Fun Fact  “ How General viewers remember DElena from TVD”_ General source

TVD fans : Do you know DElena from TVD?

General Viewers : Delena? Yeah. the girl who cheat on her vampire boyfriend when that faithful man try to saving her ass and sleep with her bf badboy type brother’s, right? 

lmao! yeah- I ask several general viewers of TVD fans. not the shipper. almost gave me the same reaction.

What DE fans say VS facts
  • DE fans: We are the majority of the fandom.
  • Fact: The season that Damon and Elena got together is the year that the ratings started getting downhill.
  • DE fans: We bring TVD so many ratings
  • Fact: TVD lost approximately 1.5M viewers during the past two seasons (aka the seasons when DE were together)
  • DE fans: Damon is the reason why everyone watches TVD
  • Facts: Damon returns: 1.59 M wiewers // Stefan returns: highest rated episode of S5 with 2.93 M viewers.
  • DE fans: Nobody watches TVD for Stelena
  • Facts: Delena Memory Lane: 1.54 M viewers - Stelena Memory Lane: 2.63M viewers.
  • DE fans: #DelenaRainKiss is gonna bring TVD a boost in the ratings
  • Fact: the episode solely promoted with DE and that showed the infamous rain kiss gets a SERIES low.
  • To be continued...
To all TVD fandom, please take a moment to read this;

It is so sad to see people bashing Ian Somerhalder on his twitter saying he should kill himself and many other disgusting things.
He is a wonderful human being with his own charity foundation, he does so much for the enviroment and is involved in so many projects on that subject and is also helping animals and raising awareness of global warming and many similar subjects. He loves his fans so much and he shows it frequently.
Yet people are insulting him because of his personal choices he made such as dating the woman HE LOVES aka Nikki Reed. Who do they think they are, judging him for such a stupid reason. Also, I would like to finally clarify he does NOT have anything to do with Nina Dobrev’s departure from The Vampire Diaries, it was her own choice.
I am so ashamed to see many of the “"fans”“ who were insulting him are, in fact, Delena fans but I am here to make a difference and to let Ian know I love him and support him here, on Twitter and anywhere else.

anonymous asked:

Just curious, because your meta is seriously awesome and you seem to have a great grasp on the way TVD is being written (even though I've never shipped Steroline I'm pretty much with you on the cues and hints being given) who do you then think, as well as Steroline being an endgame pairing, will also be an endgame pairing between Delena & Bamon? I feel like DE has been foreshadowed quite strongly as being the most likely endgame pairing on the show even though, at this point, I'd prefer Bamon

Thank you for the compliment! I try to take my shippingglasses off and view things from an objective literary perspective when I writemeta. I’m primarily interested in critical discussion of the charactersnot shipping wars. Also, I appreciate that you took  the time to read my meta even though you’re not a Steroline shipper.

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tvd fandom going through the 5 stages of grief like...
  1. Denial: *starts crying immidietly* no no no this can not be happening, nina would never leave the show like this *cries harder about the fact that delena won’t be endgame* THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING


  3. Bargaining: Can’t nina just stay for one more season? JUST ONE, THAT’S ALL I ASK. PLEASE. *possible cry again*

  4. Depression: urghh my life is over. the past 6 years have been a complete waste. This show has betrayed me and i’m dead, this is the end of me, please just let me cry in the corner for the next year.

  5. Acceptance: *plot twist* is unable to accept and is forever stuck in the 4 stages of grief.

the fact that delena percentage stills growing and other couples keep the same made me suspect that something was going wrong so i add up ALL the percentages 

i will let it here  so you can see it for yourselves

penny leonard        0,2
castle and becket  0,8
mary and francis   0,2
Ezra y Aria            0,1
Mindy y Danny       0,1
Glenn y maggie     0,2
fitz y Olivia             0,1
Hook y Emma        0,5
Ted y Tracy            0,1
Vincent y Catherin  1,6
Finn y Rachel          1,9
Jax y Tara                0,1
Kurt y Blaine            46,6
Berson y Cssidy       0,0
Jon y Ygritte              0,1
Damon y Elena        47,6



Since when a percentage is MORE than 100 ?!!!

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True Love Prevails

To the few remaining existing SErs, read this. Just read it.

DErs, you too.

Stefan and Elena were never real. Their “love” was fake. The only reason they were ever together was because of Markos’ spell.

Markos’ spell forced and programmed Elena to fall in love with Stefan and be with him. Just like it forced and programmed the rest of Silas and Amara’s Doppelgängers throughout time.

“But you know the life that we had… It wasn’t a spell or prophecy, it was real. We fell in love on our own.” -Stefan (5x18)

No Stefan. No. And this is where SErs get confused. They think Stelena were real based on Stefan’s words.

But Stefan wasn’t there when Quetsiya told Damon in 5x03, “Century after century I watched versions of Stefan and Elena find each other, like magnets. Always the same story, conquering all, falling in love. You didn’t think your brother was Silas’ first shadow? Destiny has been trying to get the doppelgängers together forever.”

Stefan wasn’t there when “destiny/the universe” was Markos and his spell.

Stefan thinks the only spell Markos cast on him and Elena, was the fake hallucinations/dreams. But little did he know, that Markos had cast another spell 1500 years ago that drew every Silas and Amara doppelgänger together and programmed them to fall in love and stay together to serve Markos’ agenda.

Stefan and Elena were never real.

And it’s funny how, they’ve always emphasized Damon & Elena as being real.

“I didn’t compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun. I wanted it to be real.”

“It’s the most real thing that I’ve ever felt in my entire life.”

“We’re messy and complicated but, we’re real.”

Delena real. Stelena fake.

“Elena was like a caged animal, ready to break free.” -Nina Dobrev [about Delena’s kiss in 3x19] (Bloody Night Con 2012)

“When I’m with him, it feels unpredictable, like I’m free.” -Elena (4x10)

Elena would’ve stayed caged all her life by Markos’ spell, if it wasn’t for Damon. He set her free. Their true love set her free.

“True Love prevails, universe be damned.”

So SErs what are you still doing here? Seriously.