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Delbert Africa Denied Parole
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From Move 9 Parole: Write a note of support to Delbert: DELBERT ORR AFRICA AM4985 SCI Dallas 1000 Follies Road Dallas, PA 18612 Earlier this week we found out that our Brother Delbert Africa was denied parole by the PA Parole Board and was given a two year hit. One of the reasons they cited for Delbert being denied in their own words he is a risk to the safety of the community. This is…

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Wrong Nostalgia

“if nobody dies, it ain’t war”
what do we call this ?
7 shot at the altar
2 D.O.A. in the pulpit
no national guard called in to protect the people
they save the misconduct and man power for when we’re protesting evil
make sure you closely watch the hand that feeds you
be wary, watch those trusted to lead you
they represent you but have never seen you
so how can you be so sure they wouldn’t deceive you ?

hatred amongst the mini congregation
unfamiliar face but still allowed to join the session
the elders recollect the nation’s segregation
so they smile, make acquaintance, and wish blessings
just seconds before the reverend announces to be seated and open to section….
but….who sent him..

“if nobody dies, it ain’t a war”
we ain’t the motherfuckin plug !
we ain’t got WMD’s !
so what the fuck is this for ?
do you know how it feels knowing you can be shot and left to die in the “house of the lord”?
or be wrongfully given a life sentence in American court ?
fuck you know about being shy at school solely because the teachers’ complexions ain’t yours ?
and you feel it every time they mispronounce your name, shrug and move forward ?
or when officers; armed and unannounced abruptly jump out on little boys ?
Oklahoma, Osage avenue, Birmingham and more
vigilantes, neo-nazis, armed sociopaths in uniform at our doors
Malcolm, Mumia, Delbert Africa and Ms. Assata Shakur
it feels like it never stopped being 1884