Fannibal assistance is required

Help us to get follows for @DeLaurentiisCo on Twitter, they will Live tweet tonight’s Première of Hannibal Season 2 with Kaiseki if they reach 6,000 for tonight.

Help UK and Irish Fannibals to make of tonight a big event and join us to Live tweet Kaiseki at 10PM UK time (just an hour *more in many countries like Spain, Italy, France and Germany).

#Brittanibals is now a thing! 

Help us Fannibals!!!

*editing cause I made a mistake before, it’s 1hr more in the countries bwtn brackets!

So guys, DeLaurentiisCo settled a programmed TT to trend #EmmysForHannibal

The thing: Tomorrow, during the hours we usually do Live Tweet for Hannibal, all the Fannibals will tweet edits with quotes, draws or whatever you want for Emmy Consideration or just write down all the reasons that come to your mind for Hannibal to receive the awards that deserves.

Talk about the cast, the music, the writting, the amazing performances of everyone of them, about EVERYTHING you love.

Tweet all this with the tag #EmmysForHannibal and direct your tweets to @televisionacad so they can’t ignore Hannibal.

We need support and participation to trend big and make it a success, so please Fannibals, participate tomorrow: from 7PM to 11PM EST

Please do it, if Hannibal get nominations in the Emmys, it would not just be a very deserved recognition, it will be an opportunity for the show to be more known and gain a wider audience, which is what we all want.


If you do not nominate now we will be second place by tomorrow.


If you make a twitter account, you can then live tweet the episodes, which is honestly, the best fun!

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Well shit, it’s been a misunderstanding between Fannibals from different parts of the world to choose the hour of the trend, turns out the US EST hour of reference to begin the trend it’s 12pm EST (noon), 6pm is for most of the places of Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Spain), except UK where is at 5pm.

Please tell to everybody!!!

To make it VERY clear, we need you all in Twitter at 12pm EST (noon) TODAY APRIL 4th to trend as high as possible, it’s VERY VERY important to make HANNIBAL known before Season 3.


We have prepared a Hannibal Trend Event for tomorrow, Saturday April 4th, to promote the show.

They gave us the tag: #HannibalReturnsJune4 

 Now we are gonna use it in a mission to promote Hannibal and have everybody ready to see it on June 4th.

This is why is so very important that this trend is a success tomorrow, we really need to make all the possible noise before the show starts in June 4th to make Hannibal more known and create a lot of expectation about Season 3 between everybody that hasn’t watched Hannibal yet.

TOMORROW, SATURDAY APRIL 4TH AT 12PM EST (noon), FANNIBALS AROUND THE WORLD, LET’S TREND #HannibalReturnsJune4 as high as we can. 

Use the World Clock now to convert to your time zone:

Fannibals to conquer the world!!!

COUNTDOWN by Dannibal on Twitter:


Alright guys, since Hannibal has been dropped by NBC, Twitter has become even more of a vital tool in keeping the show alive.  I’m certain you’ve seen some of the #SaveHannibal posts floating around, which is great, but we really want to push our campaigning to the next level.  

How do we do that, you ask?  

Well, the Delaurentiis Co. Twitter suggested we all take part in idontfindyouthatinteresting’s brilliant #LetHannibalLive campaign tomorrow at 9PM EST.  This is an opportunity for us to get Hannibal trending without it being on a ‘show night,’ thus proving to any network or streaming organization that we’re not giving up any time soon! 

If you’re going to be out and about at this time, or simply want to set up a bunch of tweets at once remember, the more tweets, the better!), consider setting up a TweetDeck and planning them in advance.  Check out oh-dr-lecter’s super quick and informative video tutorial for a quick run-down! 

Please, please, PLEASE consider joining the effort to save our show!  Who knows, this might be the push we need to get picked up by another network!