delete it if it bothers you or whatever

I’ve been on tumblr in the fanfiction realm (reading and writing) for years now, and these are the things I’ve noticed over the years.


  • If you read it, say something. It doesn’t matter if you drop as an ask or a message, reblog, like or reply in a post. WE DON’T CARE. Say something. It can be insanely detailed to an incoherent rambling such as “fbdhsfbdfabasdhfb.” Most anything will make us smile. There are some days where one of these messages will give us the desire to continue writing. I get it if you don’t want to reblog because it doesn’t fit the “aesthetic” of your blog, or you don’t want to like it because (like me) you have this thing about keeping your likes organized, but  replying to a post leaves literally no evidence on your end and will make the writer smile.
  • Don’t offer advice if they haven’t asked for it. Although it shouldn’t, hearing people say that they would’ve done something differently, or whatever scenario wouldn’t work, or a straight up insult, or whatever it happens to be, will bother us more than it should. If something about a piece is really bothering you, ask the writer if you can offer something constructive - and by constructive, I mean, offer a solution, don’t tell me I suck balls. :) In my case, when this happens, I delete your ask. 
  • This is a BIG ONE, and a very simple one. WE ARE NOT MACHINES. We have lives, and we also like to write. We do so for free and on our own time, so don’t complain if you don’t get an update when you think it should be up. (This isn’t an issue for me thankfully, but I see this a lot with multi-chapter fics. People want what they want when they want it with no regard for the writers feelings.)
  • While many writers, myself included, desire recognition for our work, the majority of us write because we have too many feelings inside us and need to get them out in some way. We write for ourselves and your enjoyment of those pieces is a happy accident, so when you look at a story and think it should’ve gone differently, that’s because you weren’t the one writing it. We wanted it to go a certain way.


anonymous asked:

How do you keep motivated drawing. I like drawing but whenever I do it I just want to be done and curl up somewhere and do nothing. And it's kind of weird because a lot of people seem to just be able to draw without a problem and I don't know where I should go to get help or whatever and I don't know who to ask either and you seem really nice so I'm just taking a little risk here and asking you. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, just delet this please and forget about it, if I do.

Am not good at suggesting but i’ll try to help.

Practically  you need to train yourself to stand up against it.  Don’t let that feeling get you, even if you feel like dropping it all, try to find a reason to keep it up.

Find something/ someone that inspires you for starters, in my case it was Undertale. (it threw me back to draw again)

You can take your time, draw as much as you can, then put it aside and continue again once you feel inspired again, but don’t leave it. (dropping drawings unfinished can bring you bad habits even if it’s a doodle or a sketch, and doesn’t train your patience)   

In my case taking requests/commission and doing trades/collaboration, makes me try to put in more effort and produce better quality work, as you feel responsible in front of another person. (gives you an excuse to try harder)  

What keeps me going on dark days also are the people/friends who enjoy the work, knowing that it cheers someone up is my drive to do it when feeling like dropping. (any ones art is precious)

If you train yourself to avoid that downfall in a long run you will be trained to draw constantly.

But make sure not to overwork and also know when to take a break.

hostghost84  asked:

R some bothering u, when they tell you to do some undertale. TbH, do whatever u want, *cough* Ninjago radical *cough* u lovely turd

There was one that really upset me. Them saying about how early they came only to be dissapointed when they saw it wasn’t about UT. But I deleted it because that really hit me hard. And honestly all of this. Isn’t motivating me to continue my old works about UT. This is really pressuring me. I have so many spam comments saying how Ninjago sucks because I didn’t give them what they want.

Tho I know there r some supportive comments too. But not only on Youtube, people r getting pissed even here. Seeing them immediately worsens my mood to draw honestly. To draw UT tbh- but it’s also making me feel as if I’m stupid for drawing Ninjago??? Calling me trash for liking smt other than UT.

I don’t talk about it often. Since I don’t want to seem like I want attention?? Because the more I reveal the more u guys spit ur insults at me. I don’t even get money for this. This is for fun. Yet I’m treated like I’m ur employee. I didn’t sleep or eat because I wanted to finish the videos. And working really hard on it only to be told about how I suck. Is really…. bothering.

