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Thank you for talking about your concerns re: Sony/Columbia and Rob Stringer. I thought I was the only one who felt sick to my stomach at the thought of the man who has been friends with Simon for years, and was head of the US label that helped to closet H & L, being the one to sign H. I don't know why people are excited, because the power dynamics are really messed up now, and there's no guarantee that the stunts are going to stop for L anytime soon. Trying to have hope, but it's hard. :(

It’s very hard, and you’re perfectly welcome, anon.

I thought I had posted about Rob Stringer in the fall, but all I can find is some articles I uploaded, so I’ll revisit now. Stringer has spent his career at Sony, he’s been running labels there since the early 90s, and his brother was a main exec and CEO of Sony Corp (not music) for quite some time. Stringer has headed Columbia since 2008, and he’s done extensive business with Simon Cowell in that capacity. Indeed, Simon was the first quote in the Billboard article announcing Stringer’s appointment as head of Sony this October. Their working relationship has been extensive, as far as I can tell. He has credited his work with Simon on XFactor acts as his gateway to success for getting Glee to work, which was hugely responsible for his success turning Columbia around. [Adele as well, and he’s partly responsible for a lot of a resurgent trend of U.K. artists’ US success.] He has called Simon the “best A&R guy he knows” in multiple interviews.

One Direction signed to Columbia in 2012 as they were breaking the American market; the closet clamped down during this time.

Sony purchased controlling shares in Syco in July of 2015 – paying £85 million total for it, and absorbing the £70 million debt it had accrued. While making £45 million from it personallyis somewhat pathetic for Simon, that’s a far better fate than being jettisoned from Sony and declaring the company bankrupt within five years. The buyout was, it would appear, the best possible outcome for Simon given the failures of his television series, losing One Direction, and being unable to produce a suitably earning substitute.

Rob Stringer was announced the new head of Sony mid-October 2016.

I say all this to suggest that thinking of a ‘fresh start’ for Rob Stringer or Harry is not logically sound. Rob Stringer has been involved in their business since 2012 – but even say for argument’s sake that perhaps he didn’t determine their marketing. But Rob Stringer has been calling the shots at Sony since this fall (and potentially had input before that official announcement). And we know Sony now holds the Syco strings and has since July 2015, a date we are all very aware of – so Rob Stringer stepping into the office in the last six months has certainly had power to ameliorate the situation, and he has not done so.

Harry has been constructed as the big fish, the Justin Timberlake, almost since the beginning. It seems Sony’s going to be damned if they don’t get what they’ve always angled for, by hook or by crook. Given what we have seen, they’ve been successful at backing Harry into a corner, as well as Louis, with profound effects for Liam and Niall as well.

Columbia and Sony are sure to promote Harry’s music thoroughly, because it could make them a great deal of money. But that is the equation. It is very much in their best interests not to help Niall, Louis, and Liam or One Direction, as that would distract dollars and time from Harry’s solo work, which will make them a fortune. It is quite evident by now that Sony has had the power to step in but have not, because such an extreme power imbalance in negotiating is much more expedient for their bottom line. They’ve been monstrous and it’s gotten them Harry’s contract, which is what they wanted.

Hope is not any easy thing in such a situation. I think patience will continue to be the watchword. 

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I find you as a very important part of Obitine fandom (your art keeps this ship alive!!) and I'm thankful for that. Also i have a question: how do you imagine Obi-Wan after Satine's death? I think he could live with this, he is a Jedi after all. But i believe he had one huge break down when he cried so much he couldn't breathe (and maybe drunk some alcohol??? idk man) and Anakin did comfort him. These are my thoughts I wanna hear yours! And sorry for this ask being so long, hope you don't mind!

Aw, sweet anon, you make me blush, but everybody in the fandom is important! I’m glad you like the art, but your liking it is keeping the ship shipping along too, otherwise I‘d just be tossing sketches into the abyss of the internet.  <3<3<3  And there are lots of lovely artists in this corner of fandom, most of whom have been here longer than me.

