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I’ve been on tumblr in the fanfiction realm (reading and writing) for years now, and these are the things I’ve noticed over the years.


  • If you read it, say something. It doesn’t matter if you drop as an ask or a message, reblog, like or reply in a post. WE DON’T CARE. Say something. It can be insanely detailed to an incoherent rambling such as “fbdhsfbdfabasdhfb.” Most anything will make us smile. There are some days where one of these messages will give us the desire to continue writing. I get it if you don’t want to reblog because it doesn’t fit the “aesthetic” of your blog, or you don’t want to like it because (like me) you have this thing about keeping your likes organized, but  replying to a post leaves literally no evidence on your end and will make the writer smile.
  • Don’t offer advice if they haven’t asked for it. Although it shouldn’t, hearing people say that they would’ve done something differently, or whatever scenario wouldn’t work, or a straight up insult, or whatever it happens to be, will bother us more than it should. If something about a piece is really bothering you, ask the writer if you can offer something constructive - and by constructive, I mean, offer a solution, don’t tell me I suck balls. :) In my case, when this happens, I delete your ask. 
  • This is a BIG ONE, and a very simple one. WE ARE NOT MACHINES. We have lives, and we also like to write. We do so for free and on our own time, so don’t complain if you don’t get an update when you think it should be up. (This isn’t an issue for me thankfully, but I see this a lot with multi-chapter fics. People want what they want when they want it with no regard for the writers feelings.)
  • While many writers, myself included, desire recognition for our work, the majority of us write because we have too many feelings inside us and need to get them out in some way. We write for ourselves and your enjoyment of those pieces is a happy accident, so when you look at a story and think it should’ve gone differently, that’s because you weren’t the one writing it. We wanted it to go a certain way.


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How do you keep motivated drawing. I like drawing but whenever I do it I just want to be done and curl up somewhere and do nothing. And it's kind of weird because a lot of people seem to just be able to draw without a problem and I don't know where I should go to get help or whatever and I don't know who to ask either and you seem really nice so I'm just taking a little risk here and asking you. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, just delet this please and forget about it, if I do.

Am not good at suggesting but i’ll try to help.

Practically  you need to train yourself to stand up against it.  Don’t let that feeling get you, even if you feel like dropping it all, try to find a reason to keep it up.

Find something/ someone that inspires you for starters, in my case it was Undertale. (it threw me back to draw again)

You can take your time, draw as much as you can, then put it aside and continue again once you feel inspired again, but don’t leave it. (dropping drawings unfinished can bring you bad habits even if it’s a doodle or a sketch, and doesn’t train your patience)   

In my case taking requests/commission and doing trades/collaboration, makes me try to put in more effort and produce better quality work, as you feel responsible in front of another person. (gives you an excuse to try harder)  

What keeps me going on dark days also are the people/friends who enjoy the work, knowing that it cheers someone up is my drive to do it when feeling like dropping. (any ones art is precious)

If you train yourself to avoid that downfall in a long run you will be trained to draw constantly.

But make sure not to overwork and also know when to take a break.

Cyber Savior// Jeon Jungkook (Part 4)

Originally posted by sugutie

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Summary: Two teens desperate for some sort of support in their life, find it through an app.

Author’s Note: Hello everyone! Thank you for such a good response on the series! Please enjoy this part~

xoxo Sara


You sat in your bed and wondered about your friend; how was he doing? Why wasn’t he on the app with you? Was he okay? Maybe you were simply over-reacting as you normally did, and  he had just been too busy to go on his phone to  answer the few  messages you left him before you stopped. Or, maybe he had forgotten about the stupid app and forgot about you too.

It was okay if he did delete the app; because if he deleted the app, that meant that he didn’t need it anymore. If he deleted the app, that meant, in your mind, that he was finally happy, and he deserved to be happy just as much as anyone else did. But, because you hadn’t heard from your friend in a few days, it worried you that he hadn’t bothered to contact you since the last time you spoke. He had never disappeared like that since you both began to talk, if he were to be away for a little longer than normal, he would always tell you why and say goodbye. But this time, for whatever reason, you got no goodbye.

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// Okay whatever, I wanted to draw so I drew ome of the people on my dash/among my followers.

