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i plan to make the glurpr cake some time next week and i was wondering if it would be a good idea to give a sort of vague play by play of what’s happening when i make it? either way i will be posting a picture or two of the finished product, but im not sure if you guys would want me to post a few pictures/say what’s going on as i make it as well.

Yo, hmu with a like or reblog or something if you post/share a lot of the following

Cheritz games (Dandelion Wishes, Nameless, Mystic Messenger)
The Adventure Zone
Yuri on Ice
Winter Woods
Siren’s Lament
Hatoful Boyfriend
Yowamushi Pedal
Dragon Age
Baccano! (esp novel related content)

I need more of this on my dash so looking to follow new folks. I don’t follow someone with a lot of smutty nsfw of reposted art on their blog, sorry :0

i got this shiny bulbasaur in a wonder trade… i don’t want it, though, so i would like to offer it for trade for…

- petilil with at least four ivs (in defense, special attack, special defense, and speed)
- or, a pokemon in the same egg group (grass) with a destiny knot.

since i got this in a wonder trade i can’t vouch for whether it’s genuine (i don’t mind if what you give me is hacked).

if you’re interested, please send me an ask, message, or reply to this post.

Tumblr REALLY needs to learn when something is a design choice done intentionally or for fun and when something is a racist/sexist/LGBTphobic caricature.

THIS is a racist caricature.

The various races represented here are grossly exaggerated and narrowed down to the utmost basic of their character traits, with the white guy being the most formal and the other races looking more savage.

THIS is NOT a racist caricature.

These are taking known characters and redesigning them to perhaps show what they would look like as a different ethnicity. Their designs do not boil down to exaggerated stereotypes.

THIS is a sexist caricature.

Women are inherently being represented as unable to do the most mundane of tasks, such as opening a bottle. On top of that, the woman is pretty, with lipstick and primped hair and nice nails, as only pretty girls can be in advertisements.

THIS is NOT a sexist caricature.

Each character is unique and has their own talents and skills, and even if the two girls are conventionally ‘pretty’, they are represented as incredibly smart and capable.

THIS is a transphobic caricature.

It represented the ‘trans woman’ as just a man in women’s clothes - notably as an ugly man with overly masculine features - and attempts to represent trans women as a threat to children despite literally no evidence to that claim.

THIS is NOT a transphobic caricature.

These characters who were originally male are being reinterpreted as women (not men in drag). This is an experiment in design, not a message that men and women are the only genders.

The major point in all of these is intent. In the first images, the intent is clearly to offend and misrepresent. In the second images, the intent is clearly to explore new designs and character reinterpretations.

So the next time you want to complain that people who draw Lucio as a Junker are racist or people who genderbend the Ed Edd n Eddy cast are transphobic, maybe consider the intent of the artist and realize that NOT EVERYTHING IS MADE TO OFFEND YOU.

Au where instead of wu, it was wuya. And she still liked misako but she never fought garm over it. She was hurt but she cares more for her brothers hapiness and stopped pursuing/never tried to court misako.
And she was actually a decent teacher/leader to all her students, because she learned from the mistakes she made in the past (with morro)
And served as a big role model for nya since she never had her mother around to guide her

my essay for this week is done finally!  get the week end off!  :3 some mystic messenger drawings anyone ? ( ;3; ) after 2 all nighters in a  row pretty much ( less then 5 hours sleep in total ) im gonna take the rest of the day today to sleep and chill . but expect stuff tomorrow…….. or tonight i might not sleep when i get home and take the time to catch up on that ask i got, and personal stuff i wanna draw that i wont be posting till the project is done. people can spam my ask box now ill be slower to reply because im gonna reply with doodles 50% of the time