delete my caption one more time tumblr


Ey Up Mi Ducks!

Now I know y'all love my absurdly long winded and often pointless waffling on here but I once again find myself with a huge backlog of beery stuff wot I ain’t got the time to put into words an’ such. So I’ll just dump some of it here for you to gaze at all starry eyed and wistful, like. Captions are once again on offer for the more masochistic amongst you. So most of you then. 

Seeing as my Tumblr posts take such a mind bogglingly long time to write and delete and write again and delete again and write again I’ve decided that I’ll supplement those sporadic word bombs with more stripped back posts, kinda like the ones my deliciously sexyfull Instagram chums put up with. Starting tomorrow. Woohoo!