//I really don’t wish to bother, so if it does just ignore it please ? And sorry.

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Anon: i’ve always wondered how kfans and non kfans see jimin as. for example, i get the impression that koreans see jimin as a pretty fairy? they always praise his feminine beauty considering i’ve heard fans and non fans actually call him those names or names similar to that on forums and translations. is that true? or is it more of a mix response due to his intense stage presence? i just know he’s really popular so i just wonder :)

Anon: omg faldksj “make married men sweat kind of pretty” that’s the best description of jimin i’ve ever seen. i’ve noticed so many kfans describe the other members as cool and handsome but when it comes to jm it’s usually pretty and cute and i relate. im just amazed by the discrepancy between kfans and ifans bc ifans are always arguing over who tops and bottoms in km but kfans seem to all just agree its jk. i mean im sure there are top jm fans but is it the maknae on top thing or just physically?????   

Anon: Did you ever receive comments saying you just like bottom min for his appearance? Because I heard plenty of it, how I just I like it because he is shorter and smoller than Kook, but honestly? To me physical appearance has nothing to do with preferences in bed. Anyway, If you ever did received comments like that how did you reply to them?   

Not going to lie, I sometimes just like to sit back and see how international fans view members, how they describe them in real life, and how they’re represented in English fanfics. There isn’t a stark difference, but it’s sometimes noticeable enough that I pause and go “huh.” I may not necessarily agree with everything but it’s cool to see how people think.

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This is Crazy

Title: This is Crazy 

Prompt:  @fandom-phantom12  I see requests are open. Well, can you write a Sam x reader where Sam and the reader are online best friends and finally meet. and when sam meets her he falls in love and one thing leads to another *wink wink*. 

***I hope you like it! ^^  

Summary: It has been six months since you stumbled into that private chatroom and met S@M18366299.  Now you waited anxiously to meet the man, Sam Winchester, who had not only become your best friend, but also love of your life…and you didn’t even know what he looked like.   

Warnings: Language.  Adult Themes. Implied Smut.  Talk of death.   

Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather

Let me know if you want put on a tag list! Or the forever tag list! :D

You couldn’t believe you were doing this.  This is crazy.  You didn’t know this guy…if he was a guy.  You ran your fingers through your neatly styled hair as you fretted over everything.  It was only fifteen till, you could still bail…but did you really want to?  

Deep breaths. That’s what you need, deep breaths. After about five of them your mind had settled enough for you to walk through everything again.  S@M18366299 was your internet friend.  After talking online for about six months, the two of you were finally going to meet.  It is really amazing what can happen when you accidentally click on one of those Facebook links.  A smile filled your face as you thought back to that first conversation with Sam…


“Shit!  What the hell?”  You stared at your screen as a new tab on the internet browser popped up. “Damn adds!”  You tried to ‘x’ out, but before you could, you eye caught the chat that had popped up.

G4RtH: I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal…

S@M18366299: You just made this whole chat room PUBLIC!  Kinda beats the point!

G4RtH: I said I was sorry, but honestly.  Who will stumble across it?

You stared at the screen.  Apparently you weren’t supposed to be seeing this…whatever it was.  You went to click out, but then decided you should at least let these people know that their private chat room was a Facebook add.

You quickly signed in through your email and chimed in.

Phantom12:  I did…

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Alrighty, I have a small, but important request to those people, who reblogged my “Lie Down, Try Not To Cry” drawing featuring Shirobon from Jetters. It’d be kind if you could either…

1. replace the old pic with/reblog the new version (this one: [x]) and/or at least

2. delete the old version from your blog (asking you do this either way)

Also, if you’ve used the old pic by itself anywhere, PLEASE replace it with the new version. If that’s not possible for whatever reason - and ONLY then - at least add a source. An “art by”/”made by” or something similar + link to my blog would be enough.

