delectatio morosa

ok but how desperately does Hannibal Lecter love Will Graham?

cause he’s already in love with Will 30 seconds into meeting him, grows obsessed and dependant by Sorbet/Fromage, then by end of Savoreux Will’s already the only person in the whole world who truly sees him. Will languishing in jail and sending Matthew Brown provide just enough of that delectatio morosa to spice his love, and then lo and behold Will cleans up for him and seduces him and it seems like he’s going to become family and like-minded killer and this cannibal is head over heels in love OVER and BEYOND what he’s already felt at Jack’s office (”is that a burst vein?” moment a well lit, cozy nook in his mind palace) then BAM!!!! betrayal happens but on the plus side he gets to play wounded, jilted lover in Florence and absence makes the heart grow even fonder. and perfect Will crosses the atlantic for him and finds him in the perfect place at the perfect time and they get to have a reunion in front of the fucking Primavera. Hannibal’s thinking he couldn’t possibly love Will more than he does at that moment (”if I saw you everyday Will, i would remember this time”) but he’s proven deliciously wrong cause they get a nice escapade at Verger mansion and you bet he’s gonna carry Will and play knight in shining armour. Hannibal tucks Will in bed and his heart swells at how much he loves his darling boy. then curve ball!! Will rejects him but that just gives Hannibal another opportunity to prove his love. 3+ yrs in jail, he pines and pines, until all that occupies his mind and spirit is Will fucking Graham, perfect Will Graham who eventually takes him out of jail. Hannibal would have gladly died at the dragon’s hand then and there cause his dying eyes would’ve been fixed on Will but lawrd have mercy Will turns feral murder mongoose and they actually get to KILL TOGETHER, and Will covered in freaking blood in the moonlight tells him it’s beautiful.. what they’ve done, what they’ve become, and embraces and nuzzles him. no man living could love more than Hannibal does at this moment, and yessir that’s right cause Will jumps them off the cliff to their joint death so Hannibal has to love him in death as well as in life.

so in conclusion hannibal starts out already in love with will, and that love grows EXPONENTIALLy til hannibal literally loves to death. and the world’s best writers couldn’t have come up with a better love story with all the right trials and tribulations, escalations and culmination, so don’t tell me Hannibal doesn’t regularly replay their love story in his head like an opera (reconstructs La Scala opera house in his mind palace cause he needs full-blown orchestra, virtuoso singers and packed audience to do justice to the true magnum opus of his life) and pinches himself rly hard cause he’s the god honest protagonist in this perfect story and his perfect love is living and breathing in front of him and washing dogs idk and Hannibal JUST CAN’T EVEN at all his good luck. so you tell me, how desperately does Hannibal Lecter love Will Graham????!!!????

Lucifer: Sin vs. Guilt

What gets you to Hell?

Is Hell’s system rigged? 

No, it is not. 

In 2x05 - Monster  Lucifer admitted that for the first time he felt Guilt due to Uriel’s death. 

In 2x13 - A Good Day to Die Lucifer and Mum were trapped behind a door in Hell due to their Guilt, not their Sins.

What 3x07/2x22 - Off the Record confirmed was that a person human or celestial can walk out of their door in Hell if they no longer feel guilty about it. 

In 2x13 - A Good Day to Die Lucifer manages to walk away because he realises for the first time what losing Chloe can do to him and to which ends can bring him in. 

Lucifer always believed there was another way but when Chloe’s life was in danger and she was close to dying he realised he could no longer feel guilt over the person who had threatened to hurt her, aka Uriel. In that moment Lucifer leaves behind his guilt although Mum cannot escape it and replaces it with immense sorrow over his brother. 

Now let’s go back to Sin versus Guilt. So do all the souls in Hell are detected on how guilty they felt over something? No. Of that was the case then Charlotte would have realised what she had done wrong when she relived the scenes that had sent her there. 

The system in Hell seems to be very simple and hilariously enough connected to the spoiler found at the end of 3x03/2x19 - Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith. I’m talking of course about Gaudium. 

Gaudium is, of course, a Lucifer comic character (a hilarious fallen cherubim) as I have said before but what interests us is its connection to the sins. Gaudium is closely connected to guilt and sin. Gaudium is one of the three internal sins as I have explained before in this post

Gaudium means that the sinful act does not contain any guilt as the person takes pleasure out of the sins that have already been committed. To be more precise, in the three internal sins (Delectatio morosa, Gaudium and Desiderium) there is no guilt involved whatsoever!

That means something very simple actually and something very unconventional as well… 

A) Sinners who do not experience guilt and do not overcome it cannot get out of the doors.

B) That in a twisted way there is a pardon after death but once you open the door then what? You are still trapped in Hell and cannot ascend to Heaven.

C) That Lucifer had every right to leave Hell… Yes, that’s an unusual thought now huh?

Lucifer was not condemned to Hell as part of a punishment equivalent to the one mortals are subject to due to their sins… Lucifer was sent to Hell as an alternative to being destroyed (according to Mum ). He was powerful and Dad knew that but Hell was also a lesson but a bit too complicated for Lucifer to grasp. 

The lesson you may ask was simple. What distinguish a sinner with guilt and what a non-remorseful sinner? Lucifer in a way was both and Dad in a way sent Lucifer behind a new door by allowing him to leave and go to L.A. 

In L.A. Lucifer experienced love, pain. repentance, agony and vulnerability. At the moment Lucifer is behind his own door and he willingly does not walk away. So you may ask is this a punishment for Lucifer? Is this even a reality? Good question…

Linda once said that when Angels fall they also rise so this series is how Lucifer got to beat his door, whatever that means… After all, there is no coincidence as I have mentioned before that nothing in LUX or the Penthouse is not locked or has a door. The only door we know of is the elevator… 

Finally, is this a reality or is Lucifer’s life right now a similar situation Reese was living behind his own door in 3x07? That would have been a very cruel joke by the writers and so I doubt it. Yet it is true that one day Lucifer will find the courage to open his door and perhaps then we will get a mentally unburdened Lucifer and a good Deckerstar ending…