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Presumably, Renly was planning on telling Robert about the incest. So...why didn't he? What was he waiting for? I know Marg wasn't in King's Landing yet, but given her family's wealth and power and her alleged beauty, I'm sure Robert would agree to marry her sight unseen.

You’re sure? Even considering the last beautiful woman with a powerful wealthy family that Robert agreed to marry sight unseen was Cersei?

What I think Renly was planning was to bring Margaery to King’s Landing (or alternatively get Robert to Highgarden), get her in bed with Robert, and have Robert fall in love with her. With her beauty and charm, she would become his official mistress, undercutting Cersei’s connection to and influence on Robert. More Tyrells and their people would come to the capital, to have a significant power base against the Lannisters there (all the redcloaks and other appointees, etc). Renly also needed to be in position to seize Joffrey and Myrcella and Tommen (as he told Ned to do), when the moment came for him to make his accusation of adultery against Cersei, so that they couldn’t escape Robert’s vengeance justice. And with Robert’s love for Margaery and debt to Renly for introducing them, plus the Tyrell army, the Lannisters would be gone, just like that. And then Robert would marry Margaery, sunshine and rainbows for everyone forever.

Basically, you can’t bring a Tyrell army to King’s Landing without Margaery to convince Robert he needs them, and you can’t bring Margaery to King’s Landing without an army (of family and actual armed men) to support and defend her from Cersei, and you can’t be sure Robert will believe Renly’s accusations against Cersei unless he’s already in love with Margaery. It’s complex, and convincing the Tyrells to go along with this with their only daughter would be very tempting, but also dangerous enough that it’s not surprising Margaery didn’t go to the capital right away. (Possibly Loras was attending the Hand’s Tourney partially to check the lay of the land.) But Renly was getting all his pieces together, planning to entice Robert with the idea that Margaery looked like Lyanna, etc; however, Cersei struck first, and so “the boar got Robert and [Renly] got Margaery” instead.

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You think Robert would go the official mistress route? He’s always seemed more Edward IV than Francois I or even Henry VIII (or Aegon IV, tbh) in terms of his infidelity; he certainly doesn’t hide it but mostly his lovers are of the lower classes, and short-term. In fact he seems to prefer brothels over seducing common women (a thing that was at least attributed to Edward), which is definitely not indicative of anything long-term. In fact, Delena appears to be his only highborn fling. A long-term, noble mistress is very much out of his usual MO, so if that was Renly’s plan, it’s shaky. And also a serious risk on the Tyrell side. Robert is fickle; if he tires of Margaery before they can finish their Anne Boleyn Plot*, she’s ruined. In fact, Renly is probably better off if they go full Boleyn, where Margaery seduces Robert but holds off on the final conclusion, as it were. Which is not to say the actual mistress thing isn’t Renly’s plan; it just might not be the best plan.

*While the chain of events would be similar, of course, Renly’s plot begins with the aim of a new queen, whereas Anne was likely making the best deal out of what today we’d call sexual harassment in the workplace.

Note I never said Renly’s plan was a good plan, nor that it would necessarily succeed. (My “sunshine and rainbows forever” line is generally a very sarcastic keyphrase.) The risk for the Tyrells there, as I said, is the reason why the plan was moving so slowly, why Margaery didn’t make it into Robert’s bed before Cersei had him killed. As for Henry VIII, GRRM himself compares him.

Nevertheless, how I know it was a mistress plan rather than a full Boleyn “no huggee no kissee until I get a wedding ring” plot:

“The Knight of Flowers writes Highgarden, urging his lord father to send his sister to court. The girl is a maid of fourteen, sweet and beautiful and tractable, and Lord Renly and Ser Loras intend that Robert should bed her, wed her, and make a new queen.” –Varys, AGOT, Arya III

Note the order there – bed then wed. Also note this is Varys talking to Illyrio in (assumed) privacy, so there’s no possible layer of pretense (as if he were talking to Ned), this is what he really knows and really feels. And if anyone has knowledge of what Renly was really planning, it’s Varys…

Do you guys know what really pissed me off most about this episode…Not Elmo….Or not even the annoying Delena crap…But the fact that this one episode seemed to have revert Damon into his S1/S2 self

Not caring about how Stefan would handle his only true family leaving him…Like dude, do you even realize what he went through when you were in the prison world with your future wife?