Your (sad) question:

I’m not sure I think that Obi-Wan has much time to grieve for a while after Satine’s death? It’s unclear what the timeline is between The Lawless and Sabotage, but it seems close to me.

In general, I think after Satine’s death might be when Obi-Wan’s friendship with Padmé grows (they seem closer in RotS than they were during Clone Wars), since she was friends with Satine as well. I’m not sure he’d ever say much about it, just quietly enjoy Padmé’s company, knowing that she’s thinking of Satine and missing her too.

Anyway, I wrote you a little scene set during the Sabotage/The Wrong Jedi arc, but it’s pretty depressing.

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gundam ibo s02e24 what is a mcgillis fareed, what is ibo anyway

Short answer: a total failure of a villain wannabe character.

I’ve remarked time and time again there’s a discrepancy on who McGillis is supposed to be, and how he actually comes off in the show. I thought by the time S2 starts, his writing would get fixed somehow, but nada. As a villain, he comes off so one dimensional that I feel *Todo* has more substance than he does, which totally says something about just how bad McG’s writing is. As a character, he’s so all over the place it infuriates me to no end bcs gdi what a waste of such great potential.

He is supposed to be GREAT. The show certainly thinks he’s PRETTY GREAT, considering how much they invest in animating his scenes and faces, for all the good it does him (no rly gaelio’s scenes would like a word w/ the budget allocation).

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Mersang submitted: Commentary request (too long for Ask Box)

Bog violently jerked away from her, his eyes huge.

Marianne tried to control her breathing, feeling her face burn painfully even as the rest of her went horribly numb and cold, and she could only stare at him with stricken eyes, shame and disappointment and thwarted lust burning in her gut. She was overcome with a sickening wave of guilt as she saw the look of shock on his face, and oh god, oh god, it was too much, it was too soon, she had messed up, she had ruined everything! Oh god, oh Bog, I’m sorry, I am so sorry.

A sound that sounded potentially like a sob escaped her, and she blinked rapidly as her eyes began to prickle, desperate not to make more of a fool of herself tonight than she already had. She could hardly bare to look at Bog, who was still deathly silent. Say something, you moron.

She took a deep, heaving breath, and opened her mouth, whether to apologize or plead, she had no idea. “I –“

Whatever words she was going to say were lost when Bog grabbed her and slammed her back against the tree trunk, pinning her arms up. Before she could demand what the hell he was doing, his mouth was on hers in a kiss that was near ferocious in its hunger, hot and hard and desperate.

Stars exploded behind Marianne’s eyes, and she was only able to take a quick, shuddering gasp for air before she was kissing him back just as fiercely, open mouthed and savage in her passion.

Aren’t you the lucky one, because I have a whole commentary for this fanfic right at your disposal! 

Also that Bioware thing feels super similar to the thing Square Enix did when they said that they were going to ‘update’ chapter 13 of FFXV cuz it sucked? Apparently? All I know is that once I saw that I was like, I ain’t playing this right now if it’s gonna get literally fixed because it’s being admitted by the dev team as broken. Still haven’t gone back to it since then either! You lost one little point for me that day Square! and then u gained it back when nier came out and was great but that is, besides the point

Literally please please don’t interrupt people who have speech impediments to correct or rush them.

That includes not interrupting:

• Stuttering

• Really slow speech / lots of pauses or ums

• People who have difficulty being concise because thats really common for autism/adhd/other nd brains

• People with lisps/slurred speech due to a natural impediment

• People who repeat themselves without meaning to (another nd brain thing)

We KNOW that our speech isn’t typical, and a lot of us (though not speaking (yes that was a pun) for all of us) are pretty sensitive about it.

By interrupting you disrupt our train of thought, and in some cases we will literally forget everything about what we were going to say.

Also noah fence but if you interrupt to mock, laugh at, or get angry at us for our speech I hope you have a bad day and step on a lego.


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