Please excuse the inconvenience, but it’s been spreading without being sourced so far. This goes out to

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If I take the Bears’ message at face value from last nights show (and I apply my dark Larrie reasoning skills) I would assume the following:
-the Bears represent Larry (Larry Grayson)
-the Bears are together (holding hands) and possibly even engaged (bride-to-be)
-they’re closeted (Larry Grayson)

Further interpretation: they’re closeted. As such, they have to deal with certain aspects of their closet. One of those is B. The Bears were meant to send a message of reassurance. (Love, Larry)
We always said things might get uglier bts before they got better. I think it’s about to be very ugly. This was their reassurance.
I know some people are in panic mode, but I am strangely calm because there is literally no other way to interpret the Bears from yesterday. They’re gonna be okay.

The Constant Battle

“I had a dream,” I begin, shifting in my seat trying to get comfortable in a chair that was not to my liking. She waits for me to settle down with practiced patience.

I finally concede to folding one long leg over the other and not meeting her eyes because I’d probably get indignant at her even expression and lecture her about her choice of furniture – a distraction, she would point out, and an argument would prevail.

“I had a dream where I was minding my own damn business and I suddenly spy a tattoo. It’s an elaborate rose and the petals are little lines of a script. It catches my eye for two reasons: it’s brilliant in terms of skill and art, and it seems familiar, even from afar.”

My hands let go off my leg at this point and wave about for emphasis and to help eloquence find its way out of my mouth. Sometimes the words get stuck between my teeth and spurt out as a garbled mess.

“So, I ask the owner – is that the right term for a person who has a tattoo – are you the owner of the tattoo?”

She looks at me, starts to form an answer, and changes her mind. She knows if we get into this, I will never get past this point of the session.

I clear my throat and continue, “anyway, so I ask the person for permission to examine this gorgeous tattoo and he’s proud to show it off anyway. It’s on his tanned forearm and there I am, holding his arm as if holding an antique book and reading the script of words within the rose, and guess what?”

She raises an eyebrow.

“It’s a poem. MY poem. But it’s not credited to me. It’s credited to someone else.”

She makes the effort to understand the surge of emotion in my voice and the struggle to stay even-tempered.

“It’s my fucking poem, it’s tattooed permanently on some punk’s skin, and it’s not even credited to me. This was scandalous to me on some godawful level. I felt this liquid fury form in the pits of my stomach and I lashed out. I hacked the tattoo off. I ripped the canvas of his skin off. And it was bad. I mean, horror movie bad. Horrific.”

I shake my head and readjust my feet. But the restlessness is too much and I leap up and start pacing.

“Suffice to say, it left me shaken. I’m not violent in nature and all that blood - yeuck. But the whole episode felt so savagely bizarre. Who was that ‘me’?”

I run my hand through my hair, as chagrin pools at my ankles.

“You have to understand that I’ve been plagiarized before. I mean, literally. Poems taken from my blog and posted as their own. And I’ve just been meh about it all. I’ve tried to keep myself from being too emotionally invested in my work such that if it’s good or it’s bad or it’s deleted or it’s stolen or whatever the outcome, it does not, or rather, it should not have an earth shattering, globe shifting effect on me.”

“But it has,” she surmises.

“Inevitably. I think that it hasn’t bothered me before because it’s been inconsequential. No awards or rewards given to the thieving bastards. But, in my dream, where there was a permanent effect, recognition, concrete evidence that something once mine no longer is…that bothered me to no end. That bothers me.”

She nods her head and taps the pencil against her pad in a rhyming tat-ta-tata-tat. The clock ticks serenely in the background, an accompaniment to her tapping, and my shuffling feet. I move over to the window, looking down at the marching ants of humans and crawling maggots of cars.

She interrupts my silence with: “I detect shame within your narration. Shame that you too feel possessive over what’s rightfully yours. That you too feel such a basic and wasteful emotion such as petty jealousy that someone tattooed the words of others on their skin, and not yours, but essentially yours, but not correctly accredited to you. Shame that you feel slighted by the denial of experiencing the flattery of such a tribute, such an honour.”

She pauses to let her words sink in past my armoured psyche. And they do. I bury my face in my hands and grunt.

Her voice takes on a kinder tone, “you’ve been conditioned to see these negative emotions such as jealousy and dismay as petty emotions. Worthless and not becoming of you. Someone set the standards very high of what you should be and what you should not be–”

“We all know who!” I interject. But she doesn’t let me get away with it.

“You are your own person. You let yourself be defined by the choices you make.”

