delena is so beautiful

Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if Stefan Salvatore, the hero and star of the show could finally begin his life? His human life that was put on hold over a century and a half ago. A life that had promise because human Stefan is a wonderful person. A happy ending to our hero’s long and tragic story. Too bad that’ll never happen because now it’s just the Damon and Delena show.

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Man, i'm so glad that those spoilers about Damon compelling Stefan and Elena weren't true. And, i teared up at Stefan and Lexi and Stefan and Damon scenes. Very beautiful scenes. And Delena is endgame. I'm so happy i could scream. :D

Let’s scream together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I was sure SE spoilers were fake, they made no sense so.
I have to say i hated Stefan for 80% of the show, but his relation with Damon was my weak spot *criesss*


oh, i close my eyes and wait for a sign
am i just waiting in vain?

TVD finale

For those who asked me to explain why I though the finale was shit, briefly, the stuff that was wrong with it…

- First and most importantly, the dancing. What the fuck was the dancing? I was so embarrassed I could only just bring myself to give the screen sidelong glances. I will probably come back to this later because it was just so upsetting.

- Has there ever - and I mean EVER - been anything more lame and contrived that Kai showing up and putting Elena into a magical coma that she will wake up from when Bonnie dies and meanwhile she will stay young and beautiful so DON’T BE UPSET DELENA SHIPPERS, YOUR HAPPY ENDING IS STILL A THING, BRB MILKING SOME MORE CASH OUT OF THESE HOT GUYS. I should have known when I said there was no way to write Elena out without either killing her or trashing Delena that these writers would try to find a way and it would all end in eye-rolling and second-hand embarrassment for me.

- Why the fuck did they put her in a coffin? Really, why would they do that? For what possible reason? I was literally sitting there with my mouth hanging open just being like WHAT?  WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? WHY?????? ARE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE MACABRE FREAKS SUDDENLY BECAUSE SHE IS NOT DEAD SO WHY THE FUCKING COFFIN?????


- And apart from the symbolism of it I’m pretty sure that when you’re in a coma you still need to, you know, BREATHE, so maybe shutting the lid on her and leaving her alone for 60 years isn’t the best plan? Although knowing these writers it’s a ~magical coma and in ~magical comas you breathe for show in the hospital and have normal vitals so that nobody freaks out but you don’t actually, like, need to have oxygen or anything - or fluids - or sustenance of any kind - and you never get bedsores either so there is no need for anyone to go in there and look at you because Nina Dobrev’s face is busy.

- You guys seriously there are strict instructions for our gang to like never go into that room because that’s the best way to keep her safe and that’s not remotely convenient or anything Nina Dobrev’s face is busy sorry?

- ‘Damon please get on with your life and enjoy it and have hijinks so that we can get ratings via your hotness and teasing Bamon just in case the audience like it in which case Delena who and hello 8th season.’ Did Elena say that or was it Julie Plec? Who knows. What I know is that Damon Salvatore would never ever just get on with his life while Elena lay there waiting to be able to wake up. What I know is that the dessication option would be a very real one for him and nobody would be talking him out of it, not even shadowy vision Elena. What I also know is that the first favour he would ask of Bon Bon is to put him under some kind of magical sleeping curse too so that he and Elena can wake up at the same time together. There is no plausible scenario in which Damon chills out being Damon for the next 60 years, so they had to play the ‘He’ll do it for Elena’ card. Copout. It would have been more believable if he’d turned it off.

- Meanwhile how in the hell is Elena referring to Bonnie as Damon’s ‘best friend’? I think we skipped a few stages of BFF bonding there. Really, it is not all that usual for grown men to have ~best friends as it implies a level of intimacy and exclusivity that they don’t usually go in for. Bonnie and Damon’s friendship is somewhat intimate in that they bonded in 1994 but there is nothing exclusive about it. I’m confident they could go a week without seeing each other and not really notice even if it would be sad to think they might never see each other again. That is not a ‘best friends’ relationship. I really enjoy Bamon. But skipping actual development of their relationship and just slapping an improbable label on it to show us how special it is? Lame.

- But seriously that dancing. It was so awkward and false and ‘We couldn’t be bothered to write words for them to say so here have a soft focus twirl and a slightly uncomfortable lift. Awful AWFUL BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS. It completely robbed the last big Delena scene of any intimacy and reduced it to a romance novel cliche. They could have been any old couple and they may as well have been for all the effort the writers were putting in. Their conversation consisted almost entirely in justifying Damon sticking around to entertain us next season and beyond that we got a big dance number at the place where they first met because hey isn’t that shorthand for ~meaningful? I have never seen such sloppy disengaged writing for Delena. Season 5 was a trainwreck but even then I felt like someone was at least putting in some effort, however misguided they may have been.

