delete later becca

aight folks

since my artblock seems to be dying down and my life isn’t exactly perfect rn but I’m at a better place, I wanna try and be more active and do shit, even maybe establish weekly streams and stuff like that

but for now what i would like to know: what fandom content would you be most interested in at the moment? Reply to this post so I can have an idea what tickles your fancy the most about my art :)c 

WELL MY DUDES. I never thought I would reach this milestone when I started up this blog now, what, 4 years ago? I am very grateful for each one of you and the input you give me in tags/asks/replies, I am truly TRULY grateful and I hope to be here for another while entertaining you guys with silly draws and sillier jokes. :’) 

u guys maybe remember me mentioning having pains in my right shoulder (also dominant hand/arm)?

i went to the doc today and turns out it’s all to blame on me bc i sat for yrs like a goblin under a bridge and my posture went to shit 

what i want to say with this: take care of ur posture and if ur sittin long in front of the comp, get off every hour or two AND STRETCH THOSE LIMBS 

I know I have questions in my inbox but I’m gonna take a break and answer them later. I really feel like a piece of shit and I can’t stop crying because I feel like a terrible person and I need a hug but I’m just not in a good place right now and I’m really sorry I suck.