And then the whole, only caring for Elena shit…Like come on….

The only glimse of hope I had for Damon not having complete character regression, is that he mentioned that Bonnie being alright as good news.

Sorry, but I need to RANT.

I just recently left tumblr, thinking that I was done posting things, and liking/reblogging other people’s posts. But I just had to watch the “new” TVD promo for 6x11 after seeing the photos of Delena kissing. And let me just say, I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH DULENA. And I’m just about done with TVD.  I know there will be people who wouldn’t agree to everything I’m about to say right now. And it’s okay if you don’t agree to anything I’m saying, everyone got their own thoughts and feelings, but I need to let this out.

So sorry in advance, cause’ this is going to be long…

I only just recently got into The Vampire Diaries only four-five months ago when I first saw the ending of the 5x22 featuring Damon and Bonnie being sucked into a white oblivion. After seeing that tremendously amazing, heart-wrenching and tear-jerking ending; I completely fell in love with Bamon after watching a few more clips of the two.  

Soon after I started looking up fanfiction and fanvids of the ship and slowly began to immerse myself into the TVD fandom. Just as I begin to show a steady interest, I saw the first promo to Season 6 and decided to watch it in hopes of seeing Bamon again. By this time, I already had a list of characters that I like and was actually excited to see them on the big tv screen (instead of on my laptop). When I saw the ending of 6x01, I got even more excited at the prospects of Bamon becoming official, like so many other fans. But now, I’m more hesitant to hope for anything good or worthwhile.

I had heard many things about the TVD writers having failed to bring anything new and compelling to the plots, and I’ve heard even more worst things about how they treat certain characters. In particular: Bonnie, Matt, Jeremy, and Tyler. But I was still willing to give it a try for my favorite characters. Everything was going for smoothing within the first five episode of the sixth season, until the beginning of 6x07 and then I realized that the complaints about the writers focusing on Dullena too much and using Bonnie as plot device comes back into focus. 

Most of the Bamon fans came into this show somewhat expecting to see the developement of Bonnie’s and Damon’s relationship. That was the main reason why most of us started watching this season. But the moment Bonnie sacrificed herself (again), she is given the short-end of the stick (again) and becomes second to everybody else’s problems. It have been ten episodes since BonBon have been trapped in the 1994 Mystic Falls. It’s been five episodes since Bonnie have been left behind in the Alter. dimension without Damon by her side. Now, I and many other Bonnie Stans have to wait another three episodes before she can finally return home. 

How much longer do we have to wait?!

But what really upsets me, is that the writers promise that Bonnie was to return soon, but all I’ve seen was multiple failed attempts of rescuing BonBon and most of those attempts was Damon’s. I never seen any of her friends try to save her (Th only people who had save Bon before was Caroline, Stefan, Jeremy, and even Matt.) from the otherside. Jeremy decided to give-up before the mission even started. Elena, being her usual selfish-self, tried to make the whole thing about herself and didn’t even seem to put much effort into saving Bonnie. And the one person who probably would have done anything to save her (Caroline), wasn’t even seen much during the episode. Don’t get me started on how inconsiderate Alaric, Tyler, Jo, and Liv have been. 

And now, after watching this promo; I can honestly say how sick I am of everybody having this incessant urge to come to Elena’s rescue. It seems like every time something happens to Elena, people just had to drop what they’re doing just  so the “warrior princess” would be safe. What about Bonnie? Isn’t she also in trouble and in need of some saving. I mean the girl doesn’t even have her magic anymore and is literally stuck in some unknown dimension all alone. But no….let’s just leave her there for sometime until we figure out how to save Elena, Liv,and Jo from Kai. 

