delete your internet history

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yoonjinnie + "so i found your internet browsing history before you could delete it"

“Somebody’s in trouuuble,” Jimin gloats in a singsong voice as Jin steps through the front door and slings his bag down in the entrance hall. 

Jin’s blood runs cold as he enters the main room and sees Yoongi sitting primly on the couch, Jin’s laptop perched on his thighs. His face is composed but slightly flushed. “My laptop died, so I had to use yours to finish a paper.”

“Oh,” Jin says, his voice high as he tries to play it cool. “And?”

“I found your browsing history before you could delete it.”

“Oh,” Jin repeats dumbly, his voice even higher, uncomfortably high, “And?”

Yoongi spins the computer around, and Jin sees the thing he feared most. His order confirmation. 

“Just ask me already, you ass.” Yoongi mumbles, looking flustered now, shifting the computer off his lap and pushing himself to his feet. Jin gulps hard and reaches, hands shaking, for the small box in his pocket that he’s carried around with him everywhere for the two months.

He takes a shuddering breath and sinks down onto one knee.

Hold on
  • Yoongi: jimin can I use your laptop for a sec
  • Jimin: yeah hold on
  • Jimin: *deletes taeyang images, deletes jungkook images, tabs out jikook fanfics, tabs out bigbang fanfics, tabs out jimin images on google, deletes internet history*
  • Jimin: here you go
  • Yoongi: uhhhhh jimin your background is Jung-
  • Jimin: *steals it back* go use someone else's