Ok I’ll stop. Before I get called selfish and rude for telling how I feel about MY works and my desire to draw. Thanks tho. I’m glad someone actually reads my description when I tell them to. Means a lot.

Cyber Savior// Jeon Jungkook (Part 4)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Summary: Two teens desperate for some sort of support in their life, find it through an app.

Author’s Note: Hello everyone! Thank you for such a good response on the series! Please enjoy this part~

xoxo Sara


You sat in your bed and wondered about your friend; how was he doing? Why wasn’t he on the app with you? Was he okay? Maybe you were simply over-reacting as you normally did, and  he had just been too busy to go on his phone to  answer the few  messages you left him before you stopped. Or, maybe he had forgotten about the stupid app and forgot about you too.

It was okay if he did delete the app; because if he deleted the app, that meant that he didn’t need it anymore. If he deleted the app, that meant, in your mind, that he was finally happy, and he deserved to be happy just as much as anyone else did. But, because you hadn’t heard from your friend in a few days, it worried you that he hadn’t bothered to contact you since the last time you spoke. He had never disappeared like that since you both began to talk, if he were to be away for a little longer than normal, he would always tell you why and say goodbye. But this time, for whatever reason, you got no goodbye.

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PSA About Tagging Your Ships

Just to inform people who were unaware. Tagging something with: Anti (insert fandom ship here) makes it show up in the anti tag AND the regular tag. 

For example: Tagging a post Anti Ichiruki will make it appear on the Ichiruki tag. It will be suggested by tumblr for Ichiruki fans to see. And fans who aren’t looking for negative and Anti posts will see it just as if it were simply tagged, Ichiruki. There’s actually far less stalkers stalking the opposing tags than you might think.

The same goes for Anti Ichihime tags. I’m looking at you, Ichiruki shippers. They see our every anti post show up in their own positive tags. Your negative posts are being suggested to them by tumblr and popping up when they look for pro posts. 

SOLUTION: Get rid of the space between the ship and anti. Make it one word. For example: Antiichiruki, or antiichihime. No, it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, but it will spare tender and easily triggered fans some grief. 

Or you can ignore this advice and continue to rip each other’s throats out. I know people from both sides who thrive off the conflict. -shrugs- 

PS. This applies to more than just Bleach ships. I simply used them as an example because they were the most relevant at the moment, regarding this problem.  

About the Player Meme

hello it me


name: Destiny
nickname: D-chan, typically Faye or Fae on the interwebs
sexuality: Demisexual biromantic or something idc
pronouns: Girly things
are you a morning person?: God no
when swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake: Both are cool, rivers and creeks are fun too, but the ocean is least likely to have demon bugs around (though I’ve had the misfortune of being stung by a jellyfish so hey)


anyone you would like to meet in real life?:
EVERYONE, let’s go get food.
anyone you have met in real life?: Not counting RL friends who probably have non-XIV tumblrs, I’ve met @healhisassseabass and a couple others whose URL’s I can’t remember off the top of my head!
when did you first join? how old is your current account?: I had a tumblr like waaay back in high school that I never used. I’ve had this account for about 3 - 4 years?
any peeves?: I have every peeve. But no, really, one thing that bothers me is people stepping in to preach kindness and acceptance in a thinly veiled attempt to stop/censor others when it comes to people taking actions to protect themselves and others from unpleasant people. Like nah fam no one needs to delete their call out post about a sexual abuser because “maybe he’s changed since last week” and “he could be a nice guy underneath it, let people see for themselves!! :) :) :)”


do you easily get jealous?:
I don’t get jealous so much as insecure.
do you easily get angry?: Not really actually (SHOCKING I know). I’m usually pretty chill. I get peeved when I see someone trying to mistreat others, but it rarely becomes actual anger.
are you easy to cheer up?: It depends I suppose. Ultimately, if the source of whatever the problem is isn’t fixed, then it’s probably going to keep bothering me.
what’s the most hurtful thing someone could do to you?: Betray my trust and waste my time and energy.
are you good at hiding your emotions?: Usually!
what’s the very best way to cheer you up?: I don’t usually like to talk to about things to people (though rarely I do like to vent), so the best thing is when people are willing to bullshit with me and make me laugh and just keep me distracted. 


are you currently in a relationship?:
I am, almost ten years now!
do you currently have a crush on someone?: I sure hope so!
do you kiss on the first date?: Naaahhh
do you prefer going out, or staying home, when it comes to dates?: I’m okay with either. Life needs some variety, so I like a healthy dose of both!


favorite drink:
Iced tea (sweet, I mean southern brewed sweet, not “you can dump a packet of sugar into your cold tea” sweet)
favorite food: Chocolate covered strawberries
most calming place: Hooome where I can chill
most stressful place: Literally any place unfamiliar and full of people lmao
most prized possession?: My PC, god bless

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Voltron Leaks

This whole debacle is going to cause me stress for awhile.