“Yes, I get all that, but wouldn’t you agree that jealousy is a bad thing that has no cure an if you give in to it there’s no escaping it?”

I think I’m wearing an eager expression on my face – I so dearly want her to agree with me – that she breaks into a smile. It’s almost sympathetic.

“But this is always the thing with you. Afraid of your natural instincts; you fear that if you acknowledge that you are jealous, you’ll turn into a monster and no one will like you.”


“You need to have more faith in yourself. In your goodness and your sensibility. And to pull a leaf from your own book –” she glances down at the words I told her to write down in a previous session, and looks up with a winning smile “– just be.”

“Human. Flawed. And all that.” I sigh. “Just be”

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Ichimatsu for all texts you haven't done for him yet?

✆ - Morning text

✉ - A text that wasn’t sent

✿ - Suggestive text

@ - Scared text

& - Loving text

All here!

?? - Drunk text

Answered here!


☎ - Rushed text ((literally the only situation he will ever use an exclamation point oh lord))

>Y/N, we’re completely out of cat food! I’ve got to run to the store now, so if you need anything hurry up and tell me quick

ø - Late night text

>Y/N…I know you must be sleeping now, so you can just ignore this or delete it in the morning, I don’t care I just need to get this off my chest.

>It’s really been bothering me how nice Kusomatsu is towards me lately…

>Dammit, I mean Karamatsu. Force of habit.

>Anyway…I don’t really get it? I treat him like worse garbage than me and yet he still tries to be kind to me. It really pisses me off sometimes.


>Sometimes…I feel bad… Like maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on him?

>Shit this thread is a pitiful mess… just pretend you never received any of these I’m already contemplating bashing my head against the wall for this.

>Whatever… Good night, Y/N.

✘ - Hateful text ((poor s/o was only trying to get him to open up to the world a little more… This is likely to happen under the circumstances that he too was angry with himself for not being able to do it.))

>I’m trying Y/N, what the hell do you want me to do?? Kill myself?? Gladly.

# - Random text

>Cocoa bean had her litter of kittens today…I’m visiting them right now.

>Her name is Cocoa bean because she really likes the smell of chocolate.

>Isn’t that cute?

% - Curious text

>Hey Y/N, are cats allowed on trains?


>Nope. Just tried it. They kicked me out.

ツ - Excited text ((yes, this is him excited omg))

>I made a new friend today. I had decided to walk home a different route when I ran into him. I got to hang out with him a little bit, and he actually let me rub his belly haha.

>Oh, I should mention that this is a cat, btw.

$ - Accidental text

>Jyushimatsu, where did you put my fake cat paws? I know you like to wear them sometimes and I wan’t to make Y/N wear them for me.

>Ah, fuck.

♀ - Heartbreaking text

>I honestly don’t even know why you’re with trash like me. I’ve done absolutely nothing in my life to deserve happiness. You’re better off leaving me while you can…I’m nothing worth waiting on.

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I understand blurring usernames is the sensible thing to do but since miiverse can only be accessed via at least having a wii u/ds yourself, I don't see who would go the length to actually harass anyone. Imo these posts should be moderated by wii staff themselves anyway, so I guess the worst thing anyone could do be either report something or add to the shitposting, definitely resulting in the op being deleted.

Sure, I understand that, and you’re right like 99% of the time. 
But you know how kids can be, and some Miiverse users might know each other on other social media, or even in real life, might pick on them and so forth.
I know it’s a stretch at the best of times, but if I’m responsible for someone feeling like shit, or being picked on, or being abused… I couldn’t take that. I have a responsibility, I think, to not make the internet a shittier place.
If this blog had a couple of hundred followers or whatever, I wouldn’t bother. But Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr combined, it’s 100,000 people I’m broadcasting towards.

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Um.. Can I ask for some AU GoM + Kagami successful in the Idol industry? Like they all have these cool prince images and all with some sub-unit Headcanons (if possible)? This is my first time requesting something on tumblr, you don't have to answer really. I am sorry for bothering you, I am sure you might be busy with a lot other more important things. Really you can delete this request if I am too bothersome...

