So guys, DeLaurentiisCo settled a programmed TT to trend #EmmysForHannibal

The thing: Tomorrow, during the hours we usually do Live Tweet for Hannibal, all the Fannibals will tweet edits with quotes, draws or whatever you want for Emmy Consideration or just write down all the reasons that come to your mind for Hannibal to receive the awards that deserves.

Talk about the cast, the music, the writting, the amazing performances of everyone of them, about EVERYTHING you love.

Tweet all this with the tag #EmmysForHannibal and direct your tweets to @televisionacad so they can’t ignore Hannibal.

We need support and participation to trend big and make it a success, so please Fannibals, participate tomorrow: from 7PM to 11PM EST

Please do it, if Hannibal get nominations in the Emmys, it would not just be a very deserved recognition, it will be an opportunity for the show to be more known and gain a wider audience, which is what we all want.



Dr. Fell

This is a sculpted doll I made of Dr. Lecter, in his leathers. It stands 16" tall, and is very sturdy. He is made of sculpey, leather, cotton, wire, paint, thread and floral tape. I will more than likely make an attempt at Will, as well. I hope you like my hard work, because man, this was not easy to create.

Enjoy the weirdness that is Dr. Fell (Hannibal)

Sculpture doll by Dori Hartley