delena is destiny


This love is more than chemical
It feels unusual
And I can’t get enough
You know-oh-oh
This love is more than chemical
And we’re unbreakable
Oh be forevermore
More than chemical

“I’m holding it together the best I can…for you.” -Damon

The Epicness that is Damon and Elena <3

Damon:No one tells me how I live my life, no one tells me who I love, especially not some vindictive prehistoric witch, and definitely not the universe. And I’m not gonna let someone else’s idea of destiny stop me from loving you or being with you or building a future with you, are my life.

Der’s on s3: Elena choose Stefan because he’s the safe choice for her… The boring choice.

Der’s now: OMG Damon is Elena’s safety!! OTP.

(Pd: I guess Jeremy and Aaron can’t say the same about safety…)

Der’s s3: Stefan is a ripper and he’s so nasty, he should stay away from Elena he’s gonna hurt her.

Der’s now: OMG ripper Damon and ripper Elena together. Perfect.

(Pd: Stefan actually resist the urge to bit her, no like Damon….)

Der’s on Stefan: he’s a ripper he’s a murder, he’s a bad person. He’s weak.

Der’s now: Damon is just a misunderstood character he can’t control it leave him alone.

Der’s since forever: DEstiny. DELENA IS DESTINY.

Der’s now: SErs is so forced by destiny wtf?

Sorry ders. Make out your mind… You see why is so easy to fuck with you? never stay with one theory, that’s how fucked up Delena is. Hahaha