I love this show so, so much and I don’t want it to be postponed or worse because of one dumb mistake someone made.

Do I think Dreamworks will cancel Voltron because of this? I have no idea, but I’m optimistically leaning towards “no.” VLD, being as popular as it is, must be a more than decent money-maker for Dreamworks, from toys to other royalties. I doubt they’d want to get rid of it if that’s the case. 

That being said, I’m an English Major, not law student. Maybe this leak is enough to get the show cancelled depending on whatever the contracts state and what settlements Studio Mir and Dreamworks come to. 

If you haven’t already, delete or report ANY reblogs of the original leaked material. A few spoilers is not worth losing our favorite show. Saying “it’s already out, why bother” is a dumb excuse. Additionally, I heard somewhere Studio Mir is willing to take legal action against anyone who won’t. Is having something to giggle about your ships over really worth it?


@dreamworksanimation, please be lenient to Studio Mir. We love Voltron and don’t want to lose it!


Happy bday @lxuiio dedicating this shit to you but a real present will come eventually I promise <3
[AO3] [Charity Commissions] [Writing blog]

Tensions were high in the dorms. As usual the workload was heavy and students were pushed to the brink in preparation for their future as overworked heroes. Along with that, security was still at an all-time high at UA and the students weren’t allowed out of their dorms without weeks of forewarning, signed forms from their parents, and an escort. It was ridiculous, to say the least.

Some handled effectively being trapped inside better than others. Bakugou was not one of those people. Since his house arrest in the summer, and during it too Kirishima suspected, he had become like a wild animal; caged and scratching at the walls while becoming increasingly more aggressive to anyone who approached.

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Save haven {Kim Seokjin}

Title: Save Haven

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You get strange text messages from your ex-boyfriend and decide to crash at your best friend’s place for a while

Words: 1700

His texts usually didn’t bother you.

Your ex-boyfriend had been sending them for months. Ever since you had ended things with him, you’d get one or two messages a week.

The reason behind this was that the two of you hadn’t broken up on good terms. After nine months of dating, he had become crazily possessive over you. He didn’t let you go to parties, and when he did, he’d be next to you the entire time. He was aggressive towards boys approaching you, even if it was only about stuff like homework.  He went through your phone without your consent, he even had an app to track your iPhone when you were out of the house.

Needless to say, he wasn’t very happy to hear that you’d be moving out of your shared apartment, and with that his life.

The texts were mostly about how he knew that you still missed him every day; you didn’t, and how he knew you had asked his friends about him; you hadn’t.

You never responded to any of his bull shit-messages, and it looked like he was starting to notice, as the texts started to come less frequently.

You were deep in thought, biting your lip as you moved your eyes over the computer screen on the desk in your own private office. You liked your job because it allowed you to make use of your smartness, but it could get very complicated and hard to keep up with.

When you were finally done with your tasks for the day, you stood up from the uncomfortable chair you had been sitting in and stretched. As you walked out of your office and into the main room, you noticed that everyone else had gone home already. You looked at the huge clock on the wall and cursed when you realized exactly how late it was.

You were rushing out of the building when a red bouquet of flowers caught your eye. Frowning, you picked it up. Why had no one taken this home with them?

As you lifted the flowers, a tiny paper fell out. You picked it up to see who this bouquet belonged to.

I’m waiting for you

Gasping, you stumbled around a bit. This was obviously meant for you. The S. said it all.

Was he waiting for you? Where? You were suddenly scared out of your mind. He had shown up at your work, what kept him from actually going to your house? You couldn’t go back there now.

After a few minutes, you decided to call you friend Jin. He didn’t live too far, maybe he could pick you up.

