adcq-deactivated20131016  asked:

what do you think about datura ?

It’s pretty but I’m too intimidated by that plant to work with it directly. That’s why I’m growing Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna) instead. For me, I try not to work with plants unless I grow them from seed or someone who considers that plant an ally introduces me to their tradition. I’ve worked with a variety of ethnobotanicals, from Calea zacatechichi to Amanita Muscaria, and I don’t want to feel like a cultural tourist or participate in New Age appropriations of sacred plant traditions. This is part of the reason I work predominately RCs, because they’re new and I get to be a part of creating the culture and tradition around them.

fuckerlee  asked:

I remember my datura experience lasting a good 7-8 hours at least. It was one of those deliriant trips where every thing is super dreamy and cloudy. I tried sleeping after a good 6 hours and felt insanely uncomfortable tossing and turning in bed until I stripped down naked and passed out after a few hours. The next day was terrible though because datura and belladonna type substances cause intense pupil dilation and it took almost the entire next day to adjust and I could barley focus visually

Thanks for your report. ^_^