Hoy folks, I’m writing up a speculative list of indie game characters/locations that’d be good for an indie-game-based Super Smash Bros-knock-off, and I was wondering if you know of any indie games that’d have characters/places fit for such an enterprise that aren’t already on the list!

Special shout-out to discovergames, zennistrad, frog-and-toad-are-friends, ponett, jesus-lizard-journal, delcat cool-ghoul and partlysmith, given that I trust their opinions on the vidja a whole lot!

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This is probably just me being dumb, but make sure you're doing exercises right. I've repeatedly asked how to do basic things and gotten the response "It's just how it sounds" and then found out I was doing it wrong (not relaxing my arm for curls, etc.). People don't always think that what's obvious to them might not be obvious to a beginner.

tru and good advice

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All I know is I have tried every trick in the book and I can’t roll Rs, and that includes tongue placement.

Me neither, actually. Holding your tongue at a particular point in your mouth is fairly easy, but holding it so the tip will vibrate is hard unless you already have a feel for it.

I’ve found I get a bit better if I always try to pronounce it when it appears while I’m practicing Spanish, but I haven’t done that in a while.

Spanish’s other r was pretty easy once I got over the mental block of it sounding more like a d.


the problem is that they started in may and end in like, a month, and by the time my application gets looked at and i have the chance to sign up, it’d be pointless 

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aaaaa I miss the aurora, I used to live in Michigan and it was like the one good thing about the cold snaps

((It was so neat!! Yeah, even though we’re as far north as Michigan, the auroral oval curves so that we hardly ever get lights unless it’s really strong. I bet Michigan had quite a show yesterday :o)) 

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just followin up delcat's comment, since i use patreon & have for a while. they take 10% of your final earnings. so yeah, if you earn a buck a month you take home 90 cents. not bad!

Yes, but the problem is I don’t think I’d have enough people willing to donate to really make a profit of the website ^^; I honestly don’t feel I’ve got enough for patreon.