The phone ringed a couple of times until, eventually, it went to his voicemail.

You cursed out loud and stepped out of the office. Locking the door behind you, you began your walk to his house.

Your heels were clicking on the empty streets as you walked them. The darkness was everywhere, only the streetlights provided some light, just enough to make the whole scene a lot eerier.  

The walk to his house was about ten minutes. It started raining after five. Not raining, storming. The water came down from the dark sky in buckets, drenching you in seconds. You pulled your jacket up as much as possible, but it didn’t have a hood so even your hair turned into a wet mess.

After a few more minutes, you finally arrived at Jin’s house. The light was burning in his living room. This small fact made you very happy, as it meant he was home. You walked over to his door, still in the rain, and rang his doorbell.

A few seconds passed until the door opened. A tall figure appearing in its place. You looked up at him and were met with his beautiful brown eyes. You had to admit, your friend was attractive. And kind, too.

He didn’t even say anything as he pulled you inside to get you out of the rain. The sudden pull on your arm surprised you, and you yelped as you smacked into him. A loud groan erupted from the male and you had to stifle your laugh.

“Y/N, look what you’ve done.” He whined and you giggled.

“Nice to see you, too Jin.”

He stepped back from you. “So, why did you decide to bless me with your presence at this time of the day,” He looked at the clock on the other side of the room, “or I mean night?”

You were just about to explain when a stream of raindrops went from your hair, down your shirt, leaving your entire body in shivers.

Of course, Jin noticed. “Here, I’ll get you something warm and dry to put in first. You can make hot chocolate if you want."And he disappeared into his bedroom.

Even though he couldn’t see it, you nodded but opted to stay in your spot by the front door in fear of leaving a wet trail in his house. Hugging your chest, you looked around a bit. His house had a huge living room and small bedrooms. His living room was nicely decorated. You were proud to say you helped the boy with that because he wasn’t the best at it, to be honest. There were a couch and a small table across from a nice tv. The tv was up against a wall with dozens of pictures; that had been your idea. The pictures were mostly from Jin with his family, friends and you. You had known each other for a very long time. Your parents always used to say that the two of you would end up together, and you were suspicious of a few bets going around in both families.

There as an obvious bond between the two of you, but neither of you ever bothered to see if a romantic relationship would ever work. With that, you thought, he also probably didn’t like you in that way.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a pile of clothes being pushed into your arms. Jin smiled at the little yelp of surprise that escaped your mouth.

"You’re adorable.” He cooed as he petted your head. “You can get dressed in my bathroom, I’ll prepare the hot chocolate.”

When you walked out of the bathroom, Jin was already sitting on the couch with his back facing you. You decided to scare him and started creeping up behind him.

The moment you had your arms up and were inhaling to shout, he turned around in a millisecond. You screamed loudly as he grabbed you by the arm and literally pulled you over the couch and onto his lap. He held you by your waist as you were trashing to get out of his grip, unsuccessfully of course.

You were struggling for a few minutes until eventually, you relaxed in his arms. By the adrenaline and the craziness of the situation, you hadn’t noticed how close you actually were to this boy. And with the realization, came the uneasiness.

You tried to move again, but Jin’s muscular arms held you in your place. “Y/N, stop moving,” He muttered, “I like sitting like this.”

As much as you tried to ignore the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, his words certainly did something to you, even though maybe they didn’t to him. You rested your head in the crook of his shoulder. Both your eyes looking at the ceiling.

It felt like hours later that Jin finally spoke again. “I don’t get how you haven’t done anything about this situation.”

You knew exactly what he meant. He had told you countless times before that you should look for help with the texts, but you never actually deemed it necessary.

“I will.” You promised. “But can I just stay here for the night please?”

Jin hummed from underneath you. “Of course, Y/N. You could stay here any day of the week.”

You smiled and tilted your head slightly, turning to look at him to find him already staring at you.

“Why do you always date the douchebags?” His voice was a mere whisper. You truly didn’t know how to answer this question. You could barely think straight. Here you were lying on top of your best friend whom you apparently had a bigger crush on than you had thought. Your faces were only a couple of inches apart. Could it be..?

