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Reaper wasn’t actually insulted or hurt, he just wanted Geno to feel bad for him X’D

I was trying to post this on Valentine’s Day, but school kinda got in the way. Sorry bout that and the poor quality of this trash. I can’t draw kissing scenes for my life. I really tried tho :’)
Reaper - @renrink
Geno- @loverofpiggies


ChildHyde AU: Life with a little demon angel


Licht as a child was, for the most part, quiet, shy and pure, and was indeed an angel. Hyde wants to meet little Licht sometime as well, be it through some strange transformation, or in his dreams. Licht is not amused.

Or some line of AU I might start doing soon

anonymous asked:

we all love he and mo. its just the cliffhanger possibly not being continued that makes ppl nervous cuz with ox you never know tbh. and to me its no different then when the fandom begged for a continuation of the side gays kiss and for it not to go to xiyi cause we all wanted to know what happened after or when ppl complained about the side gays fall in the basketball court a couple chapters ago not being continued. its legit no different. hell I adore both couples, they're my babies. (c)

© ppl just don’t like cliffhangers possibly not being continued/skipped over.. naturally. both sides of the fandom have done it.

yeah if the last chapter wasn’t a cliffhanger i wouldn’t have cared that much if it was delayed with a tianshan artwork but it had to happen during THIS 

i dont want anything that isnt the continuation of this, whether it be mosspaca, competitions for signed artworks, reblogs of their story and moss, or tianshan artwork 
its not that i hate those things, its that it feels like old xian is procrastinating the hell out of this and doing literally anything else except finishing it 
the only thing im grateful for is that she said it will update tuesday so i dont have to check every night 


Sorry for not posting the lamiatale bittybones artwork yet. I had 3 out of 4 of the sketches inked when I realized my 8 snakey boys didn’t have a single bandanna between them!

I need to redraw three of the pairs. Meanwhile, my grandmother-in-law has been very sick, so I’ve been too stressed to really work on it.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

Romanogers Artwork

Im sorry for my absence causing the delay posting artworks requests!

I couldnt celebrate with the marvel fandom  Cap bday on July 4th :P Im going to post an artwork about it now. Its a request from @ToStandUpandFor.

I guess better later than never!

Note: Fell free to send romanogers requests. I will try to make them for you as fast as I can =)

Haha, long time no see!

I was meant to finish this piece on your birthday, but I figured that it was impossible to finish this piece in a single day. After sketching for days and spending hours on what to make, I decided that I would rather just put my all into this piece, rather than have something that is rushed. I know that it’s been exactly a month since your birthday, but I still wanted to gift you a birthday present. I had to delay this artwork due to school issues and moving and other stuff, but I’m really glad that I still got the time to finally finish it today. I know that this might have been quite surprising that I held onto your birthday for such a long time, but I wanted to repay you the gift that you have granted me. The motivation, and the warmhearted person you are who changed my vision towards others forever.

I want to say thank you 

and happy birthday :)