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You know, I love Jon and that he is always on the front line when it comes to fighting and doesn't just sit back and let others do it for it him but it is so stressful as well and I really wish he would learn to delegate sometimes.

yes it is stressful but ^^^  i know this was just a taunt but i can imagine him really believing in it. besides, if he didn’t fight we wouldn’t get those amazingly  epic fight scenes (i am selfish i know but jon + longclaw = 🔥🔥🔥) 


What a complete shit show. It’s like a scene stolen from Get Out.

NOW can we finally drop kick the Clintons, the DLC and neoliberalism out of the Democratic Party? Can we at least stop pretending that they’re progressives, instead of neoliberals with a “benevolent” plantation owner mentality?

If you haven’t already seen it, now is probably a very very good time to watch 13th, a documentary about how prison labor is legalized slavery.

Bill Clinton was bad enough for Black people: Think about all the harmful anti-Black legislation he actively supported, like the Crime Bill of 1994 (mass incarceration), TANF (gutted welfare), how he signed legislation that blocked Pell Grants from going to prisoners seeking education, to how he blocked parents with drug arrest records from receiving food and housing assistance.

And now remember Hillary’s racist super predators speech (who needed to be “brought to heel” like animals), and how it took her 20 years to give a tepid non-apology, and how she literally had to be BEGGED to stop taking money from the private prison industry. The Clintons are foul.

YES, we still need to get rid of Donald Trump. No one is losing sight of that. But we can chew gum and walk at the same time. To beat Trump by wide margins we need actual progressives in 2018 and 2020. Not Third Way “moderates”. Not centrists. We need—we demand—progressives. By now it should be painfully clear that we can do better than Bill or Hillary Clinton. They are a political gift to Republicans and a liability to progressives. Any political influence that the Clintons hold over the Democratic Party needs to be completely rejected and eliminated. And that includes revamping or eliminating the rigged Super Delegate system.


Danica Roem is the first openly trans woman to win Virginia’s General Assembly primaries

  • Danica Roem could become the first openly transgender legislator in Virginia’s House of Delegates, and the third openly trans legislator in the country — she just has to beat Republican incumbent Bob Marshall.
  • Roem cinched the nomination for the Virginia Democratic party on Tuesday, winning a challenging primary.
  • She told the outlet she plans on winning the general election by pushing her platform of LGBTQ rights, better-paying jobs and improvements to Route 28 — a perpetually congested road in her district crucial to her constituents’ daily commutes. Read more (6/14/17)

It occurred to me today (as I almost licked a dry highlighter to re-hydrate it) that we, as a species, put our mouths on a lot of shit that we ought not to put anywhere near our mouths.

And just…imagine our first contact with a new alien species. Everything is going swimmingly, things are fantastic, one of the aliens remarks that they knew all those stories about how weird humans are were just made up by the other aliens to pull their legs…

…and then one of the humans licks their thumb and uses it to rub at a dirty spot on someone’s face, and yeah, now the human delegation has some explaining to do.

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Tips for Making Life Work

1. Focus on doing one thing at a time. Tackling multiple activities may seem more efficient, but giving one task your complete attention is actually more productive in the end. It also cuts down on your levels of stress.

2. Slow down and enjoy the journey. Whatever you’re doing is important right now. Don’t wish that it was over – and try and make it fun.

3. Stop being such a perfectionist. If you’re a pilot or a surgeon then standards have their place … but for the rest of life “don’t be so hard on yourself”. Don’t stress out over details and impressing everyone.

4. Learn to delegate to others: take the pressure off yourself. Perhaps other people won’t do the job as well. But that’s how people grow – so why not give them that chance – and spend your own time doing things that you’d prefer to do.

5. Don’t always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Lots of people spend their lives terrified of what might happen – and most of the time things work out to be just fine. Thus, they’re worrying for nothing when they could be having fun!

6. Focus on what you have, not what you wish you had. All of us have things we can be grateful for. Not everything is awful –and life’s not always bad. And if you change your focus to what you’re thankful for, you’ll find you feel much happier, and worry a lot less.

7. If things go wrong, just shrug your shoulders and smile. Remind yourself that life goes on - so don’t wreak your life wishing things were different or regretting what you’ve done. Also, things might work out next time. Tomorrow’s a new day.

A popular theory right now is that Haggar is Allura’s mother/aunt/etc since we now know she’s Altean. And it is a good theory; there’s lots of potential fun and awesome angst to be had with it. But I’ve decided I prefer my Haggar to be an independent Altean… i.e, one with no real tie to Allura except for their shared Altean-ness. 