“You do realize that there are a lot of nice guys, right?” He whispered. With that, your heart broke a little. Of course, he wasn’t into you. The fact that he was suggesting the option of dating other guys threw your entire fantasy right out of the window.

“I.. I gue-” Your voice was cut off by Jin’s lips smashing against your own. In your confusion, you didn’t react for a moment, but then you slowly relaxed into the kiss. His plump lips were moving softly against yours, and you turned your body to face him, as you were still sitting on his lap. He noticed your discomfort, and without removing his lips for even a second, he grabbed the hem of your back and laid you down on the couch as he hovered over you.

Your lips were still moving against each other when your hand found his hair, a small groan erupted from the beautiful boy above you. The sound made you both chuckle a bit.

“Sorry,” Jin whispered against your lips, “I’ve just been waiting for this moment for a long time.”

You nodded as the boy started to plant kisses on your jaw and neck, gasping.

“Me too, Jin. Me too.”

dude this took forever to upload because the program I write this on deleted like 75% of this imagine and I couldn’t be bothered to write it again

But I did work really hard on this and it would mean the world if you could give this a like or whatever. I’d love you more than Hoseok loves dancing.

for days when you’re not feeling the best

 Go somewhere where you’ll be alone and scream.
Sometimes, to feel better, you just have to scream until you release everything out. Maybe bring someone with you if you want to, but make sure they won’t mind you going a bit crazy.

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 Fluffy socks and sweater on !
To make yourself feel better, buy yourself a popcorn or just watch your favourite movie, the most important thing is comfort. Stay indoors the entire day if you feel like you need to !
Take your time~

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 Go talk to someone !
It can be your friend, mom, dad, significant other or even your pet, say everything to someone. Tell them how you feel and what’s bothering you. maybe try to find a solution to your sadness as well ?

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 Make yourself a huge cup of your favourite of tea. Or maybe something more fancy ? Sure, you can make hot chocolate too. If you feel like, eat something you really like. Remember, it’s okay to cry.

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 Go and have fun !
One thing i suggest is to go shopping. Buy something nice for you, whether that’s clothes, cosmetics, plant, or anything else, it doesn’t matter !
 Bring your firends with you and have fun together. You can go to cinema as well ?

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 Crafting time !
Now it’s time to do whatever you love to do. It can be drawing, writing, cooking, reading, playing an instrument, do whatever you want to do. Try a new technique and have fun !

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 Pumper yourself !
Here are some ideas of what you can do: put on a face mask, try new type of makeup if you want to, or just take a bath. Also, go hug someone. This helps- A.LOT.

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 Go for a run. Also, a good idea is to write your feelings down, which might help you quite a lot. Everything that’s on your mind, even if it’s the biggest nonsense. If you can, go and talk to someone.

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 Go and fight a pillow !
Another good thing is to clean. Just do some little things you can be proud of later. It can be something as simple as going to the shop to buy food, because you’ve been procrastinating on it.

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 Go and take a hot shower. Actually why stop there ? Go and take a BATH. Use your favourite bath bomb if you have one and if not, go and buy one. Maybe bring something little to snack on in the bath, but most importantly, relax-

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Be lazy !
That’s it. Just spend time indoors, do whatever you want to do. You can watch your favourite show for the entire day if you want to. Just no responsibilities, please.

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 Feeling like you’re going crazy ?
Make a playlist of your favourite music and play it really loud. Maybe agressively dance if you want to, the most important thing is to stop feeling about what’s bothering you.

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Be Together// Kian Lawley

Warnings: Cursing, drug usage, mention of abuse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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On the phone:

Y/n: Hey Kian could you please come pick me up from this party I really don’t want to be here Kevin got really fucking drunk and I don’t know anyone I’m at some new club downtown.

Kian: Wtf I’m tired of this always happening to you, and that fucking douche bag I’m on my way okay stay put.

Y/n: okay… Sorry to bother you I know this is your guys night but you’re the best

Kian: Yeah yeah whatever I’ll be there in 5


“Who the fuck where you talking to on the phone” Kevin spat

“Someone who’ll treat me right” I thought “Kian” I mumbled

“Why the fuck are you calling him, didn’t I tell you to delete his fucking number you slut” Kevin rambled

“Yeah you did, I just don’t take orders from bipolar alcoholics.” I shot back

“You really wanna fucking dis-” Kevin said but interrupted

“Finish that sentence and lay a hand on her and I will hospitalize you, you understand?” Kian spat getting into Kevin’s face

“What the fuck are you gonna do you peace of shit?” Kevin fought back

Amd just the quick Kian pushed me behind him and begun to beat the life out if Kevin… I was so in shock I couldn’t move I til the security ripped Kian of of him and threw them both out.