I swear, if Bonnie doesn’t set her friends straight and start dishing out some hard truths to everybody, I’m going to be done with this show…because I can’t see myself being belatedly left behind by my so-called friends without feeling some sort of deep-seeded resentment. 

Now to the reason why I started this whole rant:

  1. The fact that Delena is kissing and seemingly getting back together again.
  2. The fact that Kai seems to be flirting with Elena and that the others (Jo, Alaric, etc.) still don’t ant to kill him.
  3. The fact that Enzo is stalking Stefan and trying to ruin his life.
  4. The fact that Caroline’s mother, Liz, is dying and there is no cure. 
  5. The fact that this promo features pretty much everybody, except Bonnie.

The 1st and 3rd reasons are my biggest problem with this promo/episode. I do not see the appeal of Delena, and I’ll probably never see it. Since I am currently rewatching the seasons of TVD, I’ve noticed how much of a douche Damon was to everybody. He abused Caroline, threatened Bonnie, stalked and harassed Elena, attempt to kill Jeremy, and made Stefan’s life hell….but he mostly focused his attention on Stefan and Elena. Looking at all of the earlier season 1-2 clips of Delena I noticed how forceful Damon was in his advancements towards her. And it is this reason I couldn’t get into the ship, as well as how they both just brought the worst out of each other (this became more apparent in season 4 and 5). To me, Delena is the definition of an abusive, co-dependent relationship. So the fact that they might get back together, really irks me beyond anything else. Especially since, there are plenty of better, more healthier pairings the writers could focus on. 

Enzo just about over-stayed his welcome. The fact that he followed Stefan and Caroline across the states to Carolina, so he could harass answers out of Stefan have me itching to slap someone (preferably Enzo, or the writers). He had no good reason as to why he need to get into Stefan’s/Salavtore business. I understand that he felt Stefan deserved some retribution for abandoning the “save Bonnie and Damon” mission, as well for hurting/ignoring Caroline feelings. But he is really pushing it too far. I hate how the writers made this really interesting and compelling character into a  guy who only purpose is to torment people he doesn’t like. What happen to the vampire who thought the world of Damon, only to be proven how wrong he was, and yet still couldn’t bring himself to hate his best friend after learning the truth. Enzo had a storyline that was actually  worth watching. Now I hardly even pay attention to what he even says anymore, and that’s sad. What is even more tragic, I was actually pretty happy that he was featured in 6th season. I was hoping to see a lot of Denzo and Dalaric moments, but apparently Damon isn’t close friends with either Enzo or Alaric this season.

I love Enzo, I really do…but he need to get a life. One that doesn’t only revolves around the Salvatores.

The only “endgame” I see for Delena is the one where they actually end this love game they’re playing. (For reals, their relationship is just one huge emotional roller-coaster and it’s making me sick.)

I need the TVD writers to give a clear explanation as why Liz Forbes have cancer (Did her family had a history of the diease? Did she had unhealthy habits? Or was this a case of misfortune?), because it seemed to come out of no where. Even then, the fact that people was able to guess that she was going to die, says a lot about Plec’s writing.  

I need Kai to get what’s coming for him, preferably from Bonnie and Damon (who wanted to kill Kai since day one). 

I need to see more of Bonnie being the BAMF witch that she is and pull punches like it’s nobody’s business, especially not to Elena, Alaric, or Tyler. I also need to see more bonding moments between my OTP Bamon, to the point that everyone could finally realize how much Damon cared for BonBon, and recoginize their relationship as what it is.

‘Caus Bamon is Bangin’! 

