delete drama

i deleted the one about him using slurs against trans women cus he didnt know trans boys couldnt use those and apologized or whatever. the datestamping is really so that he doesnt get called out for this stuff like 2 years later. and idk i think im done waow


“We realize that we’re alone when we’re among people. When you feel that no one… among all those people is on your side.Loneliness can surge up, and it’s terrifying than anything else ”

“Have a safe journey, Laura. It’s a madhouse out there.”

I’ve been apprehensive about posting this, as the artwork’s execution style was inspired by an unknown artist (whose style I’ve lately grown to love).

So if you do know an artist whose style resembles the mess I’ve come up with, please note me.

Thanatos Night Vol. 4 Seth (Full Translation)

Back with another Thanatos Night translation! Seth is really sweet and perfect for people who want something cute….with Rejet’s usual touch of despair _(┐「ε:)_ 

Apologies in advance for any mistakes, audio translations aren’t my strong point (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do no use/repost without permission)

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okay but why were people fighting and hating on la la land / moonlight or vice versa like did yall not see emma stone & ryan goslign basically calling the moonlight crew onstage when they found out the results were wrong? or that the producers of la la land basically hugging all the moonlight crew when they came up? or damien hugging mahershala AND barry for a good long second like? i just saw a lot of love on that stage? no? just me then?

honestly i’ve been in the pjo fandom for so long i don’t even think i can describe it, i’ve seen literally everything. i was there for it all. i witnessed the original luke castellan stan come and go, i saw the drama filled deletes, i’ve reblogged every type of graphic there has ever been made, my eyes have seen it all. seen. it. all.

Bridgit Mendler was once voted as one of the most annoying celebrities and just because she avoids drama and scandals; that’s so sad. She’s in USC studying Liberal Arts and Anthropology. She also studied Jazz History, Medieval art and Medical anthropology. Not to forget that she became ambassador to First Book, a campaign to encourage reading and gives books to children in need, she’s also a part of Disney’s friends for Change. She released a promotional single  called, “We Can Change the World” and raised $250,000 for the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. She won the honorary award Common Sense Media as Role Model of the Year for her work against bullying, she was the third young artist to win the award. She also became ambassador of the campaign Give With Target with Target Corporation to raise funds to reform schools in the United States. They campaign raised $1 billion by 2015. She was featured in a public campaign Delete Digital Drama with the Seventeen Magazine to end cyberbullying.  She also traveled to the United Kingdom to fundraise for Comic Relief, given the aim of making her laugh with their jokes for a £1 donation. The campaign raised £100,000. Bridgit also participated to the World Challenge Marathon for Save the Children Foundation, a charity race to helps children with health problems. She traveled to the region of El Quiché, Guatemala to participate in the other project of Save the Children that helps underprivileged children in developing countries. She has also been in a relationship with Co-Star Shane Harper since 2011 but unless she doesn’t have any drama or scandals she’s irrelevant or annoying to this society.

hey don’t reblog/screenshot/vague about this post thanks.

rose could be bi and it would be really cool to see a female character in media be bi and not have it be a phase or an attention-grabbing whatever. bi people are still bi when in relationships with those of the same or other genders. who you date/marry does not change your orientation, it merely outlines the possibility of attraction.