“Y/n come get in the fucking car!” Kian ordered

I obeyed and he drove me back to my house in silence. I was Speechless I didn’t know what to do, say or feel. No one has ever fought for me like that, maybe it was just his hate towards Kevin

Bing Bing

I looked down at me phone Kevv: It’s over bich you and the punk as guy can go fuxku youresekfs anf your a slut.

Kian pov

“Youre to good for him, you deserve better, I going to make a guess that was him calling you and I foul names, am I right?” I rambled

“Yeah, you are, he broke up with me.” She whispered

“Fiqured, hell he may even text you how sorry he is tomorrow morning when he’s covers in his vomit with a nasty hangover.” I joked

“Youre probably right, let’s do something crazy.” She insisted

“Like what? It’s 12am” I questioned

“Umm… Let’s uhh. I never did weed before.” Y/n stated

“The night just got interesting!” I laughed

After the weed trip

“Kian?” Y/n questioned

“Yes.” I replied

“Thank you for tonight, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.” She confessed

Y/n pov

I don’t know if I’m just high out of my mind but I believe I may have feelings for Kian, that may be why I call to him whenever I need help. Holy shit I feel deeply for him but we could never be together.

earthquakefox  asked:

Hey, I just deleted that loopy-ass post I made. I got carried away. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was glorifying him and didn't want to take away from those he killed. I'm sorry that I upset you. I know I acted kind of stupid and crazy there, so can you please forgive me and delete that post that you reblogged from me? I feel bad now. You never had a problem with me before and I always liked you. Sorry about that.

I’m probably going to look like an asshole to anyone who has no context outside of this ask, but I have to say something that I’ve needed to say for awhile and now is as good a time as any. I’ve opted to make this reply public because you have made multiple vague posts about this situation, as I was taking my time to reply to you in a rational, logical fashion and you decided to do, as you tend to, back pedal your opinion, act like I was cruel to hold you accountable for your words by not deleting your post and instead sending you a message letting you know you have “offended” (which is not the right word at all, by the way, it is damn near impossible to actually offend me) me.

Your apology was not only unnecessary, but it wasn’t genuine, so don’t bother. You are entitled to whatever feelings you have about anything, as am I, and I don’t have to accept your apology (and I am not going to) and I’m not going to delete the post, and here is why.

For several months now, you have started arguments with me over trivial things. Obviously, the most noteworthy thing being the Aspergers debate surrounding Dahmer which always looks something like this:

- I get an ask about or I make a post or I reblog a post about Dahmer’s mental health with some insight that wasn’t initially included, usually received well because it’s adding more ‘true’ to ‘true crime’
- I don’t include my opinion unless asked, but generally it’s assumed I agree with experts, as I am not one, yet
- You reblog it with a subjective personal experience, attempting to dissuade or disprove facts OR you make a vague post about your disagreement with me (I ignore this, and sometimes this is where the cycle ends)
- I argue my point, again, is based on fact, not my own diagnosis because the dude has been dead for forever and I am not an expert on any mental illness just because I have one
- You insist you weren’t trying to start a fight, you get passive aggressive and apologize, annnnnnnnd
- Repeat again in a few weeks

It’s not that you disagree with me, it’s that you won’t stop shoving it down my throat and then act like a victim about it any time someone disagrees with you. The thing is, I know your stance. I know you disagree and that’s fine. You just aren’t going to change my mind - you give me nothing but subjective information that could apply to anyone (most of the time, the stuff you attribute to him possibly being autistic is stuff that applies to me, even?) I understand that you have Aspergers and that your experiences are very important to you, and I’m not removing any validity of those experiences when they are NOT applied to him. You have no facts or evidence or any research in support of this stance, yet you’re so committed to arguing with me EVERY opportunity available, just to act like you didn’t mean anything by it, even though you clearly do or you wouldn’t keep doing it.

