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ok so you're saying its against your personal morals to ship real people but you don't have a problem with people who ship them as long as they aren't rude about it. that's what I got from what you explained and I'm not sure why it's so hard for other people to understand.

Yep, it makes me highly uncomfortable and I’d never do it, but I don’t care what people ship so long as they do it respectfully.  I’ve seen the wives of people get hate because they were getting in the way of people’s ‘ships’ and that’s just disgusting.  They’re treating real life people like dolls or puppets.

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I've followed you for jeez almost a year now? And I have to be honest... you kinda do invite this rudeness on. Just reply simply and briefly or don't reply at all. You're letting these assholes win by posting their shit, just don't give in.

I replied simply with ‘I don’t ship real people’ and everything went to shit.  I didn’t ‘invite’ rudeness by replying to an ask with my honest, easy to understand opinion that should be easy to respect.

Honestly… inviting rudeness?  So people are allowed to be rude for no reason now?

This is right up there with ‘you’re a popular blog so just get used to the rude anons and stop complaining.’  Like… no?  How about you stop being rude shits for no reason just because you have an anon button?


((I don’t even know what to say, guys <3 I can be a fun-stealing butt sometimes but it always amazes me how fantastic this community can be. I love y’all and I’m sorry for having been away for so long, but I’m excited to write with you guys again!))