delete 8

pinof 8 but every time they do something gay pinof1 starts playing but every time they do something gay the baking video starts playing but every time they do something gay a video of gamingmas in chronological order starts playing but every time dan looks at phil like phil means the world to him my soul descends to the next level of hell


so, yeah. this year was awful and a lot of bad things happened, but i guess the people i follow and the things i like to see everyday helped on suck a little less. i’m not really good on what to say on this things, but thank you so much for being here! i think you’re awesome and i hope you have an amazing 2017. happy holidays!

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Season 8, Episode 22: The Graduation Transmission.

“I wrote an entire speech to say how high school prepares you and what a wonderful place it is, but I hated it. And now that I think about it, I bet a lot of you feel the same way. So, for the remainder of my speech, this is for the invisible kids.“

Lost In Star Wars

Part 5: Lost in the base.

Summary: You’ve been sentenced to being Han Solo’s babysitter, Ben Solo hits on you every chance he gets, Rey hits him every chance she gets and Poe is already in love with the magical girl from the alternate universe. If you were back on Earth this would be some kind of Star Wars Au fic you’d love.


Warnings: Some British slang. Also not looked over at all.

“….and Bob’s your uncle!”

“Luke is my uncle.”

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I was tagged by @lowkeysebastianstan to post my lock screen, home screen and last song on my music player.

My lock screen and home screen are my Seb photo ops from Austin, and then the last picture is my recently played list in Spotify.