This brings me to your recent post that I won’t delete and my problem with it. You meant what you said and you only deleted it because I disapproved. First of all, whatever, you want to nuzzle a serial killer and rub kidneys or whatever. I don’t care about that. I don’t care if people love, worship, or even want to fuck Jeffrey Dahmer or anyone else, period. My problem is that you DO glorify him by negating ALL of his negative attributes. You specifically avoid posting about victims, you don’t care about his actual psychology (unless you’re having a random moment of reflection where you decide to project and start to muse that you may have one of his personality disorders), and you minimize EVERY SINGLE REASON WE KNOW WHO JEFFREY DAHMER IS. You don’t love Dahmer, you love some made up idea you have of who he was.

In general? I’m tired of arguing with you, and then you acting like everyone (I forgot to mention you’ve done this to at least one other very psych-savvy user) is attacking you even though you jumped into a post with your opinion knowing that it wasn’t the most popular one. AGAIN, you are allowed to have those opinions, just understand that your words and your actions do have consequences, and sorry doesn’t mean anything if you keep repeating the same action over and over OR if you apologize just because you want to be liked. At this point, it’s a personality conflict, and I’m over it - your arguments have no backbone and you care more about approval than being honest and that is what I’m “offended” by.

This is Crazy

Title: This is Crazy 

Prompt:  @fandom-phantom12  I see requests are open. Well, can you write a Sam x reader where Sam and the reader are online best friends and finally meet. and when sam meets her he falls in love and one thing leads to another *wink wink*. 

***I hope you like it! ^^  

Summary: It has been six months since you stumbled into that private chatroom and met S@M18366299.  Now you waited anxiously to meet the man, Sam Winchester, who had not only become your best friend, but also love of your life…and you didn’t even know what he looked like.   

Warnings: Language.  Adult Themes. Implied Smut.  Talk of death.   

Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather

Let me know if you want put on a tag list! Or the forever tag list! :D

You couldn’t believe you were doing this.  This is crazy.  You didn’t know this guy…if he was a guy.  You ran your fingers through your neatly styled hair as you fretted over everything.  It was only fifteen till, you could still bail…but did you really want to?  

Deep breaths. That’s what you need, deep breaths. After about five of them your mind had settled enough for you to walk through everything again.  S@M18366299 was your internet friend.  After talking online for about six months, the two of you were finally going to meet.  It is really amazing what can happen when you accidentally click on one of those Facebook links.  A smile filled your face as you thought back to that first conversation with Sam…


“Shit!  What the hell?”  You stared at your screen as a new tab on the internet browser popped up. “Damn adds!”  You tried to ‘x’ out, but before you could, you eye caught the chat that had popped up.

G4RtH: I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal…

S@M18366299: You just made this whole chat room PUBLIC!  Kinda beats the point!

G4RtH: I said I was sorry, but honestly.  Who will stumble across it?

You stared at the screen.  Apparently you weren’t supposed to be seeing this…whatever it was.  You went to click out, but then decided you should at least let these people know that their private chat room was a Facebook add.

You quickly signed in through your email and chimed in.

Phantom12:  I did…

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anonymous asked:

Ichimatsu for all texts you haven't done for him yet?

✆ - Morning text

✉ - A text that wasn’t sent

✿ - Suggestive text

@ - Scared text

& - Loving text

All here!

?? - Drunk text

Answered here!


☎ - Rushed text ((literally the only situation he will ever use an exclamation point oh lord))

>Y/N, we’re completely out of cat food! I’ve got to run to the store now, so if you need anything hurry up and tell me quick

ø - Late night text

>Y/N…I know you must be sleeping now, so you can just ignore this or delete it in the morning, I don’t care I just need to get this off my chest.

>It’s really been bothering me how nice Kusomatsu is towards me lately…

>Dammit, I mean Karamatsu. Force of habit.

>Anyway…I don’t really get it? I treat him like worse garbage than me and yet he still tries to be kind to me. It really pisses me off sometimes.


>Sometimes…I feel bad… Like maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on him?

>Shit this thread is a pitiful mess… just pretend you never received any of these I’m already contemplating bashing my head against the wall for this.

>Whatever… Good night, Y/N.

