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what do you think about datura ?

It’s pretty but I’m too intimidated by that plant to work with it directly. That’s why I’m growing Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna) instead. For me, I try not to work with plants unless I grow them from seed or someone who considers that plant an ally introduces me to their tradition. I’ve worked with a variety of ethnobotanicals, from Calea zacatechichi to Amanita Muscaria, and I don’t want to feel like a cultural tourist or participate in New Age appropriations of sacred plant traditions. This is part of the reason I work predominately RCs, because they’re new and I get to be a part of creating the culture and tradition around them.

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I remember my datura experience lasting a good 7-8 hours at least. It was one of those deliriant trips where every thing is super dreamy and cloudy. I tried sleeping after a good 6 hours and felt insanely uncomfortable tossing and turning in bed until I stripped down naked and passed out after a few hours. The next day was terrible though because datura and belladonna type substances cause intense pupil dilation and it took almost the entire next day to adjust and I could barley focus visually

Thanks for your report. ^_^

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why did you make this blog anyway

((i made it whilst chugging 2 bottles of gatorade and delerious as fuck from no sleep for at least 48 hours. Then i got cute messages about how it made people laugh and how they thanked me, and i love making people laugh in any form. so its here the blog is here)) 

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For the artist meme, 11 and 12!

Yay thank you!

11:Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

-I either have random tv shows on in the background. Or I have a few playlists on my spotify. Here is a short playlist for you. Glory and gore -Lorde. Delerious - Susanne sundfor. Running with the wolves - AURORA. Bodyaches- Purity ring. Borderline -Tove styrke. Mother & father -broods. Cool kids -echosmith. we can’t stop -miley cyrus. Devil’s backbone -civil wars. riptide- vance joy. arsonist lullaby -hozier. summertime sadness -lana del rey. Fineshrine- purity ring. Tennis court- lorde. Go your own way- fleetwood mac. feeling myself -nicki and bey.

ALso not listed because it’s not on spotify. Taylor swift- bad blood.

12:Favorite thing to draw?
Here is a little compilation ;v;

There was this lizard name Geraldine. She lived in Utah, and had recently moved under a beautiful rock that was right at the Arches National Park. As her realtor told her, “You have prime real estate!” This was incredibly lucky news for Geraldine. She was a people watcher and she made a big deal of it. In the morning she would sit with a big cup of crickets, read the Daily Snail, and watch as the tourist descended upon the national park. She was far enough that she could lie upon the rock and sun bake while people watching and they wouldn’t notice her. One day, Geraldine was lying on her rock watching the humans. Everything was going as it always did: Geraldine was getting her sun on and had just finished her last cricket. Suddenly, a shadow moved in and blocked her sun. About to yell at Mother Nature, Geraldine looked up, only to see a giant hand reaching towards her. Petrified, Geraldine tried to escape too late, and the hand clamped around her. She squirmed around, to no avail, and was lifted up at an alarming rate. And just like that, she was eye to nostril with a human. She looked at the Giant Eye, and then bit the human’s finger. Geraldine went falling through the air and hit the ground with a thud. She scrambled under the rock and after a minute, Geraldine called her realtor.

“Cynthia, it’s Geraldine. Can you tell me why you lied to me about my rock!? Oh you didn’t lie? Then when you said, and I quote, ‘You’re far enough away no human will wander over here to bother you.’ What was that all about Cynthia?! Because I was minding my own business, and this human picked me up and swung me into the air….” And as Geraldine yelled at Cynthia, the Giant Eye became eye level to Geraldine.

“Hey, you have cell service out here?” The Eye spoke.

Without thinking, Geraldine replied, “Yes. Verizon.” Into the phone, she shrieked,  “Cynthia, it is talking to me! You fix this!”

“Oh, yeah that makes sense, I have T-Mobile. “ The Eye blinked. “You’ve got some nice digs.”

Geraldine, still on high alert, just stared at the Eye. The Eye blinked again.

“Hey listen, I’m sorry I picked you up, I’ve just always loved lizards. In hindsight it wasn’t polite. My apologies.”

Stunned, Geraldine licked her eye. “Well you’re right, it wasn’t polite. I suffer from motion sickness and that didn’t help.”

“Again, my deepest apologies.”

“Well, apology accepted.” 

The Eye squinted at her. “This might sound a bit crazy, but do you think you might want to go adventuring with me today?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but no. Not after you flung me through the air without my O.K.”

The Eye’s happy glint turned to hurt. “I am so, so sorry! My overexcitement got the better of me.”

Geraldine looked around; she felt as though she was missing something. “Oh that’s wonderful, it just grew back!” 

The Eye looked at her, confusion clouding the pupil. “What just grew back?”

“My tail. It must have fell off in the struggle. It takes so long for it to grow back. I was just getting used to it again.”

“How many times has it had to grow back?”

“More times than I can remember. Too bad I moved away from my favorite scorpion doctor. She always gave me a powder to mix with my crickets to help my tail grow faster.”

Geraldine started to pace back and forth under the rock. The Giant Eye followed her movements.

“What if I took you to her? To your scorpion doctor? It’s the least I can do, I mean, it is my fault.”

Geraldine slowed her movements. The Eye waited patiently for her reply. Oh how she missed Ms. Drucilla. She always had the best remedies for all of Geraldine’s ailments. But did Geraldine trust the Giant Eye to get her there without any more limbs falling off?

“Okay, you can take me to my scorpion doctor. But you will bring me back here once I have the powder.”

Geraldine could see the Giant Eye squint with glee. “Absolutely! You have my word.”

So Geraldine and the Giant Eye began their journey to see Ms. Drucilla, the scorpion doctor.

To Be Continued

WIP of a digipaint of Rhys. I’m at Ringling with a bunch of art teachers (they don’t know I’m not really one of them any more, I feel kind of like a spy) and they were walking us through lots of PS basics this morning. I didn’t really know what to draw while he was teaching everyone about layers, but I knew I needed to work on Windsonde stuff more so….here it is! Definitely not finished, but looks decent enough to share. Don’t know what’s going on with the whispy glowy tendrils, they just seemed necessary at the time. (I was pretty deleriously tired, haven’t been sleeping well). 

I certainly have so much to learn about Photoshop still…but I will say that using the 2014 version on a Cintiq rather than CS4 on an Intuos that gives up constantly makes a pretty big difference. I am loving this trip so far and have already learned so much! I don’t want to stop! Today is really making me start to wish I went to art school. :< But then I remember how expensive it is and I feel better.

I will make me a willow cabin at your gate and call upon your soul within the house I rush into the secret house
—  Paulie Osters last words in Lost and Delerious