To all TVD fandom, please take a moment to read this;

It is so sad to see people bashing Ian Somerhalder on his twitter saying he should kill himself and many other disgusting things.
He is a wonderful human being with his own charity foundation, he does so much for the enviroment and is involved in so many projects on that subject and is also helping animals and raising awareness of global warming and many similar subjects. He loves his fans so much and he shows it frequently.
Yet people are insulting him because of his personal choices he made such as dating the woman HE LOVES aka Nikki Reed. Who do they think they are, judging him for such a stupid reason. Also, I would like to finally clarify he does NOT have anything to do with Nina Dobrev’s departure from The Vampire Diaries, it was her own choice.
I am so ashamed to see many of the “"fans”“ who were insulting him are, in fact, Delena fans but I am here to make a difference and to let Ian know I love him and support him here, on Twitter and anywhere else.

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Just curious, because your meta is seriously awesome and you seem to have a great grasp on the way TVD is being written (even though I've never shipped Steroline I'm pretty much with you on the cues and hints being given) who do you then think, as well as Steroline being an endgame pairing, will also be an endgame pairing between Delena & Bamon? I feel like DE has been foreshadowed quite strongly as being the most likely endgame pairing on the show even though, at this point, I'd prefer Bamon

Thank you for the compliment! I try to take my shippingglasses off and view things from an objective literary perspective when I writemeta. I’m primarily interested in critical discussion of the charactersnot shipping wars. Also, I appreciate that you took  the time to read my meta even though you’re not a Steroline shipper.

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tvd fandom going through the 5 stages of grief like...
  1. Denial: *starts crying immidietly* no no no this can not be happening, nina would never leave the show like this *cries harder about the fact that delena won’t be endgame* THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING


  3. Bargaining: Can’t nina just stay for one more season? JUST ONE, THAT’S ALL I ASK. PLEASE. *possible cry again*

  4. Depression: urghh my life is over. the past 6 years have been a complete waste. This show has betrayed me and i’m dead, this is the end of me, please just let me cry in the corner for the next year.

  5. Acceptance: *plot twist* is unable to accept and is forever stuck in the 4 stages of grief.

It doesn’t matter if Julie Plec refuses to put Bamon together romantically on the show (pssh, of course it matters), it won’t change the fact that Delena is still and always will be the worst couple in the history of TVD. It won’t change the fact that putting Delena together on the show was the worst decision that the show ever made. It won’t change the fact that Delena was the ultimate downfall of TVD. It won’t change the fact that Delena is a highly problematic, toxic and abusive relationship. It won’t change the fact that Delena fans are a bunch of racist, sexist, and hateful bullies. It won’t change the fact that Delena fans have treated other people within the TVD fandom like absolute shit for the past seven years and that their reputation both inside and outside of the TVD fandom is absolutely horrible. It won’t change the fact that the ratings declined severely after the writers made the awful and stupid decision to force Delena together. It won’t change the fact that Delena was built on a fucking sire bond (basically the equivalent of being a slave to a master or rape. YEAH, WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN JULIE!). It won’t change the fact that Damon and Elena’s characters were absolutely ruined and destroyed for the sake of Delena happening. It won’t change the fact that the chemistry between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev is incredibly forced no matter how much the writers try to convince us, as the audience, that they have chemistry. It won’t change the fact Damon and Elena’s characters have absolutely nothing in common outside of sex and fighting. It won’t change the fact that Damon being with Elena did not make him a better man, it made him worse. It won’t change the fact that Damon made Elena into the worst version of herself. It won’t change the fact that Ian Somerhalder can’t stand Delena and thinks they are awful together. It won’t change the fact that Nina Dobrev prefers Stelena over Delena. It won’t change the fact that Ian Somerhalder is a Stelena shipper instead of a Delena shipper. 

