YES FOR THRESHERS The Philippines is the only country that can boast to having an established pelagic thresher shark dive industry. Monad Shoal near Malapascua Island, Daanbantayan remains to be the only place in the world where scuba divers can see pelagic thresher sharks almost every day. The...

It’s CITES time you guys. This convention is the way the world regulates the international trade of endangered species. Historically, marine animals have been woefully underrepresented but the last meeting was pretty historic - more sharks and rays than ever before were voted to have international protection measures

The way it works: Countries that have signed up to the convention send delegates to these meetings, who hear the case for protection of a species (like it’s declining population, stats about trade etc) and then they vote. If it gets listed under one of the appendices, all countries who are part of CITES are obligated to implement enforcement measures that prevent the trade of the species. An animal’s listing under CITES protection need a 2/3 majority from all the delegates. 

Back in the day, the fact that species were declining due to trade was enough to get it listed. Nowadays, we have to weave through the political agenda and influence - think about why Blue Fin tuna isn’t listed, when clearly it’s trade that is a major threat. It’s lobbying to countries with no vested interest in tuna to vote against it’s listing by countries that are reaping economic benefits from it’s trade.

So now more than ever, public pressure is paramount. Huge social media campaigns were critical to the success of the last CITES meeting for sharks and rays. It’s not just government pressure that influences these decisions anymore,  delegates are answerable to their public as well. 

So why am I telling you all this? My beloved thresher sharks are up for the vote this year, and we need your voice. The Philippines is the only place in the world where you can see threshers in the shallows. There is a booming diving industry around this, and many of the local community who used to fish sharks, now work incredibly hard to protect them. These sharks are important economically, culturally and environmentally to this beautiful country. Unfortunately, the Philippine government will not be backing the proposal, so we need to show the rest of the world that we DEMAND protection. 

So I’m doing what I almost never do, asking you to sign a petition. One that I think actually can make a difference. If you are in doubt, watch this.  

World Jewish Congress in Algiers, Algeria on the situation of Jews in northern Africa; 1952. x

The first World Jewish Congress (W.J.C.) focusing on the situation of North Africa Jewish communities took place on June 7, 1952 and lasted four days.  Represented at this conference was a six-person delegation from the Algerian Jewish community, a five-person delegation from the Tunisian Jewish community, and a five-person delegation from the Moroccan Jewish community.  

Alexander Easterman, the representative from the World Jewish Congress present at the meeting, had said, “Apart from local and regional problems there is the issue of the Arab nationalist movement, which has derived support and encouragement from states violently anti-Jewish. After May, 1948, there was discrimination against Jewish communities in Iraq, Yemen, Aden and other Arab areas. As a consultant organization, the W.J.C. brought these violations of human rights to the attention of the United Nations, and these representations reached the Security Council.”

“The problems of North African Jewry,” he continued, “should be considered in their totality. The attacks upon the liberties and rights of the Jews, discrimination and the denial of status and security, had their repercussions in other lands. Any success of an anti-Semitic policy in any country was a precedent and source of encouragement to protagonists of such a policy in other countries and called for thinking and planning on an international level by common cooperative action.”


Regardless of Hawaii overwhelmingly supporting Senator Bernie Sanders with 70% of the votes, these super delegates still are pledging to support Hillary at the national convention. 

If you live in Hawaii, call them and let your voice be heard. Let them know that you would like your voice to be represented to the fullest at the DNC and want them to pledge their support for Bernie Sanders!

Little Robe, Cheyenne Chief

Photographer: William Henry Jackson
Date: 1878?
From the William Blackmore collection, Negative Number 058636

Little Robe survived the massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, on November 29, 1864, where he lost most of his family. Despite (or because of) the violence he witnessed during the American Indian Wars, Little Robe became an advocate for peace, leading treaty negotiations and diplomatic delegations until his death in 1886.

Delegate in AS3 (adding and removing event listeners)

As I was looking for a way to remove event listeners from an object whose event listeners have been added by a Delegate method, I found this link:

Which is an implementation on AS2 and gave me an idea to port it to AS3:

You can find the original AS3 Delegate Class here:

The way to remove an event listener that has been added using a Delegate method is to save it in a variable before you add the listener.


var button:SimpleButton = new SimpleButton();

var delegate:Function = Delegate.create(onClick, 123);

button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, delegate);

function onClick(e:MouseEvent, param:int = 0):void



e.currentTarget.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, delegate);

trace(“listener removed”);


Aaaaand… voila! Listener removed!

Enjoy :D

Allow me to explain

In order for a democratic presidential nominee to win, he or she needs any combination of delegates and super-delegates that add to 2,383. 

Clinton currently has 91 delegates and 453 super-delegates, adding to 544.

Sanders currently has 65 delegates and 20 super-delegates, adding to 85.

The difference between delegates and super-delegates is that delegates must go with how the people voted, whereas super-delegates get to choose who they want despite what the people vote.

There are only 796 super-delegates, having only 317 left, meaning that even if Clinton gets the rest of them, her total number will be 867, needing 1,516 more to win. 


Get out there and vote, vote, vote! If everyone who says they are for Bernie Sanders actually votes, then Clinton doesn’t stand a chance in gaining the delegates she needs. 


Don’t let the Clinton campaign and ignorant folks make you think your vote doesn’t matter.

Don’t let anyone try to make you think someone has already won.