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So I want to adress a lil fucker known as @itstherickestmorty

This fucking noodle has become a great tumblr friend and I enjoy every of our conversations so much. We always joke around and you keep putting such a huge smile on my face that Im sure everyone around me thinks I have a boyfriend that im texting or something

we talk literally daily, and most of the time for the whole time we are both online. I spend so much time talking to you and I dont regret a single minute of it.

I still laugh over the fact that we bonded over our characters fucking each others brains out, and can still laugh over every time you shame my bad typing skills. (tho ur still an ass for doing so)

Thank you, Lit
Thats what I wanted to say I guess

also excuse my sappyness haha

Attention everybody pls

Okay so i deleted this post you were all making drama about. First of all i would like to say that i T R U L Y respect other artists’ work. The thing is that i cant tag people to give them creds and i dont know why. Secondly, i posted that 2 days ago and that user texted me yesterday . Alright i know i made a huuuge mistake that i didnt delete the post but i wanted to share it cos its a scene everybody loves. Note that i found that post on google while searching for shamy photos so i didnt know who was the creator/owner. Okay, i dont like causing drama and problems . Im not that type of person. But you dont have to come under the post and make it a great deal by saying mean things(that i dont know what credit is or what being grateful also is) . It just hurts cos you dont know what others might be going through and how the hate reflects on them. Anyway i wanna apologize one last time. What i did was wrong of me but pls respect my feelings as well. Thank you x

****pls dont delete the text bc thats just mean****

Welcome to the Coachella Cuties Network!!!


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heyyyyy everyonee (dont delete the text lolol)

okay soo me and daisigh have decided to update our faves list for two reasons… one: a lot of our current faves have deleted their blogs and two: we want some cute new blogs to feature on ours and get some followers for you guys!

Rules: onlyy twoo rules so its pree easy

  1. follow both pahnsyy and daisigh
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Higher chance:

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and thats about all! so all you guys will get:
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choosing on the 22nd of March 2015


  Okay hello darlings, I’ve deciding to make my first faves page!!


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Higher Chances:

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  • Through this, you will meet new friends and gain more followers
  • She made this banner
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PICKING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!