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hear me out: voltron viking au.

-lotor is a viking prince who has 2 big clubs: 1 to fight with, and 1 for the blue eyed sailor (lance!!!) who wound up on his shores
- lance is a sailor, part of a crew who got lost on an expedition
- i want lotor to be purple still so. the vikings r purple okay.
- keith hates lotor right away adihdafhgi
- love triangle??? lance is oblivious so who knows
- allura is captain of the ship
- it’s technically a british expedition but allura + her first mate, coran, are the only british ones
- ????

Over and Out

Smoke had already started to fill the building and rubble had already begun to fall, blocking doors and hallways, windows and stair wells alike.

And there was nothing Jeremy could do about it.

“Talk to me, Ryan!” Jeremy called over the radio, his fingers trembling as they simply held the button in wait for Ryan’s response. “Tell me what’s going on! What do you see? Can you see a way out?! I’m gonna get-”

“Tell me a secret, Jeremy.” Ryan’s voice broke through after nearly mintues of silence. “Anything. Tell me anything.” He whispered, voice torn and fading as he attempted to not inhale the thick smoke.

“What?…Ryan! Now isn’t the time! You could die if I don’t-”

“I’ll go first, then…” The man chuckled weakly, eyes falling to the bomb in his lap.

1 minute.

“I’m in love with you Jeremy, and I’m glad it’s me in here and not you.” Ryan said in possibly the softest voice Jeremy had ever heard before. It sent tears streaming down his face.

“Ryan Haywood…” Jeremy bubbled out, wiping his face roughly with his gloved hands. “I’m in love with you too..That’s my secret. God, I’ve loved you for so long. Do you know that? I’ve loved you si-”

“Since boot camp, I know…” Ryan smiled. The ash in the air had started to burn his lungs now.

36 seconds.

“Take care of yourself Jeremy. The world needs the battle buddies…But I’m afraid I might have to resign after this mission..”

“Ryan…please. I can’t do this alone.” Jeremy cried softly, not caring how ugly his sobbing had become. “I can’t..can’t do this without you! Let me come and get you-”

“When you get a new partner, don’t let him fully replace me, yeah?” Ryan coughed out a weak laugh, the soft thud of his head falling back against the wall causing Jeremy to nearly spring up in his seat. “I’ll be pretty pissed off ghost if you do.”

Hurt. Sadness. Anger. Heartache. All at once, like a dam opening up it’s gates. Jeremy was drowning in himself. He couldn’t swim without Ryan. Ryan was his life jacket, the air in his lungs that would bring him to the surface and that would drain his body and replace it with his own intoxicating scent.
10 seconds.

“This is Ryan Haywood of district ten, second team member of project battle buddies and the loser who fell in love with his best friend…Singing off for the last time…This is Ryan Haywood, over and out.”

because of that one vine
J.K. Rowling on Twitter
“OK, here it is. Please don't start flame wars over it, but this year I'd like to apologise for killing (whispers)... Snape. *runs for cover*”

okay maybe i’m a bit oversensitive and but i just feel like … well

*Warning: probably unpopular opinion ahead*

(if you wanted to know my opinion on Severus Snape before deciding to continue to read this or not, you can check out my Severus tag

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bahorel going to the gym one day with lots of marks on his neck and all of the Straight Dudes ™ going like “wow dude u hooked up with a savage one lat night wow dude so str8 yes″ and bahorel going like “haha wait till you see the other guy” and they’re all “?? wha-”
so feuilly enters the place with his neck 10 times more marked than bahorel’s

cue to all of the Straight Dudes ™ looking very confused

I waffled back and forth on whether to make this post or not mainly because there are so many posts like this floating around on Tumblr and I’ve honestly probably reblogged all of them but… 

I am very sensitive to feedback? I haven’t been getting many comments at all and they’ve definitely slowed so I was just looking at my AO3 stats (I know, bad me; it only ever makes me feel worse) and I realized seven people are subscribed to my one-shot collection. I smiled and felt good for a second before realizing that I definitely didn’t feel like that many people cared about whether or not I was updating anything. The last two I’ve posted have 0 comments and the one before that has 2 (from dear friends who get to have me talk their ear off about my fic all the time anyway).

Y’all, if you care if I update I need to know that you care. Please, please, please leave comments. Especially on fics like these because I can’t tell which chapter made you slam that kudos button.

I have another full length fic 90% planned out that I have been completely unable to find the energy to write because I feel like no one cares. And these fics are exhausting and taxing to write (I mean, I do enjoy it or I wouldn’t do it but an aromantic writing over 39k of romance… it’s a lot) so why do it if nobody cares, right? 

Fic writers write content for everyone to enjoy for free. We write without asking for money. I think it’s fair enough to ask that we get paid for in positive feedback. It takes 30 seconds to leave a “wow I really liked this and would love to read more!” If you want to get more specific, great! If not, that’s also okay.

Just. Comments are everything to me and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

anonymous asked:

Ever done lineless artwork? Ever intend to?

I tried. I failed.

I actually used to do lineless art all the time but I forgot how, so I just tried to keep my art style the way it is with lineart and used this tutorial as a reference. 

Not sure I’ll do this again but yeah. Here it is.

I’d like to say thank you to the people that sent much love and support my way.

I’m honestly quite taken aback by such messages, and I just wanted to let those who sent them know that I’ve paid attention to your words. It’s difficult to really reply back, but hopefully you’ll know that I do care.

So thank you.

I’m sorry for being such a lousy person/artist, and I’m sure I may have disillusioned some. I feel very guilty about it.

But I also feel like this is a road I was eventually going to take for my personal journey as an artist. My goals and values are unconventional compared to many other artist’s goals, and sometimes having to try and handle it alone is severely painful. It’s hard to parse it into words because I feel like what I ultimately want is very different from the usual wants and needs.

Depression, anxiety and abuse added on to that has been a great challenge for me, and it still is.

For now, I’m trying to relearn myself. I legitimately don’t believe that I drew half of the things I did. Hopefully I can find the inspiration and the courage in myself, so that I can understand how I did my past works.

Thank you again for the kindness. I’m not any better than I was before, but I’m thankful to know that some are rooting for me.

I’ll do my best.


I dunno if this is a common RPer thing or if it’s just me, but does anyone else just get hung up on old RP partners sometimes? Like, not out of resentment or anything, just curiosity? Those people you might’ve written with for long enough to start to develop something interesting, only for them to disappear?  I didn’t really talk to a lot of my partners outside of strictly role-play related things, so even if I enjoyed someone’s company, once the role-play was dropped I rarely hear from them again. I often don’t know why they dropped it, and I wasn’t ever close enough with these people for a continued friendly relationship outside of writing. Sometimes I’ll wonder what ever happened to those people. Did they move on to new fandoms? Do they ever think about old threads? I know I’ll sometimes get headcanons and plans for things to happen in certain RP verses, but then they’ll never happen. I can never quite write them into fics either, because it just wouldn’t be right. It’s only partly my universe, so I know I could never capture the exact same feeling.  Does anyone else get that?