delaware wedding

Wedding Bells? Really?!

You stood staring straight ahead at the impossibly frilly chapel trying to keep from going King Kong and climbing to the steeple of this god forsaken chapel and start swatting down doves. Dean was beside you feeling the same way.

“I thought you’d be happy for me,” Sam said looking at the two of you.You turned to slowly glare a whole through his face. Dean’s reaction was still buffering but when it finally loaded it came out as flailing fists.

“Becky?! Really?!” He yelled.

“I love her,” Sam gave him a smitten smile.

“No! You love her!” Dean pointed both of his index fingers at you. Sam gave you a sad gaze.

“Our time together was great, Y/N, but I’ve moved on, and I hope you can do the same,” he said earnestly.

You weren’t exactly sure what came over you but your hand lashed out and smacked Sam, hard, “Are you stupid?! Did she drug you?! Because if not, what the hell makes you think I’d want to be a part of this?!” You yelled at him. Sam recovered from the blow but you weren’t done yet. You ripped off the stupid heels that Becky had dressed you in and threw them at him, speaking words of anger in all of the four languages you knew. Dean flinched as you started picking up the cheap white folding chairs and throwing them at him, then the flowers and the vases.

Becky came from the back room as you sped down the aisle on a war path.

“Oh my god!” She gasped looking at the wreckage. Dean ran down the aisle after you as you sped towards her, ready to kill the woman. You got in one good hit before Dean seized you, wrapping his arms around your waist lifting you so it was hard to struggle.

“What did you do to him, you crazy bitch?! I will end you!” You threatened. Becky watched you in horror, holding place on her face you had punched with enough force to send her sailing into the wall. The rest of your words were either in a foreign language or growls and screams of rage.

“Y/N! Calm down! Hey!” Dean yelled at you as he got you outside. Your anger water down into tears as he set you back on your feet.

“Damn, Y/N, remind me to never piss you off,” Dean grumbled.

“Something’s wrong with him, Dean! He gave my ring to the raving fangirl!” You yelled. He had taken your engagement ring and given it to Becky. Becky!

“I know, and we’ll figure it out. But you gotta chill. You winding up in jail isn’t exactly helpful at this point.”

You nodded and wiped your eyes, “Why doesn’t he want me anymore?” You whimpered out in a small voice. Dean sighed and opened his arms to you. You let him hold you, his hand cupping the back of your head gingerly, tucking your head under his chin.

“Like you said, there’s something wrong with him,” Dean assured then pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head and lead you to the impala, “We have to figure out what. Until then…I’m benching you,” he announced.

“What?” You demanded.

“You went Godzilla in their. I can’t have you killing them,” he explained. You thought his words over then agreed, he was right. You couldn’t see either Becky or Sam without seeing red. Dean drove you to a hotel with the plan of continuing to Delaware, following the newly weds, you sat in the passenger seat looking at your empty left hand.

“Hey, I’ll fix ‘em,” Dean said glancing over at him.

“Yeah I know. I really freaked out back there didn’t I?” You asked.

“You put the Hulk to shame,” he laughed a bit. You laughed ruefully with him. Dean dropped you off at a nice hotel and instructed you to relax. Yeah that whole idea was a lost cause, but you did enjoy the free food, spa, and open bar. Dean called you every night and tell you how the hunt was going. Apparently, he had teamed up with some guy named Garth. Your days consisted of massages and tequila.

Then you got a call from Sam, “Hello,” you answered immediately.

“Y/N I-” he began but there was the sound of something metallic hitting a hard surface and something falling. It wasn’t hard for you to put the pieces together.

“Becky! You listen to me and you listen good! You leave him alone or I will tear out your heart and eat it!” You threatened before hanging up. You rolled off the massage table and hurried back to your room. Sam was in trouble, and you’d be damned if you took that lying down. You tracked the GPS on Sam’s phone and found him in a wooded area just outside of Rover, Delaware. You were on the road the same day.

“Dean, I’m going after Sam,” you spoke quickly on the phone as you sped down a back road.

“Yeah us too, we’re headed to some cabin,” Dean reported.

“Yeah, I’m almost there,” you reported.

“Oh wow! Alright, just hang back until we get there,” he requested.

“Not really capable of that,” you said.

“Fine, just…don’t kill anyone,” he sighed.

“Can do,” as you drove you could have sworn you saw Becky pass you. You pulled into the drive to the cabin and hurried out of the car. To be honest, if Becky was in there, you might have kicked her ass.

“Sam!” You called as you walked in. You heard muffled yelling as if he were gagged. The cabin wasn’t all that big and you found Sam tied to a bed with socks stuffed in his mouth. The sight was enough to reduce you to giggles. Sam rolled his eyes at you. You went over to the bed and pulled out the gag.

“Aw well this is familiar, no?” You said. He gave you bitch face and struggled in his bonds.

You cut the ropes keeping him bound to the bed. He sat up and grabbed you in a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry,” he mumured.

“You have no reason to be sorry. You’re the victim here. Look at you, drugged, kidnapped, tied to a bed.” You cooed moving to stroke his hair lovingly, “I’m gonna kill Becky for taking away my precious side burns…I mean Sammy,” you said as your hand strayed to touch his side burns. He slapped your hand away laughing.

“Shut up,” he laughed, “this really must have been hell on you,” he said.

“Eh, I went to a nice hotel, drank a lot of tequila, had some very nice massages from very attractive people…you were stuck with a nut job,” you shrugged.

“Okay so maybe you were alright,” Sam said, sounding slightly offended.

“Yeah, if you don’t count crying yourself to sleep every night,” you shrugged. Sam laughed and took your hand. He frowned when he found it without a ring.

“I’ll get you another one,” he promised kissing your hand.

“I actually made a killing in Vegas. I don’t remember doing it but I woke up one morning with fifty thousand dollars worth of poker chips. Cashed those babies in before I left,” you announced.

“Holy shit,” he gasped.

“Yeah, I guess. I’m a really good drunk gambler.”

“Don’t tell Dean, he’ll ruin your kidneys,” Sam advised.

After everything died down you stood in Becky’s apartment watching her sign the annulment papers. Once she was done she took off the ring and gave it back to Sam. You took it instead. At first you thought you didn’t want it, but after all of the emotional trauma…it kinda made you feel better. It was really just the principle.

“Becky, drugging people is low and filthy and it makes you a wretched human being. You are to stay away from me and Sam for the rest your life or I will make your death look like an accident,” you threatened.

“She means that,” Sam agreed.

“I’m sorry, I just…I wanted to be the girl who got the guy after high school. The one who accomplished something.”

“Sweet heart, someone will fall in love with you. They’ll look at you and love every flaw, every quirk, even your weird obsession with Sam and they’ll make everything alright in your life. Keep your head up.” You said. Your soft spot for people got the best of you, “You can’t take someone else’s person.” You added gently. She nodded and looked up at you expectantly.

“I’m done,” you stated, putting back on your ring.

“Aren’t you going to apologize for punching me in the face?” She asked.

“No, you’re lucky I didn’t kill you,” you said with a pleasant smile. She was immediately contrite.

Later on as you lie in Sam’s arms, in a dinky motel room you stared at the ring as it threw bits of light from the lamp on to the wall. Sam kissed the top of your head and rubbed your bare back.

“We’ve got fifty thousand dollars to spare,” you informed, “we should go sign a certificate and hide away together,” you smiled.

“I would like nothin’ better,” Sam smiled.