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Ruki as a Hogwarts student AU

Picture 1: 4th year

  • he’s 15 years old at that time and is in his rebellious stage
  • he claims to hate studying but is a huge nerd when it comes to Potions and Transfiguration
  • he always skips flying lessons and the teachers got used to it after his first year at Hogwarts
  • many students used to make fun of his height - until he transfigured each and every one of them into rodents 
  • (he still does it from time to time - especially to Gryffindor 1st years)
  • he learned how to brew the Polyjuice Potion and transformed himself into a girl once (he just wanted to know what it feels like to have boobs)
  • the teachers and prefects annoy him, he doesn’t like being bossed around 
  • he only has a few acquaintances due to his grumpy demeanor
  • he sometimes sneaks out at night into the Dark Forest
  • he loves the creepy vibe of the forest and enjoys feeding the thestrals

Picture 2: 7th and final year

  • he was chosen to act as a Slytherin prefect in his 5th year
  • he refused the job at first but had no other choice
  • he really enjoys the extra authority he has over his fellow students
  • he used to dislike the younger students before he became a prefect - even his fellow Slytherin house mates
  • he became very protective over all 1st year Slytherins during his 5th year
  • he really enjoys showing them around the castle, going to forbidden places, teaching them useful spells and giving them tips on how to skip certain classes without the professor ever noticing their absence
  • he told himself to never punish a student by transfiguring them into animals but sometimes he just can’t help it
  • if he sees a student of a different house bullying one of his 1st years, he’ll transfigure them into a slug without further hesitation
  • he still values his alone time and can often be found sketching or reading at the Black Lake or in the Dark Forest
  • by now he has become a student who is admired and respected by both his peers and professors 

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Ey Up Mi Ducks!

Now I know y'all love my absurdly long winded and often pointless waffling on here but I once again find myself with a huge backlog of beery stuff wot I ain’t got the time to put into words an’ such. So I’ll just dump some of it here for you to gaze at all starry eyed and wistful, like. Captions are once again on offer for the more masochistic amongst you. So most of you then. 

Seeing as my Tumblr posts take such a mind bogglingly long time to write and delete and write again and delete again and write again I’ve decided that I’ll supplement those sporadic word bombs with more stripped back posts, kinda like the ones my deliciously sexyfull Instagram chums put up with. Starting tomorrow. Woohoo!