No but this picture 😂😂 So they were signing stuff and saying whatever and laughing, and I go “can I have a picture?” But I thought they didn’t hear me because neither of them answered, so I said quietly to @mrhugolloris “No…?” And what do you know, Eric hears me, his head shoots up and he goes “YES” really loudly 😂 So I lean in a bit for the picture, but of course Dele is still in his own little world so Eric starts nudging him to look up and it was the cutest thing okay bye

Mesmo de longe, você me cuida tão bem.
—  Apenas alguns quilômetos de distância.
Eu sei que no final, nós estaremos juntos.
—  Apenas alguns quilômetros de distância.
Eu não sei o que vi em você, mas sei que não vejo em mais ninguém.
—  Apenas alguns quilômetros de distância.