A/N : No you’re not bothering me at all, trust me. And I would never want your first request going ignored (✿◠‿◠). Hence, here it is. I hope you like it. Also you’re always welcome to request whatever you like, it won’t ever be a bother. I am open to personal chats as well so don’t hesitate (◕‿-) Now coming back to the request itself -

GoM + Kagami as an Idol Group:

Kuroko Tetsuya - The calm and collected king of straight face Prince.

Kise Ryouta - The charming but flirty Prince.

Midorima Shintarou - The perfectionist Prince.

Aomine Daiki - The Tsundere?? Prince.

Murasakibara Atsushi - ’Can’t be bothered about stuff really’ Prince.

Akashi Seijuurou - The bittersweet and domineering Prince.

Kagami Taiga -The short tempered Prince.

Sub-Unit Headcanons:

Kise, Aomine and Kagami - 

  • Their voices go really well together. 
  • Aomine and Kagami fighting 24/7 
  • Kise is always pouting and complaining about the hardships he is going through because of those two. 
  • At the end of the day though, the dorky blonde gets spoiled (indirectly) by the other two.

Kuroko and Murasakibara - 

  • The most relaxed group among the rest 
  • Both has got each other’s back and fill the gap the other has. 
  • No one has ever heard a single complaint from either of them about his teammate.

Akashi and Midorima - 

  • One can’t tell if they get along too well or don’t get along at all. 
  • Completely in sync on screen and even their voices go perfectly together.
  • Yet there is always this cold aura around them that makes it hard for anyone to even breath when they’re standing together.

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Hello :) sorry for bothering you, just wanted to ask you when will you be posting your theory on pocket mirror? I'm really ineterested in your take on the story ^v^

It’s not as much as a theory as it is the canon plot plus some speculation on my part as I was a part of the beta testing team and one of the first to figure the plot out.  Fuck it, I”ll post it now since I had it saved for later. 

Edit: forgot to say you’re not bothering me, don’t worry about it! ;w;


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Klaus, the big bad original hybrid, wants to follow Caroline on Snapchat.

a/n: I’m sleep-deprived, with a sinus infection… So I’m sorry, but I had this idea while snapchating with my friends earlier today and I just had to write this. Hopefully it’s not so bad.

“No… It fucking can’t be.” Caroline muttered to herself while looking at her phone.

“What’s wrong?” Bonnie asked her.

“Nothing, it’s fine.” She answered, still looking a little bit shocked.

The day had started pretty normally, she had gone to her classes, she’d talked to her friends… Everything was fine. But now this.

klausmikaelson… That’s what it said every time she read it. klausmikaelson wanted to add her on snapchat.

‘Is this a joke? – C’ she texted him.

‘What a lovely surprise after two months of silence, love. I assume you are talking about the invitation you might have received on a certain app? – K’

Klaus was the most infuriating asshole she’d ever had the displeasure of meeting… And who, two months ago, had fucked her until she was a mess, completely ruined to anyone else’s touch. And now, when she was just trying to forget him, he wouldn’t let her.

‘WTH? Why do you even have a snapchat account Klaus? – C’

‘To talk to you. – K’

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For everyone who is receiving anon hate tonight, I am going to tell you the best advice I’ve ever gotten in regards to the haters. 

  • delete their message

Just delete it. Glance and delete. Don’t publish it, don’t answer it don’t leave it in your inbox. By answering it, you are allowing them to win. They want you to answer, they want to fuel that awful fire, so do them a disservice and delete it out of your inbox and out of your life. 

I know it was still sent and you still have it in your head, but you can’t look back on it physically anymore once it’s deleted, which is great. After it’s deleted and it’s still bothering you, find a relaxing exercise to do: 

  • look at pictures of things that make you happy
  • do some deep breathing
  • listen to ambient noise for a while
  • take a walk - physically leave the negative space and walk away, it helps, believe me
  • go for a run
  • pet your dog/cat/rabbit/bird whatever
  • hug a pillow/scream into a pillow
  • read a book/fan fiction you love
  • take a hot shower/bath
  • exercise
  • hold an ice cube until it melts
  • go shopping (just don’t get yourself into debt, oh man) 
  • watch your fave episode of your fave tv show
  • watch funny youtube videos
  • literally do anything but hurt yourself