- On the subject of Damon moving on and living his life while Elena takes a long nap. How can you even begin to reconcile that with the fact that she’s lying there all good and visiony, needing only to be touched and like, concentrated really hard on in order to be standing there dance-ready and dispensing of wisdom? Those visions - or mind-meld scenes, I guess you could call them, were probably the thing that made the episode so problematic. Because it was heavily implied that Elena was participating mentally in those ‘goodbyes’ as opposed to her friends just imagining what she might say like Elena imagined a dead Damon with the help of special herbs. Those scenes were meant to be real and represent a real connection between Elena and the people whose lives she was going to be sleeping through. So why would Damon NOT take advantage of that connection? That’s like saying that if Elena was a deaf-mute he wouldn’t bother to communicate with her via sign language because that’s not ~real enough. Elena is still there. She’s alive. She’s mentally aware on some level. She is reachable. It’s inconceivable that these people would just leave her alone till she could walk and talk and do all that stuff she needs to do to be relevant because Nina Dobrev’s face is BUSY OKAY? And the more I think about that the more horrified I am by the fact that if they can make a connection with her it means that she’s there inside her own mind. Like… chilling. All alone. In a coffin. For 60 years. Her brain isn’t just ceasing to exist. SHE’S STILL IN THERE. Ugh god there is just so much that is sloppy and ill-conceived about the whole concept of those mind-melds that I don’t even know WHAT THEY WERE THINKING.

- Why the hell did we get a special Elena and Tyler scene? Don’t get me wrong. I like Tyler and I always liked the idea of them developing an actual friendship between him and Elena but the bottom line is that they never did and there is no way Elena cares whether he leaves town to fulfil his destiny or not. It was totally false that they would have that conversation and doubly false that they would mind-meld to do it. The fact that it wasn’t something that was particularly necessary for either of them and seemed more like a ‘Hey everybody else is having a quick chat so why not’ situation really highlighted how weird it is for them all to be ‘Okay one mind-meld only, then we put her in the box because Nina Dobrev’s face etc’.

- Jeremy got less mind-meld time with his sister than Stefan Salvatore. This despite the fact that Elena will totally get to chill with Stefan one day whereas chances are she will miss the ENTIRETY OF HER BROTHER’S LIFE AND NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. They didn’t even address the fact that Elena still doesn’t know that Jeremy’s killing vampires instead of attending art school. They just shoved the entire thing under the ‘Don’t worry if we never see each other again and are essentially dead for each other because I am doing what I love CUT TO TYLER’. I mean really. REALLY. REALLY SHOW? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? They would have been better off not bringing Jeremy back at all.

- All the Stelena was pointless except for the sake of fanservice and even then it was pointless because they basically had Stefan officially pronounce the ship dead in the same damn episode. Although I’m 100% on board with the idea that Elena was ultimately Stefan’s way back to his brother I still found it a little on the nose to have him speak about her that way while she’s lying right there being not-dead. He as good as said he’d be fine without her because it was never really her that he needed, just his brother - and Caroline. Having Elena’s not-death be the springboard for Stefan to express how over her he was actually? Pretty gross. Having him do that right in front of her unconscious body while making eyes at Caroline? Super gross. Neither of them should have been focusing on their budding romance at that point and don’t even get me started on the fact that STEROLINE got all the words while Delena were off being contestants on Dancing With The Stars in the background in the last few moments of Elena’s screentime on this show.

- Back to the Stelena. What was the point of wasting all that screentime on them? I can’t imagine that any of it made a single Stelena shipper happy and even if it did… good writing isn’t about ticking boxes. It isn’t about writing Important Final Moments for Ships That Used To Matter A Whole Lot. It’s about writing characters. Elena and Stefan are no longer particularly relevant to each other. Stefan gave a voice to that in this episode and the show stopped writing them as having any significant ongoing connection a season and a half ago (which, for the record, I think was a mistake). All the Stelena scenes did was underline how forced it is for them to even interact on a meaningful level anymore. That and waste a whole lot of time that should have been Jeremy and Elena’s. Or BONNIE AND ELENA’S.