✘ - Hateful text ((poor s/o was only trying to get him to open up to the world a little more… This is likely to happen under the circumstances that he too was angry with himself for not being able to do it.))

>I’m trying Y/N, what the hell do you want me to do?? Kill myself?? Gladly.

# - Random text

>Cocoa bean had her litter of kittens today…I’m visiting them right now.

>Her name is Cocoa bean because she really likes the smell of chocolate.

>Isn’t that cute?

% - Curious text

>Hey Y/N, are cats allowed on trains?


>Nope. Just tried it. They kicked me out.

ツ - Excited text ((yes, this is him excited omg))

>I made a new friend today. I had decided to walk home a different route when I ran into him. I got to hang out with him a little bit, and he actually let me rub his belly haha.

>Oh, I should mention that this is a cat, btw.

$ - Accidental text

>Jyushimatsu, where did you put my fake cat paws? I know you like to wear them sometimes and I wan’t to make Y/N wear them for me.

>Ah, fuck.

♀ - Heartbreaking text

>I honestly don’t even know why you’re with trash like me. I’ve done absolutely nothing in my life to deserve happiness. You’re better off leaving me while you can…I’m nothing worth waiting on.

u know after how i ended up feeling about my last 2 relationships i wonder if i’m actually just gay and not pansexual.

y’know how your parents might have bothered you in high school or whatever about “do you have a boyfriend yet??”

that happened to me except i was always asked if i had a girlfriend yet as well, so it’s always been assumed that i just kinda had both options. just been thinking a lot recently after the split and about how happy some of my other friends are in their relationships and so on. i wonder.

how do you know?? does it just hit you one day??

random thought but I just remembered I once received anon hate because I had a ship with a multi that I happen to rp with a lot and apparently the person was just angry because we interacted a lot and ended up shipping our characters and I was honestly like ??? dude you can unfollow me and block me if it bothers you so much lmao you’re the bothered one

anonymous asked:

Your so pathetic and worthless. Your not beautiful at all and all you do is beg for sympathy off others. The boys would never date you and they would feel sick to know that they have a fan like you. Do everyone a favour and delete your blog.

I’m honestly so fucking done…

You don’t need to tell me things I already know. Yes I know I’m worthless and pathetic I don’t need reminding . Whatever send your anon hate to me I’m not bothered about me I’m bothered about others that are receiving anon hate they don’t deserve it. Secondly you know nothing about me trust me I’ve been through a lot and I still am mentally but I choose not to talk about it because I don’t want to annoy anyone with my problems. Not once have I ever begged for sympathy so please don’t sit there judging me when you clearly know fuck all about me.

I honestly give up

Okay, I’m gonna get this out there now while I’m thinking about it, and it might piss some people off, but if so, you can just unfollow me if it bothers you.

If I ever reblog something where a commenter or the OP is problematic in some way, which has NOTHING to do with the content of the post, sending me asks telling me so will do nothing except make me roll my eyes and delete your ask. If I reblog something, it’s because I agree with the content of the post, or I think it’s funny, or whatever. It’s never an endorsement of the character of the person MAKING the post because I legit could not care less about the OP. I don’t check the blog or notes of every post before reblogging, and if the content has nothing to do with why they are apparently a bad person, then there’s no reason for me to even bother deleting it. Like, damn, y'all can either blacklist those people’s urls or if just seeing their name bothers you enough, just unfollow me.

It’s kind of like how you can enjoy someone’s art even if they’re a shitty person. God forbid a shitty person ever make a good point about something else. Stop trying to tell people what they should and shouldn’t post on their own blogs.

If I take the Bears’ message at face value from last nights show (and I apply my dark Larrie reasoning skills) I would assume the following:
-the Bears represent Larry (Larry Grayson)
-the Bears are together (holding hands) and possibly even engaged (bride-to-be)
-they’re closeted (Larry Grayson)

Further interpretation: they’re closeted. As such, they have to deal with certain aspects of their closet. One of those is B. The Bears were meant to send a message of reassurance. (Love, Larry)
We always said things might get uglier bts before they got better. I think it’s about to be very ugly. This was their reassurance.
I know some people are in panic mode, but I am strangely calm because there is literally no other way to interpret the Bears from yesterday. They’re gonna be okay.