I get it, and it’s not by any means my fault that they do that. But I just wanted to know if there is really a problem on me using my Kylie sim for the lipstick, because, I really don’t think there is, and hearing people calling me racist really brings me down, because I am NOT that, I’ve never been, nor I’ll ever be. I just wanted to bring awareness to this, I’m all about anti racism, anti bullying and everything of that matter, but bringing someone down and calling them out for being racist, just out of fucking nothing, because it’s only a fucking sim choice, it’s really bad.

I might be wrong, if I am I would like to know it, and for that I apologize.