Anon hate is gross and awful, but the best thing you can do for yourself, is delete those fucking messages move on, believe me. Think of it as taking out the trash. It does not need to be acknowledged at all because that is what they want. Do not give them what they want. 

stop reblogging stolen gifs

(this got long but it’s important; please read and reblog to spread awareness)

it has happened to me multiple times now that people have stolen my gifs and made their own posts with them. our fandom is so small and there are so few people who actually make new content and stealing gifs or reblogging stolen gifs is a slap in the face to them. 

some people who do it simply don’t know better because they’re new to tumblr or fandom in general. others do it on purpose while knowing it’s wrong just to boost their own blog.

what makes them keep doing it is that it works. they get notes for things they didn’t create. i’ve seen so many blogs i follow reblog stolen stuff. respectable blogs in the fandom with a lot of followers. and frankly you need to stop. stop reblogging stolen gifs. and no “but i didn’t know” is not a good enough excuse because in 90% of the cases it’s painfully obvious.

“but how do i know?” you might ask. easy. here are things to look out for:

  • coloring: different coloring styles in the same set. colorful gifs with pastel gifs. bright gifs with dark gifs etc.
  • sizing: if some gifs in a set are blurry but others are crisp click them to see the individual size. if there are both 100x100 gifs and 245x135 gifs in a set it’s probably stolen. most glaringly is if there’s a 500px gif and multiple smaller ones in the same set
  • text: more than one text style for subtitles in the gifset. different fonts. different font sizes. varying distance between the text and the lower edge of the gif

“i think something is stolen what should i do?”

  1. most importantly do not reblog it
  2. if you know who made the gifs, tell them
  3. or ask a “bigger” blog in the fandom if a) they think the gifs are stolen and b) if they know who made them

“omg one of my gifs was stolen. i’m so upset. what should i do?”

  1. keep calm
  2. message them. maybe they didn’t know the “rules”. most people are sorry and delete the post if you ask them in a civil fashion
  3. if they a) deny they stole your stuff or b) won’t delete the post you can block them and make a post about it. you have every right to call them out on it and warn other gifmakers and people that might reblog their posts otherwise
  4. if for whatever reason you don’t think you can do #2 or #3 personally. ask a friend or a “bigger” blog to message them for you

I understand that the whole perversepupil incident is nerve racking and a little scary, and I understand that some of you want and may delete your blog, and that’s your choice, however I’m choosing to keep mine up. This blog is the only place I have to vent and to talk about what’s bothering me and why I’m upset, I don’t have a “go to” person in my life that I trust not to judge me, or to actually even care, but on here, I have a. entire community that cares about me and wants to hear about how my day went. And I’m here for all of you as well. I have the right to post whatever I want on here, I’m not going to let a judgmental society dictate what I can and cannot post about or even better who I can and cannot fall in love with. It’s 2015 get the fuck of your high horses and open your fucking eyes, when it comes to love, age shouldn’t fucking matter! If the couple is fine with their age gap then the public needs to sit the fuck down and mind their own fucking business. My heart breaks for what happened with perversepupil and J. It’s terribly sad that they are going to be looked down on and judged for the rest of their lives just because they fell in love. Oh one last thing since I know this post is all over place and is rambling, to the people referring to Natalie as the “Victim” kindly go fuck yourselves! She’s not a victim, she just fell in love with someone society doesn’t approve of for her to love.

for days when you’re not feeling the best

 Go somewhere where you’ll be alone and scream.
Sometimes, to feel better, you just have to scream until you release everything out. Maybe bring someone with you if you want to, but make sure they won’t mind you going a bit crazy.

Originally posted by park-king-lot

 Fluffy socks and sweater on !
To make yourself feel better, buy yourself a popcorn or just watch your favourite movie, the most important thing is comfort. Stay indoors the entire day if you feel like you need to !
Take your time~

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 Go talk to someone !
It can be your friend, mom, dad, significant other or even your pet, say everything to someone. Tell them how you feel and what’s bothering you. maybe try to find a solution to your sadness as well ?

Originally posted by doggykittyeverywhere

 Make yourself a huge cup of your favourite of tea. Or maybe something more fancy ? Sure, you can make hot chocolate too. If you feel like, eat something you really like. Remember, it’s okay to cry.

