Poster Posse’s tribute to “Wonder Woman”

Artwork By: Alan Brooks, Orlando Arocena, Doaly, Berkay Daglar, Daniel Nash, Chris Malbon, Ben Mcleod, Simon Delart, Mike Mahle, and Nicolas Bannister


HUMAN! Raph x Mona

It’s just an excuse coz I cant draw Mona… :(

Raph’s hair is always slicked back, his hair casually falls down after a tough fight. 

I retained some of Mona’s salamandrian characteristics. (eg. the eyes and patterns) Just to note that she’s still an alien.

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“ Please don’t leave yet,
Please return to me,
Please let me touch even just your shadow.
I dont want to be alone here.”

Okay after the Leorai fluff Imma throw some wasteland angst, please dont kill me.

He’s a phantom.

so, as you probably already know if you follow me, i’ve been pretty obsessed with Danny Phantom lately and it just so happens that today, April 3rd, is the anniversary of the show! in fact, the first episode ever was aired in 2004, which makes it exactly 10 years old today!!!

since i’ve seen some pretty rad fanart and since this is the show of my childhood i wanted to draw something too! i can’t say i put much time into this and it didn’t really turn out very good but oh well, i just wanted to be able to contribute with something anyway

happy dannyversary everyone! uvu



So as promised here’s a full detail of Wasteland Karai <3
Like I said before, Karai is the leader of the Footclan the most diverse clan in the wasteland. Practically, her Foot clan adopts lost mutants and train them to fight as a ninja or warrior(courtesy of Mona)

After the great explosion (if ever she was the one in the flashback) Karai lost her other eye and was put in a coma for almost a month. When she woke up Shini was gone and only Mona, Slash, Leatherhead and Dr. Rockwell was alive from the Mutanimals. They told her that the turtles were under the explosion and that they may be gone. The only thing that they found in the explosion site was Leo’s sword and his ripped mask.

The mutagen explosion had done something for everyone, in Karai’s case it enhanced her snake side. Her constant shedding of skin plus mutation slowed down her aging (internally and externally) appearing only in her 20s or 30s even though she’s already over 60. However, she cannot return into a full human like she used to before.

20 years after the explosion, and the Footclan is now an established Wasteland clan. They heard rumors about a ruthless King of the Wasteland from the mutants they adopted. With Mona’s suggestion they seek justice for those mutants. They accidentally encountered Maximus and Karai was engaged on a one on one battle with him. She wanted to finish him using Leo’s sword the way Leo killed the Shredder, but the battle ended with Maximus severing her left arm. When he’s almost going to kill her, Maximus was stopped upon seeing her face(she was wearing a mask) giving an opportunity for Mona, Karai and Slash to exit with a smoke bomb. Because of that Karai is now more fueled to take Maximus down to seek vengeance for her arm and for the mutants of their clan.

-Karai never usually withdraws Leo’s sword, only for tough opponents. (Especially Maximus)
-Footclan is the rival clan of Maximus’ silently taking down his minions.
-Only Mona and Slash left, Leatherhead died 10 yrs after the explosion while Rockwell is a technological mechanism under the Footclan (similar to Donnie)
-Her severed arm is turned into a robotic snake arm the turns into shredder’s weapon and a gun. The bullets are inside of the snake’s body.
-She still loves Leo

Welp I think that’s all I got for Wasteland Karai for now, I think I’ll draw their encounter now that Maximus is back as Leo but I’m still not sure it depends on my school works :(

((Repost coz I forgot the fcking height difference thing ugh)

Haven’t posted anything in ages since I no longer have a tablet or a way to properly scan my traditional things, so here’s a photo of a messy Star in a very odd style that was supposed to only be a warm-uo doodle but that I ended up kinda liking!!

I mean, it’s far from finished, but I will also never actually do anything more on it so…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