“Maybe if I met you first.”

That scene hurt me so bad, I cried my eyes out while I watched it. I love Elena as a characterbut right now my Delena heart is broken, god! Of course she’ll choose Stefan but Damon is right for her in every way. And the fact that she met him first, at the time he was the “bad” Damon but yet he was kind to her, and i don’t know if I can take it. He cared and humanity towards her already back then.

And then he came to the hospital and looked for her even if she was dead.

He will forever do whatever it takes to keep Elena safe. His love for her is so strong, it’s incredible.

Damon, you live up to your name. Salvatore as in savior.

The Vampire Diaries 3x10 was so, so amazing.

I’m speechless, it was just so damn good and I’m empty with words right now, all I can say is that my dream about Delena just came true, their kiss was epic. Like everything else about them of course. What was your thoughts about it? If your Delena or Stelena fans, or any other ship by the way.

I also do hope we’re going to see more episodes like this.

Who though TVD would turn out to be so freakin’ fantastic 2 years ago?