A 30-year-old photo shows the long history Trump's incoming ambassador to China has with Xi Jinping

(Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and President Xi Jinping in

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, whom President-elect Donald Trump intends to nominate as US ambassador to China, has a decades-old relationship with the country’s president, Xi Jinping, that dates back to the 1980s.

Branstad has accepted Trump’s offer for the position, the president-elect’s transition team confirmed Wednesday, and Chinese officials were quick to praise Branstad as an “old friend.”

Branstad and Xi’s first meeting occurred in 1985 — Xi had traveled to Iowa as part of a delegation that visited family and commercial farms, according to the Des Moines Register.

Then, Branstad was in his first term as governor, just two years after Iowa launched a sister-state relationship with China’s Hebei province.

They met again on Branstad’s 2011 visit to China, when Xi had become vice president. The men held a 45-minute discussion, during which Xi reminisced about the hospitality he had experienced in Iowa during his 1985 visit, The Washington Post reported.

Over the next five years, Branstad and Xi met frequently, mostly during trade missions.

Branstad’s nomination is expected to reassure the Chinese, who have been wary of Trump’s past behavior and comments. Over the past week, Trump has assailed China’s trade and currency policies and threatened punitive tariffs on Chinese goods.

He also came under fire for accepting a congratulatory phone call last Friday from the president of Taiwan, which is not recognized as a sovereign nation by China. The US cut off official diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 1979 in favor of relations with Beijing.

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mattykinsel  asked:

Also what then do you make of the idea once expressed that Mary is a member of the Trinity? Or that she's like.. I think carpeumbra coined the term pneumafied or something. I usually base my veneration off that idea that being so filled with the HS, she's as perfect an example of following Christ as we can get. What also do you make of the majority of the church's collective experience to delegate her veneration etc to the "sidelines" compared to Christ etc? Thank you again so so much!!

There are going to be people who are pissed about this, but the Trinity is pretty messy anyway?  Christianity is really only nominally monotheist, and functionally polytheist.  (Again, not evaluating the truth claims, just looking at how real people worship in real life.  Most people pick a member of the Trinity to be most attached to, to pray to and with, to treat as “really” God with their attention.  As much as people brag about how orthodox they are, I truly doubt they address their prayers equally to “God” (which is usually shorthand for the Father), Jesus, and the HS.  And even if they do, if their internal orientation and commitment is not spread out equally among the three.)  You might be thinking of identifying Mary as Co-Redemptrix, or Mediatrix, maybe?  

And this might be semantics, but…Mary didn’t “follow” Christ.  Mary *taught* Christ.  

Sidelining Mary is 94% misogyny and 6% theology.  Men run the church.  It’s about power, not about truth, experience, reality, or good theology.  

Who is Muḥammad (ﷺ)?

“The best & most noble of the Messengers of firm determination is Muḥammad (ﷺ), the seal of the Prophets, the Imām of the pious & God-fearing, Master of the children of ʾĀdam‎, the Imām of the Prophets when they gathered & their spokesman when they came in delegations. He is the owner of the Praiseworthy Station (Maqam Al-Maḥmūd) for which he will be shown [permissible] envy by the first and succeeding people, carrier of the banner of praise, possessor of the Fount (hawd) at which the believers will gather & drink from [on the Last Day], the intercessor for the creation on the Day of Judgment & the owner of the rank of intercession (wasilah) and noble standing (fadilah). He is the one who Allāh sent with the best of His Books, legislated for him the best laws of His Religion & made his nation the best of nations brought forth for mankind. He gathered together all the noble & virtuous qualities for him & his nation that were only to be found scattered among the nations before him.”

Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyah, al-Furqān bayna Awliya’ al-Raḥmān wa Awliya’ al-Shayṭān


Regardless of Hawaii overwhelmingly supporting Senator Bernie Sanders with 70% of the votes, these super delegates still are pledging to support Hillary at the national convention. 

If you live in Hawaii, call them and let your voice be heard. Let them know that you would like your voice to be represented to the fullest at the DNC and want them to pledge their support for Bernie Sanders!

Little Robe, Cheyenne Chief

Photographer: William Henry Jackson
Date: 1878?
From the William Blackmore collection, Negative Number 058636

Little Robe survived the massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, on November 29, 1864, where he lost most of his family. Despite (or because of) the violence he witnessed during the American Indian Wars, Little Robe became an advocate for peace, leading treaty negotiations and diplomatic delegations until his death in 1886.

Delegate in AS3 (adding and removing event listeners)

As I was looking for a way to remove event listeners from an object whose event listeners have been added by a Delegate method, I found this link:

Which is an implementation on AS2 and gave me an idea to port it to AS3:

You can find the original AS3 Delegate Class here:

The way to remove an event listener that has been added using a Delegate method is to save it in a variable before you add the listener.


var button:SimpleButton = new SimpleButton();

var delegate:Function = Delegate.create(onClick, 123);

button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, delegate);

function onClick(e:MouseEvent, param:int = 0):void



e.currentTarget.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, delegate);

trace(“listener removed”);


Aaaaand… voila! Listener removed!

Enjoy :D

Allow me to explain

In order for a democratic presidential nominee to win, he or she needs any combination of delegates and super-delegates that add to 2,383. 

Clinton currently has 91 delegates and 453 super-delegates, adding to 544.

Sanders currently has 65 delegates and 20 super-delegates, adding to 85.

The difference between delegates and super-delegates is that delegates must go with how the people voted, whereas super-delegates get to choose who they want despite what the people vote.

There are only 796 super-delegates, having only 317 left, meaning that even if Clinton gets the rest of them, her total number will be 867, needing 1,516 more to win. 


Get out there and vote, vote, vote! If everyone who says they are for Bernie Sanders actually votes, then Clinton doesn’t stand a chance in gaining the delegates she needs. 


Don’t let the Clinton campaign and ignorant folks make you think your vote doesn’t matter.

Don’t let anyone try to make you think someone has already won.