Originally posted by anniedabomb

 Go and have fun !
One thing i suggest is to go shopping. Buy something nice for you, whether that’s clothes, cosmetics, plant, or anything else, it doesn’t matter !
 Bring your firends with you and have fun together. You can go to cinema as well ?

Originally posted by tinynestling

 Crafting time !
Now it’s time to do whatever you love to do. It can be drawing, writing, cooking, reading, playing an instrument, do whatever you want to do. Try a new technique and have fun !

Originally posted by anniedabomb

 Pumper yourself !
Here are some ideas of what you can do: put on a face mask, try new type of makeup if you want to, or just take a bath. Also, go hug someone. This helps- A.LOT.

Originally posted by alxbngala

 Go for a run. Also, a good idea is to write your feelings down, which might help you quite a lot. Everything that’s on your mind, even if it’s the biggest nonsense. If you can, go and talk to someone.

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 Go and fight a pillow !
Another good thing is to clean. Just do some little things you can be proud of later. It can be something as simple as going to the shop to buy food, because you’ve been procrastinating on it.

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 Go and take a hot shower. Actually why stop there ? Go and take a BATH. Use your favourite bath bomb if you have one and if not, go and buy one. Maybe bring something little to snack on in the bath, but most importantly, relax-

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Be lazy !
That’s it. Just spend time indoors, do whatever you want to do. You can watch your favourite show for the entire day if you want to. Just no responsibilities, please.

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 Feeling like you’re going crazy ?
Make a playlist of your favourite music and play it really loud. Maybe agressively dance if you want to, the most important thing is to stop feeling about what’s bothering you.

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Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but there is something that bothers me when people defend Scorpius and Rose. This isn’t meant to be hate on the ship, you can ship whatever you want, I don’t care, but it’s more of an observation. And if you want to send me crap about this opinion, fine, I’ll just delete it and not fall into your goading.

Anywho, I’ve been hearing and reading and hearing quite a few people say that Scorpius and Rose could one day work because James and Lily did. When I hear this argument I scratch my head.

James, in his youth, was for a lack of a better word, an ass. He torment Snape, constantly showed off, broke the rules, was arrogant, and despite Lily hating the advances he made, and was vocal about it, he kept perusing her. Now it wasn’t until he grew up and matured, which is something we all do, that Lily finally fell for him. People change. Grow up. Mature. They learn right from wrong. And of course, they were teenagers. I know I’m a different person now than when I was 16. I learned and grew, which was something James finally did. So despite not liking how the pairing came about, it did happen and I accept it.

Now let’s look at Scorpius. He is a sweet kind boy, who is nothing but nice to Rose in Cursed Child. He offers her candy. Tries to make nice small talk to her.

Rose on the other hand is a, bitch, that’s right, I said it, not taking it back, and is totally rude to him. And for what? Cause of rumors? His father being a former death eater (and assuming his mom was one)? An old family feud between Ron and Draco and cause Draco was a dick to Hermione? She is judging and punishing a boy for sins he didn’t commit and a false rumor.

I recognize we get limited time with Rose, but that short time with her doesn’t paint a good picture.

And yes, like I said above with James. People mature. Grow. See the error of their past. And yes, Rose could do the same. But does she deserve Scorpius and his forgiveness for how she treated him?

No she doesn’t.

James on one hand was a prick, so Lily’s disdain for him was warranted. He terrorized her childhood friend and was an overall arrogent jerk during a good portion of his teenage years.

But Scorpius he is nothing but nice and sweet. He has done nothing to deserve Rose’s treatment to him.

And I hope if Rose does mature and realize she was wrong and mean to Scorpius for no reason, that he does forgive her (even though she doesn’t deserve it), but realize that he deserves better. He deserves someone who treats him like albus. Who didn’t spend years judging him falsely and for unwarranted reasons. Who saw Scorpius for who he was and not by name and rumors.

Albus makes more sense to me as a love interest than Rose based soley on the play. Not Rose.

Like I said, if you ship Rose and Scorpius go ahead, but please don’t tell me it works because James and Lily did. Because despite being similar on the surface, they really are different cases if you actually look at them.