Dozens of black kids are missing in DC. These black lawmakers want the FBI to find them.

  • Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) are urging FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate over 500 cases of children missing in the nation’s capital.
  • On Friday, the New York Daily News reported that Richmond and Norton sent a letter pleading to Comey and Sessions to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.”

  • According to the Metropolitan Police Department, more than 500 kids and teens — many of them black teenage girls — were reported missing in Washington, D.C., since the beginning of 2017. 

  • As of Wednesday, 22 cases remain unsolved. Read more.

I’m headed into the phone interview phase of my applications, and since it’s been a while since I’ve had to do interviews I looked up good ways to answer some of the hard interview questions, and the example everyone uses for “what is your greatest weakness” is public speaking. Which is not helpful to me - even when I was young and terribly shy, public speaking was fine and one-on-one stuff was the challenge.

Fun fact: one site recommended using the ‘irrelevant weakness’ method, which is stupid and you shouldn’t do that (use the ‘I know this is an issue and here’s how I address it’ method instead). The example was “I’m addicted to knitting,” which I’m pretty sure is a VH1 show.

So anyway I bring you: MBTI: What is your greatest weakness?

ENFJ: Lack of a work/life balance, especially emotionally.

ENFP: Have great ideas, but isn’t always realistic.

ENTJ: A big-picture person who may miss critical details.

ENTP:  Too direct in offering criticism.

ESFJ: Unwilling to make difficult calls that may not make all team members happy.

ESFP: Gets bored easily with necessary but dull paperwork.

ESTJ: Get impatient with other team members when they aren’t as on top of their work.

ESTP: Has a tendency to act before asking permission

INFJ: Fear of public speaking

INFP: Can be unwilling to speak up during a meeting but then get frustrated when their views aren’t considered

INTJ: Tend to bite off a bit more than they can chew

INTP: Difficulty meeting deadlines

ISFJ: Uncomfortable with lack of structure.

ISFP: Lack of familiarity with this particular field

ISTJ: Refusal to delegate

ISTP: Vastly prefers to work alone to the point of struggling in group projects

Yet Another Star Wars AU

Leis discovers her strength in the force by accidentally-on-purpose force-choking Tarkin when he orders Alderaan destroyed. Vader takes her on as his apprentice on the spot, her own preferences be damned.

(‘My master will excuse the lose of one military politician for the sake of acquiring a powerful new ally. For the sake of the rebellion, less so. I suggest you choose carefully, princess. Your home has been spared for the moment, but the emperor is rarely merciful.’

'I despise you.’

'Then you are already well on your way to being a proper sith. All apprentices despise their masters.’)

Little Robe, Cheyenne Chief

Photographer: William Henry Jackson
Date: 1878?
From the William Blackmore collection, Negative Number 058636

Little Robe survived the massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, on November 29, 1864, where he lost most of his family. Despite (or because of) the violence he witnessed during the American Indian Wars, Little Robe became an advocate for peace, leading treaty negotiations and diplomatic delegations until his death in 1886.