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July 13: Five Kisses (3/5)

Season 5, episode 17: Rescue Me

Damon and Elena have broken up for the…oh, who knows I’ve lost count lol. Jeremy has left the boarding house to get a break from them and Elena is about to return to school. They obviously still love each other and don’t want to say goodbye but Elena knows it’s what’s needed (Damon as well, but his resolve is much weaker).

Damon does the chivalrous thing and offers to drive her back to school, but she declines knowing that it would make it impossible to say goodbye to him.

While this isn’t one of the more romantic kisses in the traditional sense, this kiss got me at my core. I’ve always been a sucker for forehead kisses and what they symbolize. Damon and Elena are done. Over. No more. Well, as far as they know. Yet instead of being the asshat ex-boyfriend that so many men are more than willing to be, he’s still loving. He still cares for her and knows that this is what she needs, even if he does worry about her.

To me, this is him saying “I get that this is what you need, and I respect it but I still care for you. I still love you, even if we’re not together.”


Delena Forever Ours Meta Month

(hosted by undyingdelena and chairdelenazade)

July 7: Four Scenes (¼)

I know what I signed up for, Damon. And I’m all in
    -Elena Gilbert, Home

ugh, this scene means so much to me. It’s so simple, but it holds so much meaning in just one sentence and a shared look. Elena and Damon are about to literally drive to their death - you can’t top the epicness of that. And also, can we talk about the unspoken conversation between them. He does a double take, like “Is this really happening? This woman is insane but damn, I love her”. And he shakes himself out of his trance of admiration for the ballsy attitude she has as if he’s worried she may get smart and realize she can still get out. They are so freaking adorable.

When Elena says she’s all in, she means she’s willing to risk death with him because a life without him isn’t worth living to her. When she says she knows what she signed up for, she means that she knows who he is. Better than anyone, probably. And he is worth it to her. No matter their fights, no matter the drama, at the end of the day, Damon is who she wants to have by her side. She realizes they’re not perfect, but they are worth it. 

It doesn’t matter - their relationship, this mission to save everyone - whatever it is, she’s with him til the end.

And that is beautiful.