- Speaking of which. Yes, I loved the feathers scene. It was super adorable. But it also drove home just how spectacularly these writers failed when it comes to Belena. Because the feathers scene was the obvious choice. It was the standout. There was really only one super cute Belena moment that could be paralleled when saying farewell to the relationship and that sucks beyond the telling of it. I hate that we never got to see those girls be friends. I hate that there aren’t 17 and a half feathers moments for them. And I also fucking hate that stupid line Elena said about them getting everything they ever wanted just not at the same time because no NO NO NONO NO. Never seeing your best friend again and knowing that when you wake up it’ll be because she’s dead is NOT getting everything you ever wanted? What the fuck? This is what happens when writers try to be snappy and cute and forget to actually think through the implications of a line. What Elena should have said is ‘We’ll get everything we want except each other.’ And then Bonnie and Elena should have fucking bawled their eyes out. Because it’s just like the two of them died on each other. WHICH IS HOW IT IS WITH JEREMY AND ELENA TOO BUT APPARENTLY ALL THEY CAN DO IS CRY A BIT BUT THEN QUICKLY FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THEM TO BE A REAL BROTHER AND SISTER AND THIS IS SUCH A POSITIVE TRANSITION YOU GUYS PLEASE WATCH THE NEXT SEASON FOR SALVATORE BROTHER HIJINKS AND SHIRTLESSNESS!!!!!!!!

- Back to Stefan’s speech about how Elena brought him back to his brother, all I could think was ‘Well sure, totally, but she’s a lot more than that’. And then I remembered that the writers probably think she wasn’t really. Because they think it’s totally fine to just carry this show on without her because, you know, this is really about the Salvatore brothers and now that they’re back together again well JOB DONE, FEMALE PROTAGONIST WHO WASN’T REALLY. Get out, get out, get out.

- The show’s attempts to skip Ric’s grieving process via glowy Elena visions were gross. Nobody - and I mean nobody and least of all someone who’s suffered as much grief as Ric has - wants to be told within 24 hours of their pregnant wife being brutally murdered in front of them on the wedding day - or heck, even within 3 fucking months of that happening - that they have to hold on and work through the pain and everything will be okay in the end. Seriously? I’m supposed to believe that’s what Elena ‘Knows grief better than you know your own name’ Gilbert has to say to Ric at this point? Sloppy, writers. That was forced, glib and not worthy of the character.


- I don’t care about Enzo or Lily or their ~family and I resent the show taking screentime that should have been Elena’s and using it to set up whatever stupid-ass plot they want people to watch next season.

- If they wanted me to care about Liv they shouldn’t have had her mysteriously disappear for half the season.

- Damon decapitating Kai was cool except that I’m supposed to believe he’s like SO POWERFUL that he can cure his own werewolf bite and make up super cool spells that nobody can even try to break or they die, but he’s also lame enough that even as a vampire he doesn’t see Damon coming. Ehhhh.

- Damon saving Bonnie was all well and good but come on, of course he was going to. The question, ‘Is Damon a terrible person who only cares about getting in Elena’s pants????’ isn’t even worth asking at this point.

- A missed opportunity: instead of all the twirling and dipping maybe Elena could have recalled that time Damon told her that if it came down to her or the witch again he would gladly let Bonnie die because he will always choose her and she could say how she’s so proud of him that he can make another choice now - that he can choose friendship or the right thing or whatever you want to call it. And just when she’s all shiny-eyed and adoring he could be all ‘Yeah, don’t give me the gold star just yet. I chose Bonnie but I still chose you. Because I chose you knowing that your best friend got to live her life. I chose you knowing that loving me was worth it in the end.’ (Elena: This is not the end, Damon. Damon: I’m scared, Elena. I’m scared that it is and we just don’t know it yet. Elena: Don’t be scared. Because I’m not. Because you know what? You and I… I have this feeling like even if we were human - like even if we died - we’d never be over. Damon: Forever. Elena: Forever.) WHAT IT’S MUSHY BUT AT LEAST IT MEANS SOMETHING???

- Too bad nobody vamp-sped to Jo while she was being stabbed and fed her some blood. Just saying.

- Elena Gilbert’s final episode on this show wasn’t about Elena Gilbert. That is the biggest problem. She was basically on a farewell tour making sure everybody else knew what she wanted for them in their lives and I was just sitting there thinking I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK AND FEEL. I WANT TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOU NOT WATCH YOU SAY GOODBYE TO EVERYBODY ELSE.

Yes, in all caps. Basically I felt like this entire episode was a waste and treated Elena exactly as you would expect from writers who think she is expendable and was only ever really there to bring the Salvatores together.

And now that she’s gone? TVD is over for me except in so far as I may watch next season to make fun of it. And I am sad.