Here’s my reasoning:

Haggar is a character who hasn’t lived, or been used, to her full potential. We’ve only ever seen her exist as an extension of other characters. Like yeah, she has her own agenda and sub-plotlines and moments in episodes, but she’s ultimately very tied to Zarkon due to her loyalty. But now that Zarkon is out of the picture, Haggar finally gets to go loose. Yeah, she’ll probably spend season 3 ‘acting in her Lord’s image’ or whatever, but she’ll have a lot more freedom/independence, which I’m excited for. 

So I feel like making her Allura’s mom/relative sort of… delegates Haggar as a character to a back role. Haggar’s Altean heritage no longer is her own; instead, she becomes an extension of Allura. ‘How will Allura react to her own blood betraying her? What does Allura feel about this situation? How will Allura react to Haggar?’ See? The focus is suddenly all on Allura, not Haggar. And maybe that’s what the writers have planned, but I feel like it really narrows the possibilities.

Having two unconnected characters from the same planet really allows us to explore the culture. If they’re related, they probably lived similar lives, or experienced similar things. If they’re not related… then you can have things like class differences, or differences in jobs, things like that. We’ve only ever seen positive portrayals of Altea, because Alfor/Allura/Coran all loved their planet. They’re proud to be Altean, and are open about their culture. Haggar is the complete opposite; she wears a hood to hide her past and the features that damn her to it. What I want to know is: What made Haggar hate Altea? What happened to her on that planet? What made her decide to betray her own people?

I just feel like making Haggar part of the royal family would limit the scope of her potential character and backstory.

i just had this convo abt resumes where I asked “what experience” a friend had and a mutual friend said “he knows how to throw ballroom parties” and I went “ok so he has organizational and communication experience” and ppl laughed bc “that’s bs”

but it’s not tho that’s what that is.

you ever organize something on even a semi-large scale, got a whole bunch of people to come and had fun or learn a Thing or even in general have an event? that’s organizational experience. 

if you had a team of ppl you worked with wherein you delegated tasks to said ppl and make sure shit ran smoothly: that’s managerial experience. 

you ran numbers (how much is it gonna cost for space + food + bla bla), scheduled a caterer to come in, made sure to send out invites and all that logistical stuff: that’s administrative experience. 

you call ppl up and tell them the shit is happening, or check in on a buddy and make sure they know where to get resources they need, or anything like that: that’s communication

you go on social media and hype a lotta ppl up to come to your event: that’s marketing 

yall HAVE this experience. so go put it down on your resume. get those jobs. 


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Chapter Fifteen: Beauxbatons and Durmstrang



“Brilliant!” said Harry. “It’s Potions last thing on Friday! Snape won’t have time to poison us all!”


Trump’s travel ban blocked again, this time by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • A three-judge panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals once again blocked Trump’s travel ban Monday, ruling that the order “exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress.”
  • According to the three-judge panel, the travel ban “runs afoul of other provisions of the [Immigration and Nationality Act] that prohibit nationality-based discrimination and require the president to follow a specific process when setting the annual cap on the admission of refugees,” the judges wrote in their opinion. Read more (6/12/17)
how to get stuff done

1. invent a deadline for yourself and stick to it. either you finish things early and have free time for other things or you don’t meet your deadline and still have a few days to catch up before it matters

2. celebrate every little achievement. it’s frustrating to wait to get an assignment/exam back because you get no immediate satisfaction. after every task you complete go for a walk, see a friend, cook, get a hot chocolate. feel good about your progress without having to wait for someone else to tell you that you’re doing a good job

3. organise your to-do list using these 4 categories: 

  1. important and urgent - do this now!
  2. important but not urgent - schedule this
  3. not important but urgent - delegate this or schedule it for later
  4. not important and not urgent - don’t do this until you have done everything else

4. divide and conquer. if you have a paper to write divide it up into easy chunks e.g. plan/first draft/second draft/checking etc. and tackle these one at a time. don’t just write ‘history paper’ on your to-do list because you will feel unproductive until you tick it off, even if you are making progress

5. don’t forget to put self-care on your to-do list. make sure every day you write down and tick off ‘drink water’ ‘get some fresh air’ ‘take some time away from the computer’ ‘brush teeth’ ‘shower’. you will feel productive and also be looking after yourself, both of which will boost your general productivity

6. study slots not study tasks. break up your tasks into time slots and write those on your to-do list. instead of ‘revise German Unification’ my to-do list will say ‘1 hour German Unification’. after 1 hour I will stop and tick off that task. then write it again later or the next day if I want to do more. it is easier to quantify tasks (especially humanities/arts revision) by time rather than by topic. 

7. have a visual indicator of your progress. if you think you need to spend 6 hours on German Unification in total then draw a rectangle and divide it in 6 and colour one segment in for every hour you work so you can see your progress. this will serve as motivation and as a reward for hard work

8. find a friend with a similar/better work ethic than you and sit together in a library and study hard. it’s nice to surround yourself with people who are also working hard for motivation, and for someone to talk to during your study breaks

I hope this helps! 

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