It doesn’t matter if Julie Plec doesn’t want to make Bamon a romantic canon couple on the show, it doesn’t change the fact that Ian Joseph Somerhalder and Katerina Alexandre Graham have the best fucking on and off screen chemistry between two actors on this show. It doesn’t change the fact that Bamon have sizzling, intense and passionate chemistry (whether it be platonic, sexual or romantic) and that it has overshadowed every single current canon couple on the show (i.e. Calaric, Steroline, Bonenzo). It doesn’t change the fact that Bamon is a much healthier couple or pairing than Delena will ever be. It doesn’t change the fact that Bamon was romantically canon in the books and should be acknowledged and respected on the show because of that fact. It doesn’t change the fact that LJ Smith is a Bamon shipper. It doesn’t change the fact that Bamon is a beautiful interracial couple that should be represented more often in the media. It doesn’t change the fact that Ian Somerhalder and Katerina Graham are fucking beautiful together. It doesn’t change the fact that despite Damon being a vampire and Bonnie being a witch (witches and vampires are supposed to be enemies), they still love and respect each other more than anything. It doesn’t change the fact that Damon and Bonnie challenge each other for the better. It doesn’t change the fact that Damon and Bonnie have both gone through significant character development, growth and progress because of each other. It doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t matter if Damon is a White male lead and Bonnie is a Black female supporting character, they can still carry the fucking show with their chemistry and their interactions. It doesn’t change the fact that Bamon’s “platonic” relationship is still a much better love story than “romantic” Delena will ever be or ever was. It doesn’t change the fact that Bamon fans have been the most respectful (yet passionate) fanbase while Delena fans have consistently proven to be disrespectful bullies. It doesn’t change the fact that TVD has been its best in a long time since Season Three because of Bamon’s relationship. It doesn’t change the fact that Bonnie Bennett is much better character than Elena Gilbert will ever be. It doesn’t change the fact that Damon Salvatore will go to the ends of the earth to save and protect Bonnie. It doesn’t change the fact that Damon has repeatedly chosen to have Bonnie by his side over having a future with Elena. It doesn’t change the fact that Bamon’s relationship is built on trust, support, love, understanding, selflessness and honesty. It doesn’t change the fact that Damon and Bonnie are equals who respect each other and admire one another. It doesn’t change the fact that Damon and Bonnie can be completely themselves when they are with or around each other. It doesn’t change the fact that Damon Salvatore loves the shit out of Bonnie Bennett. It doesn’t change the fact that Bonnie shaped Damon into the kinder, understanding and selfless man that he is today. It doesn’t change the fact that both Ian Somerhalder and Katerina Graham both support Bamon and think it would be awesome if the writers had the balls to make it canon. It doesn’t change the fact that Damon and Bonnie are selfless when it comes to each other. It doesn’t change the fact that Bamon is the best fucking thing that has happened to TVD in years.  

Delicity Are Meant To Be

You must be so proud “Delicity” Fandom winning by cheating & getting #Bamon accounts deactivated. I’ve messaged mtv proof of how “Delicity” cheated to win their award. I know for a FACT #Delena fandom win awards by cheating. Don’t pretend Olicity STANS that you played fair when you aligned with the most toxic fandom to ever exist. Like I said before not surprised two fanservice ships working together. I’ll never ship someone toxic for Felicity she deserves the fucking world not an asshole like Oliver. Olicity aren’t even canon in the god damn comicbooks. The writers on #TVD don’t care about Damon’s happiness or that he said flat out how wrong him & Elena are together. Plec & Co only care about opinions of one fandom who helped ruined the show so they can get fanservice for two people who are wrong for each other. I don’t ship #Stelena but those two is what a healthy relationship should look like and accepting ones flaws instead of changing a persons entire personality to be with someone. Felicity and Damon have captured my heart which is why I won’t ship Olicity & Delena.

Once Again Congrats “Delicity” for cheating to win mtv‘s Ship Of The Year Awards

Regardless what happens in the finale, delena is and will always be the most amazing movie screen worthy ship. No couple’s journey will ever beat theirs and that’s a fact.