a little note about RSI

I’ll keep this short because typing is a pain. I’ve been dealing with repetitive strain injury (a general term) on my arms since 2 months ago. It’s a chronic injury from overuse of motor functions. Doing things with my hands and fingers are bound to bring pain and discomfort.

It started with my right hand, so I delegated tasks (like typing or opening doors) to my left hand. Soon after, I started feeling it in my left hand too. I went to saw a general practitioner thinking it was carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel syndrome, but was assured otherwise.

A week or two later, I saw an orthopedist at which I had my hand motor functions tested. The major outer muscles of the hands seem to be okay, so it’s possible that the injury affected smaller, inner muscles or tendons. If it was a case of tendons overuse, then it might take up to 3-4 months to completely heal.
Apparently it takes a few weeks before the injured tendons even start to heal, so there may have been times where I re-injured myself doing simple tasks I thought I was ready to handle. This contributes in prolonging the healing process. I never got a detailed diagnosis as those require multiple scans. I did, however, got reassurance from the orthopedist that it’s nothing too serious to warrant an active treatment. I just need to rest my arms. 
I’m still worried because I’ve read about artists who never really got better even after ten months. Or some just learned to live with it for years now. 

This can happen to anyone, especially desk-workers and craftsmen. Remember to take frequent breaks. Get up and take a walk every hour or so. If you’ve been drawing all day, try not to spend leisure time on the same workstation (like playing video games or browsing forums). You can find info online about preventive stretches and workplace ergonomics. But remember that rest is most important.

So much for keeping it short. There is still a lot more I want to say but this will do for now. Realistically, I’ll resume drawing at full force by next year. Anything earlier is a blessing. I’ll keep optimistic, so cheers!

Jeremiah Brown is the founder of @bezelhub, a peer-to-peer platform enabling people to rent and rent out luxury watches online. He says, “Think of us as an Airbnb for jewelry!” Brown shared with us some of his entrepreneurial insight:

Q: What has been the most difficult part of growing your business?

A: The most difficult part of growing a business comprises of finding the right team and co-founders. This may sound a bit cliche but this very important. I have co-founded many other businesses and the main difference between the ones that succeed and the ones that failed was the team/people. Not the bad idea, not the negative cash-flow, not under-delegating; it was the people and how motivated they were.

What’s one thing you wish you’d known before starting your business?

One thing that I wish I’d known was that the best way to know if an idea will work, is to start working on it. You can’t always walk on the shores. Sometimes you have to take the dive.
Q: What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?
A: “Don’t kill the product by building too many features. Instead, pick and choose those critical features that makes sense in building into product.” This was advice given to us by a partner at a venture firm that we pitched our company to. This information helped us to focus on our core competency, which added value to our customers.

Q: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

A: “When building or growing a company, the best resource to have is resourcefulness.” Q: What motivates you to do what you do every day?
A: Being able to inspire people everyday, motivates me to keep building and creating. I believe that our true purpose in life is to create and add value to the world. It is this philosophy, that fuels my desire to be an entrepreneur and build sustainable companies. (📷: Monica Thornhill-Joynes) via Instagram

anonymous asked:

Okay but what if Aya became someone with a pretty important position in the legalizing / politician industries or something that's vital upon Scepter 4 legally speaking and this year it's her turn to do the every-once-a-year-you-spend-a-full-24-hours-checking-this-place-out at Scepter 4 and whoops! She just so happens to have a run-in with Saruhiko in that main office we usually see S4 inside in (because I'm a sucker for shit being shown off [semi] public with crowds watching) and cUE THE DRAMA

Aya would probably know going into it that she’s headed to Saruhiko’s workplace, since they ran into each other in the Another Side epilogue of LSW and she saw him in uniform. Maybe Aya’s been busy with work things and she doesn’t even realize that she’s been put in charge of examining Scepter 4 until it’s too late and she’s quietly cursing to herself because she doesn’t really want to have to worry about running into Fushimi all day but it’s too late to delegate anyone else. Aya tells herself that Scepter 4’s a big organization so as long as she’s careful she probably won’t run into Fushimi and everything will go smoothly, she doesn’t want anything messing with her job and she’d rather just avoid talking with him altogether if she can help it.

At first it looks like her inspection will go smoothly, Munakata’s probably very careful as to what members of ‘normal’ non-super-powered organizations can see so she’s only allowed in approved areas. He probably has one of the alphabet boys accompany her, like Akiyama gets to give her the tour and smoothly answer any questions she has in order to keep as much of what they really do a secret as possible. Aya can see what he’s doing and just rolls her eyes and acts like she can’t because she doesn’t particularly want to admit that she was a member of jungle and given a mission by the Green King himself, considering what that mission was and all. Akiyama’s showing her around when they round a corner and there’s Fushimi. Aya takes a quick step back and tries to look away, figuring if she doesn’t make eye contact it should be fine but then Akiyama greets Fushimi with a polite ‘Fushimi-san’ and that’s when Aya learns Fushimi’s currently the third in command. Fushimi walks over to talk with Akiyama and he and Aya immediately lock gazes. Fushimi would probably assume that she’s come to see him for some reason and he’d be irritated, like what do you want and Aya retorts that she’s not here for Saruhiko, she’s got a job to do. They end up bickering lightly for a bit before Akiyama manages to interject, all surprised that the two of them know each other. That’s when Fushimi and Aya both realize that everyone else around them has stopped what they’re doing and they’re all watching the Fushimi family drama unfold. I think if they were going to have any further discussion after that Fushimi would probably pull her into an empty room to hash it out, I can’t see either of them wanting to do that in public (of course if Fushimi doesn’t explain properly who Aya is and what’s going on that just sparks even more rumors, which he’s not terribly thrilled about either).


Regardless of Hawaii overwhelmingly supporting Senator Bernie Sanders with 70% of the votes, these super delegates still are pledging to support Hillary at the national convention. 

If you live in Hawaii, call them and let your voice be heard. Let them know that you would like your voice to be represented to the fullest at the DNC and want them to pledge their support for Bernie Sanders!

Little Robe, Cheyenne Chief

Photographer: William Henry Jackson
Date: 1878?
From the William Blackmore collection, Negative Number 058636

Little Robe survived the massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, on November 29, 1864, where he lost most of his family. Despite (or because of) the violence he witnessed during the American Indian Wars, Little Robe became an advocate for peace, leading treaty negotiations and diplomatic delegations until his death in 1886.

Delegate in AS3 (adding and removing event listeners)

As I was looking for a way to remove event listeners from an object whose event listeners have been added by a Delegate method, I found this link:

Which is an implementation on AS2 and gave me an idea to port it to AS3:

You can find the original AS3 Delegate Class here:

The way to remove an event listener that has been added using a Delegate method is to save it in a variable before you add the listener.


var button:SimpleButton = new SimpleButton();

var delegate:Function = Delegate.create(onClick, 123);

button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, delegate);

function onClick(e:MouseEvent, param:int = 0):void



e.currentTarget.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, delegate);

trace(“listener removed”);


Aaaaand… voila! Listener removed!

Enjoy :D

Allow me to explain

In order for a democratic presidential nominee to win, he or she needs any combination of delegates and super-delegates that add to 2,383. 

Clinton currently has 91 delegates and 453 super-delegates, adding to 544.

Sanders currently has 65 delegates and 20 super-delegates, adding to 85.

The difference between delegates and super-delegates is that delegates must go with how the people voted, whereas super-delegates get to choose who they want despite what the people vote.

There are only 796 super-delegates, having only 317 left, meaning that even if Clinton gets the rest of them, her total number will be 867, needing 1,516 more to win. 


Get out there and vote, vote, vote! If everyone who says they are for Bernie Sanders actually votes, then Clinton doesn’t stand a chance in gaining the delegates she needs. 


Don’t let the Clinton campaign and ignorant folks make you think your vote doesn’t matter.

Don’t let anyone try to make you think someone has already won.